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Paul Cella | CEO | Industrial Security Integrators LLC.

PAUL CELLA: A Strategic Business Leader

If your organization requires a Facility Clearance (FCL), you have a sponsor, and need to begin the FCL process, Industrial Security Integrators, LLC (IsI) experts are here to help! IsI understands it is frightening to change the way you do business by implementing new software systems. IsI’s highly respected security experts have contributed to many caveats of this plan, including participation with the National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee (NISPPAC) & Defense Industry Working Group (DIWG), to include the support in the National Industrial Security System (NISS) development and training for the industry to present a comprehensive and seamless implementation at your facility.
An interview conducted between Paul Cella- Chief Executive Officer and Insights Success provides the necessary support to manage small to large security programs at a fraction of the cost. IsI allows its Clients to reallocate both time and money that can be dedicated to growing & maintaining the business during this time of ever-changing security requirements.
Below are the highlights of the interview:
Give a brief overview of your background and your role in IsI Enterprises, LLC.
I have almost 20 years of experience with the highest levels of security operations beginning with my career in intelligence with the United States Marine Corps. After serving for the country, I moved on to work as the Director of Security for many organizations, both large and small. My firsthand subject matter expertise is unmatched, as well as my business operations knowledge that continues to help the Company grow.
I put together a cross-functional team of security, infrastructure, and technical experts to comprise my new Company and set it up for success. I set the strategic direction, architecture, and governance of the corporation’s security readiness to drive innovation, stimulate growth, enable change, and create a competitive advantage to provide exceptional customer service.
What products or strategies you use to entice your company’s target audience?
Our team of Certified Facility Security Officers (FSOs) are well-versed in all aspects of Industrial Security, compliance, and management of day-to-day security operations. Each Client is initially assigned to the IsI Compliance Team for analysis and evaluation of their existing security program. Once the requirements are established, the Client is then assigned a team of people through a Helpdesk to provide support by phone and/or mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Policies and procedures are the backbones of a sound security program. IsI defines solutions, identifies and corrects security issues, develops and implements corporate policies and procedures to include Standard Practice & Procedures (SPP), Operational Security (OPSEC) Plans, and Operational Policies for clientspecific requirements and needs. Our support includes but is not limited to the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), Director of Central Intelligence Directives (DCID), Intelligence Community Directives (ICD), and other Government and firm security policies and procedures.
In view of the recent developments, IsI, in partnership with Evans and Chambers Technology, has developed a state-ofthe-art managed security service software called ‘Security Control’ that allows all the Defense and Intelligence Community Contractors to manage their security program while remaining in compliance with the Department of Defense (DoD) regulation. IsI’s software streamlines clearance processing, visitor control, document control, reporting requirements, and insider threats.
What inspiration do you take from the personality that you consider as your role model and what virtues of him/her do you want to inculcate in your everyday life?
I am extremely hard working and make it a point to take care of my employees. These traits I learned as a young man early on in life by attending work with my father and also working summers for my Uncle in the construction industry.
How do you maintain a balance between your professional & personal life?
I balance my work and personal life by employing some of the most technically proficient individuals in the industry. This allows for my executive team to run the day to day operations while I focuses on the growth and success of the company.
Being an impeccable leader in enterprise security, what has been your contribution to the evolution of this sector?
Industrial Security and IT are ever-changing. We have a partnership with a local technology company to develop a new security software “Security Control” to revolutionize how managing security and threats are reported and turned into an intelligence product. This software encompasses many different programs, and duties one platform & ensures complete compliance for our Clients. This increases the productivity of the internal FSO’s and decreases their level of effort to manage their security programs, allowing them to work on other profit-making tasks.
What strategies do you undertake to make your employees resourceful?
The single most important thing for an employer to do is to listen to their employees. Listen to the things they tell you and the suggestions they give. Give them an inch, and the right employee will show you a mile. If the employee feels that their voice is heard; they give the world. Employee’s making quick ‘game time’ decisions is critical, as they cannot be closely watched all the time, or that can cause another can of worms. Each employee needs to feel like a valued piece of the puzzle.
What are some of the vital attributes, in your opinion, that every influential leader should possess?
Continuously watching the market and understanding your Clients’ needs is critical. In our business, we must change our way of thinking several times a year and adjust how we do business to ensure we are meeting the needs of our clients in this ever-changing world of
threats. Being able to work with your Clients & understanding their needs, and more realistically their future needs is something every leader needs to understand.
How do you cope with the ever-evolving technological advancements in the markets?
Consistent everlasting market analysis and research. I consistently monitors market trends and researches new products. With these offerings, I am able to put together ideas and visions or ways to make individuals jobs and the task at hand easier.
Provide one line that best describes your vision and approach to business.
Our goal is to transform the way both Industry and Government works together to combat National Security Threats through technological advances.
What advice would you like to give to the emerging entrepreneurs?
Take a year or more and do your market research. Ensure that you know the ins and outs of your market, your product, and ensure that you have enough starting capital. The market is a very tough place, and knowledge is power.
What are your future desired goals? What endeavors you are taking to achieve them?
The end goal for IsI is to transition the entire United States Government and Contractor Community to a streamlined, single platform, to manage their day-to-day National Security Program. This concept will allow for effective management of all insider threats, counterintelligence concerns, to be shared across the Intelligence Community, while reducing the risk of loss or compromise of classified materials.