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Avi Rosenfeld | General Manager | Panaya

Panaya: World leader in SaaS-based Change Intelligence for Salesforce, SAP & Oracle Business Applications

There is no doubt that change is crucial for the growth and innovation of every organization. In business, just like in life, change may hold many risks. Panaya was established with the vision of helping organizations manage changes to business applications, such as CRM and ERP, rapidly and without compromising on quality while ensuring that these business applications will not become a bottleneck for the business.

ForeSight is Panaya’s solution for Salesforce. The Salesforce platform serves as the data hub of the organization, and generally, it has a touchpoint with every part of the business. A single change in Salesforce can potentially impact the revenues, sales performance, and the organization’s service level. Panaya strives to provide intelligent solutions to make its clients efficient and risk-free.

Accelerating Growth of Organizations

Panaya’s Change Intelligence solution enables Salesforce professionals to see the full impact of any planned change they intend to make before going live. It points out exactly what may break, what should be fixed, cleaned, or removed, and how to manage testing based on risk.

The tricky part of implementing changes is that a single localized update can have unexpected effects over time – due to multiple fixes, legacy processes, and workarounds. This challenge makes it difficult to plan the next steps in upgrades, migrations, or, more broadly, digital transformations.

Panaya ForeSight Vision is to enable ‘organizations’ hypergrowth while dealing with the new world by creating an accelerated, safe, and smart Salesforce experience. The goal is to help the company’s customers with their day-to-day Salesforce challenges, and technology impacts customers’ ROI and change management.

Panaya provides actionable insights to help create an agile yet safe Salesforce experience, ensuring that the entire change journey is optimized both in terms of faster deliveries and by eliminating costly risks to:

  • Improve the efficiency of any Salesforce team, which translates to better ROI for the organization
  • Substantially reduce development costs
  • Resolve issues fast and early so that it is cost-effective and simple to fix
  • Allocate the saved time for innovation to push the business forward
  • Build a solid and sustainable Testing strategy. Record your processes
  • Keep changes under control to meet compliance standards

Avi Rosenfeld, the General Manager for Panaya ForeSight shares, “As part of our philosophy, we stay close and attentive to the needs of our customers. As a company that helps make change a positive experience, we know that we also need to constantly develop and innovate to meet the dynamic needs of the market. For example, we see many customers facing challenges with their Salesforce CPQ system, so we are now expanding our solution to support CPQ.”

Disruptive Features Suited for Market Needs

Panaya ForeSight is the first solution in the market that utilizes Salesforce metadata analysis to speed up Salesforce deployments and reduce the risk of errors and bugs. Although it is not the only solution dealing with Salesforce changes, it is the only solution that provides a 360° analysis of the impact of every given change, such as visualization of the impacting and impacted components and direct and indirect impact. ForeSight helps companies predict risk in advance and scope Testing based on risk.

ForeSight empowers Salesforce professionals to be two steps ahead of the risk and not be surprised when it is already too late and very expensive. ForeSight uses Artificial Intelligence methodologies to predict precisely what will break and deliver the right insights with solutions to fix it and eventually how to engage better with business users.

Salesforce is a hyper-dynamic company which always adds new elements and solutions to offer its customers. It can be a new disruptive feature, like a dedicated DevOps solution implemented in the platform itself, or a new platform like CPQ (Revenue cloud). It challenges Panaya ForeSight to keep updating its offerings and always be relevant and responsive to the ‘market’s needs. In this ever-changing ecosystem, the company aims to adopt new technologies fast and always be one step ahead to maintain leadership.

As a company that brings solutions to one of the fastest growing and ever-changing platforms, Panaya is structured to keep pushing the limits and offer additional value, adding new capabilities and covering more use cases. It is Smart Testing for Salesforce, CPQ support, Change Watch, and Org Comparison or adding AI and intelligence to manage the DevOps cycle.

Superb Customer Experience and Service

Panaya ForeSight has a strong team of customer success managers that work closely with every client, ensuring that it fully understands the customer’s challenges and needs and provides the best solution to answer these needs. ForeSight helps the team provide a superb customer experience and service and keeps it close to the market. Most of the features requested by a specific customer will also help other customers or prospects.

Avi notes, “We also work very closely with Salesforce to make sure we understand their roadmap and vision and develop solutions to help Salesforce users with every challenge they may face. Be it with Salesforce CPQ, Vlocity or MuleSoft, what is common is that their deployments are complex. It includes configurations as data packs along with metadata, driven by complex relationships between objects. Panaya ForeSight is here to simplify the understanding of the Metadata and Data dependencies and help Salesforce professionals do it right!”

Panaya ForeSight is designed to help Salesforce teams reduce the burden of manual work and investigations needed every time a change is requested by the business users or initiated by the team to improve the Org functionality. Any Change – whether it is a big project or a minor tweak – will be analyzed by ForeSight.

Avi explains, “For us, new trends are the norm for the last couple of years. We always focus on advancing our technology to bring more value to our users. This year we are extending our offering in 3 main fields: supporting Impact Analysis for more Salesforce applications / Clouds, such as CPQ (Salesforce Revenues), turning any insight into an actionable one to provide more visibility and dashboards to managers and users, and expanding our Test management solution to support the new needs of Salesforce testing.”

Panaya’s solutions “Foresee the future” and expend the predictive analytics boundaries to turn them into a prescriptive one: it’s not enough just to show an important piece of information. This is the key to achieving faster and safer results: start with forecasting every aspect of change, handling changes, and fixing problems quickly once they occur. The team explains, “We know from customers that by being able to fix issues at very early stages, they could save substantial costs for the business. We give the Salesforce team the confidence they need to innovate without being afraid of failure. ‘It’s the ForeSight AI power. Add to it state-of-the-art collaboration, and there you have it. With ForeSight, SFDC teams can understand the 360° context for developing a new feature, investigating the root of a bug, or managing a test scenario.”

Smart Testing Solutions

Panaya is working on enhancing the Smart Testing solution. Avi says, “We realized that as the Salesforce market matures, existing testing strategies and tools that used to work in the past are just not good enough for the market’s needs. Panaya’s AI-enhanced change intelligence platform will combine cross-functional business process testing with smart change analysis.”

It is the first AI-powered testing solution that is designed specifically for Salesforce. With a Risk-Based Testing approach to changes, the solution knows what to test, accelerates regression test cycles, and removes over-testing by focusing on testing the impacted areas. Panaya Smart Testing solution enables our customers to reduce their test cycles, accelerate their digital transformation and completely reduce the risk.