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Oded Kovar | Chief Revenue & Customer Officer

Panaya: Providing complete solution for S/4HANA migration projects

With the aid of cutting-edge data aggregation and machine learning algorithms, Panaya provides deep insights that aid enterprises in identifying dependencies, accelerating testing, and ensuring business continuity. It helps organizations to adapt freely and quickly by demonstrating the complete effects of application modifications, risk elimination, and lowering cost and complexity.

A pioneer in ERP and CRM change intelligence, Panaya is delivering change to enterprise applications like SAP®, Oracle® EBS, and Its SaaS solutions for change Migrating to S/4HANA is not a trivial matter. S/4HANA represents a significant technical redesign that requires a complex conversion taking up much time, resources, and capital. Panaya provides a complete solution for orgnizations starting their S/4HANA journey, significantly reducing the time, cost and risk involved.

With the help of its cloud-based Testing Intelligence platform, the company offers a business process testing strategy for application life cycle management. Panaya removes risk from the outset of business change requests all the way through testing and defect management so that change becomes ingrained in your company’s operations.

In an exclusive interview with Insights Success, Oded Kovar, Chief Revenue & Customer Officer at Panaya, he shares how they strive to design and develop products that help clients solve their challenges and gain peace of mind.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Please introduce Panaya to our audience. What prompted the inception of the company? What is its current standing in the industry?

Panaya is a global SaaS company that provides a cloud-based platform for accelerating and testing changes in ERP and CRM systems, such as SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle. We were founded in 2006 with the goal of helping organizations make changes to their software without risking harm to their business processes.

We have sold our solutions to over 3,000 companies in 62 countries, including a third of the Fortune 500. We are a certified SAP partner and are considered an industry leader. With Panaya, companies can drive innovation and make any change to their ERP fast and risk-free. For customers starting their digital transformation journey, we provide a complete solution for accelerating and de-risking their SAP S/4HANA migration.

Can you describe in detail the products and solutions you are offering? What is your USP?

Our S/4HANA conversion solution is designed to help companies optimize their project scope and reduce costs and effort during the migration process. We generate a tailor-made conversion plan specifically designed to meet each company’s unique needs based on their customizations and component usage.

Our solution also includes automated code remediations and smart testing solutions within a unified, easy-to-use platform. In addition to conversions, we offer an impact analysis solution for version upgrades and ongoing business-driven changes, which can help reduce costs and efforts by half while eliminating business risk.

What is the typical approach that Panaya takes when helping companies migrate to your platforms?

I wouldn’t say our customers migrate to Panaya’s platform; rather , we help them when they need to upgrade or migrate their ERP platforms. Panaya’s Change Intelligence platform allows companies to confidently navigate through any change, from small business innovations to migrations to SAP S/4HANA. The platform provides a way to proactively analyze the impact of changes to systems before they are made and guides companies through each step all the way to going live.

This approach ensures that changes are introduced safely and with minimal risk to the company’s business operations. Additionally, our customer success team provides personalized and dedicated support during the onboarding process and ongoing guidance to ensure that our customers are able to fully utilize the platform and achieve measurable results.

Can you take us through a case study of S/4HANA migration? What were the issues the company was facing before? How did Panaya’s solution help solve their issues?

One example of a successful S/4HANA migration is with Terumo Europe, a leading medical provider in the EMEA healthcare market. The company was looking to upgrade its SAP system in the shortest possible time with minimal disruption to its business operations. Given the complexity of their system and the highly regulated nature of the medical device industry, they needed a solution that would provide them with as much intelligence as possible regarding what to expect from the planned changes.

Terumo also used Panaya’s real-time visibility and dashboard features, which displayed the effort, progress, defects, risk, and best practices, with the ability to drill down into the code for each change. These features enabled the company to complete its migration from ECC to SAP S/4HANA within nine months, within budget, and on a challenging timeline.

The technology landscape is ever-changing. What challenges do you face in keeping up with it? What is your methodology for solving these challenges?

Panaya is a true believer in innovation. As such, we have a large research and development division that continuously designs solutions to meet market needs. Panaya rolls out new features every month, most of which were requested by our growing customer base. We partner with our strategic customers to understand where their mid and long-term priorities are, so Panaya can be ready to help them accelerate and de-risk future initiatives.

Can you elaborate on your partnership with Illumiti? How are your customers benefiting from this relationship?

Our partnership with Illumiti is a strategic one that allows us to provide a unique combination of consultancy support together with visibility and control during their transformation journey. By working with Illumiti and other system integrators globally, our customers benefit in several ways. First, they get a more comprehensive and holistic solution that addresses all aspects of their business transformation, including technical, operational, and organizational changes. Second, the combination of consultancy support and Panaya’s platform provides real-time visibility, control, and ease of mind during these complex projects.

What is the next chapter for Panaya?

We aim to continue to expand our support for customers and system integrators by providing truly advanced solutions for the ERP and CRM markets. This includes, of course, expanding our offerings and developing new partnerships. We are exploring the feasibility of developing Change Intelligence engines for additional ERP technologies and how we can provide more automation capabilities within our feature set.

Provide a few customer/client testimonials that rightly exhibit your company’s expertise in the market.

There are several customer testimonials that highlight our expertise in the market. One example is from Peter Tombeur, IT Manager for Terumo Europe, who said, “Panaya played a crucial role in ensuring we can support a decentralized testing effort. Without Panaya, the deadline would have never been achieved.”

Another example is from Julian Bond, Head of ICT at Hillarys, who said, “By working with Panaya, Hillarys completed a three-year process in less than six months.”

These testimonials are a clear indication of our ability to deliver efficient and successful projects for our clients.