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Many manufacturing companies striving to achieve the next level of continuous improvement through technology have found  Paper-Less, LLC  to be a trusted guide and partner.
Paper-Less offers smart manufacturing execution system (MES) software, cloud and services solutions. The on-premise or cloud-based MES applications feature Paper-Less MV2 Manufacturing Visibility and Velocity product family, a comprehensive suite of shop floor management programs which help discrete manufacturers advance operational efficiencies.
Products and Offerings
Paper-Less MES for Infor XA was the first product release. Now, after many years of implementing MES solutions in a wide variety of manufacturing environments, the company has continued to evolve its MES solutions. The new Paper-Less MV2 is written natively on a Microsoft platform and deployed as a fully web browser based application. Paper-Less MV2 is based on Microsoft SQL Server, and the application is served Microsoft Windows Server. The product is written in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio, and is architected as a .NET SOA based application.
The Paper-Less MV2 family of MES applications help manufacturers achieve accelerated assimilation and optimization of people, processes and machine resources utilization for cost savings, time savings and continuous improvement.
Revealing the Success Story
Mike LeRoy, President of Paper-Less, feels that their success is the result of being honest and accurate in the sales process and taking a customer-minded focus from selling to the implementation process. His primary responsibilities are fairly straightforward to grow business profits and remain relevant in the industry, making it possible to extend longevity to employees, customers, and shareholders alike.
The most exciting opportunities for Paper-Less exist with helping growing manufacturing companies accomplish smart manufacturing so that they can produce items of better quality at reduced costs of manufacturing, improving on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.
What Makes Paper-Less Better Than Others
The key ingredients that make Paper-Less better than others are the core values of the company.
Relationships are a priority: The company has longstanding customer, partner, employee, and vendor relationships.
Relevant technology makes a difference: The company ensures that the MES technology remains relevant and offers unique advantages to the customers. The longtime expertise in manufacturing technologies and integration position the company well as a partner to rely on.
Excellence is essential in all facets of the business: The company holds to a higher standard and seeks to exceed the expectations of the customers.
Paper-Less’ competitive advantage of the product/solution side is rooted in offering a manufacturing execution system solution that fully complements, leverages, and extends the contributions of ERP systems. The company is currently expanding its offerings to include picking, packing, and shipping capabilities which will extend the support from purchase receipts to fulfilling customer orders, and all processes in between.
Other Key Advantages of Paper-Less MV2 Product
Browser based, mobile, and multiple device interoperability: Material handlers and production workers or managers may easily gain access to Paper-Less MV2 MES applications for working through personal computers or various types of mobile devices.
Digital shop packets: With the Paper-Less MV2 MES solution, all information can typically be found in a shop packet or traveler, which is made available online and is accessible to production workers, including manufacturing order details, setup instructions, procedural information, engineering drawings, instructional videos and more.
Deep workflow integration and sub-routing: The design of Paper-Less MV2 integrates the product into the workflows on the production floor, and the Sub-Routing feature goes beyond ERP based routing steps to allow more detailed tasks to be defined to support more complex manufacturing environments and support interfacing with plant floor automation.
ERP interoperability and multi-directional communication: Paper-Less MV2 Generic SQL Provider offers the unprecedented ability for MV2 to be interoperable with virtually any type of ERP systems. Companies using multi-tiered ERP systems or disparate ERP systems benefit from the common, easy user interface provided by MV2.
Paper-Less MV2 multi-language support: Paper-Less MV2 supports English, Spanish, Chinese, French and German languages. The language may be easily switched either by the production workers or management as desired.
Company’s Work Culture
Paper-Less is working to expand its presence in the market by extending its MES solution to integrate with various ERP systems, and later enable the system to run autonomously from ERP.
The Paper-Less Company Culture embodies the attitudes of the leadership and is built upon each new hire that likely gets selected because, at least to a degree, he or she shares the same core values as those who hire them. At Paper-Less, no one is the “boss,” and everyone is a part of the family. They meet weekly as a team that includes a representative of each area, and they meet monthly with all managers to ensure they are on the same page and pulling in the same direction. In an organization of that size, it is easier to keep everyone aligned. In the end, the culture they enjoy is relatively simple to perpetuate.
They want team members to exemplify the core values of Paper-Less, including making relationships a priority, going the extra mile, and exceeding expectations. The Paper-Less team members are regularly rewarded for demonstrating the core values across the spectrum of internal and external engagements. They also encourage an ongoing commitment to furthering professional development and keeping apprised of technology advancements and trends. The team members participate in manufacturing professional associations, manufacturing technology trade shows, webinars, and various other meetings.

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