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Panoply: The World’s First Cloud Smart Data Warehouse

There is no question that cloud technology holds enormous potential. This has prompted major companies everywhere to move their back-office systems to cloud-based data warehouse platforms.
With cloud-based data warehouse storage, data is saved on solid state drives hosted by an external service provider that handles the IT aspects of the data storage process. This frees the company to concentrate on running their business instead of running a room full of servers.
One company that automatically transforms big data to analytics in minutes is Panoply, the world’s first smart data warehouse. Panoply virtually eliminates the time and effort required to go from raw data to insights by delivering the world’s only smart data warehouse built for the cloud.
The privately-held company was founded in 2015 by Yaniv Leven and Roi Avinoam, and has been funded by angel investors and leading Venture Capital such as Intel Capital, 500 Startups, Blumberg Capital, and C5 Capital.
Smart Data Warehouse: Cutting Edge Technology, Insightful Analytics
Panoply provides a Smart Data Warehouse which IT processes that manage and scale databases. It utilizes cutting edge technology to streamline the entire process of connecting, managing and analyzing data.
The company envisions a complete elimination of the time and effort required to go from raw data to insights by bridging the gap between data and IT processes through analytics solutions.
Proprietary machine learning algorithms are incorporated into world-class architecture so this data warehouse actually learns the way data is used in the organization and self-optimizes to improve performance and reduce costs.  It focuses on solving three main problem areas in the BI and Analytics domain:
Instant setup – With Panoply you can collect, store, and analyze data in minutes, compared to weeks or months with traditional cloud warehouses. Get your data stack up and running in a few clicks with no coding or help from data engineering.
Zero maintenance – Panoply scales as your data grows. Panoply automated all the maintenance and data preparation traditionally done by a data engineering team with machine learning and NLP.
Control your data – With Panoply you can login anytime to view your data collects, add more data sources, schedule collection frequency, view historical data, setup data alerts, and build new data aggregations. Remove the wall between you and your data.
Challenging Conventions
The biggest challenge for Panoply has been to educate Data Analysts and Data Scientists – who are particularly dependent on Data Engineers to perform their analytical tasks – that they can manage the entire data life cycle. The main reason behind their faith is Data Engineers dominance in data integration and management of the DB and storage technologies.
However, Panoply’s innovative smart data warehouse is an unconventional solution that facilitates the precise machine learning algorithms which can handle those tasks and streamline the entire data lifecycle to the analysts within a drastically-reduced timeline and without IT intervention.
A Logical Analyst Leading from the Front
Yaniv Leven is the co-founder and CEO of Panoply. He holds a B.Sc in Statistics and an M.Sc in Finance.
Initially, Yaniv worked as a senior Analyst at Moody’s Corp. (NYSE: MCO), building complex statistical models on structured derivatives. After a successful stint at Moody’s, he contributed to Mytopia, (acquired by 888 Holdings for $48 million). Here, he managed CRM, Marketing, Analytics and deal execution. Yaniv’s logical insights catalyzed the company to reach unprecedented heights.
This managerial experience in Analytics and BI design at two data-driven companies gave Yaniv unparalleled insight into the changes for which the industry yearned. The ideation developed into Panoply with the help of Roi Avinoam, who was a CTO at Win and Mytopia.
Both men have an undying passion for BI and Analytics and have been working together for the past decade. Yaniv believes he is a logical analyst, regardless of his position in the company or industry. His analytical brilliance has led the company to immense success.
Stand Out Features and Future Plans
73% of Panoply’s clients are from non-IT backgrounds. The company provides them the ability to instantly harness technologies monopolized by IT, which helps break down the major barrier of harnessing data through IT. Panoply’s streamlining eliminates the 80% inefficiency inherent in the original process.
The company stands tall as the world’s only smart data warehouse. Its proprietary machine learning algorithms are unique in the market and convert analytics into insights within minutes. The company envisions strengthening the modern cloud platform with its warehouse solutions and aims to create more adaptive and easier BI and analytics platforms for the industry.

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