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Pam du Plessis: The Passionate and Loyal Leader Creating Positive Impacts in the Valve Business Industry

When someone says Africa, the first picture that comes to our mind is immense natural beauty, exotic wildlife and an ideal place for a travel enthusiast. Similarly, when we talk about business in Africa, the thing that we visualize first is mining. It is what forms the backbone of the economy of many African countries. In Africa, it is not only the biggest greatest catalyst of development in multiple nations of the continent, but also an extraordinary source of employment and global trade exchange.
Even in today’s times of change, the mining industry of South Africa is still male dominant and unstable. The experts of the industry state the reasons behind this as the release of a new mining charter, industry unrest, and monopolizing and unethical business practices. In this time of industrial paradigm, the passionate, loyal women entrepreneur, who is breaking every odd to bring positive winds of change in  the society, is Pam du Plessis, Managing Director of Invincible Valves, a well-established Valve company that distributes valves of its own as well as on behalf of the biggest manufacturer in South Africa.
Pam’s extraordinary contribution to the industry has helped her earn numerous awards and recognitions including the most prestigious 2017 Enterprising Women of the Year Award in the category of “Over $5 million and up to $10 million in annual revenues”, “Moving Mountains 2017”, among many other recognitions which brings this promising entrepreneur into the fame.
About the Journey which turned an Accounts Graduate into a Leading Entrepreneur 
After completing her school in 1988, Pam received a first class pass and Diploma in Financial Accounting. Initially, she followed her accounting background into the IT world of Accounting Software Accpac. Started her career in the technology sector as a support consultant where she supported the software for accounting users, wrote print specifications and assisted with regular monthly processes. Later, Pam went to work in the healthcare facility as the Admin Manager. It was where she started exploring the means of entrepreneurship. The most part interesting part of her career is as Pam says, “It was by chance that I started working at Invincible Valves, as I had entered the business as a contractor to write a couple of Accpac Crystal reports and then never left.
The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”-Mark Zuckerberg, Co-founder and CEO at Facebook, one of the greatest Internet entrepreneurs the world has ever seen.
Being a daring entrepreneur, Pam took the challenge even after knowing the risks associated with it. Even though the risk was incredibly high, she took the decision of taking the reins of Invincible Valves. The ultimate risk was nothing but failure, but she extraordinarily turned every negative idea into pillar filled with positivity, leading to the company’s success. “Without fear anything is possible. So simply I had to take the time and break the fear barrier and thereafter it has been a whole lot easier,” says Pam.
Being globally recognized by various hall-of-fame, Pam leads the company to achieve its goals year after year. With her guidance, the company is broadening its horizons, diversifying its business with little to no resistance. Apart from Invincible Valves, Pam also serves SAVAMA as its Chairperson, where she is fully responsible for initiating full participation of all its members during meetings, discussions and mandates.
About the Innovative Valve Company
Established in 1982, located in Germiston, South Africa, Invincible Valves is a promising valve company with almost four decades of rich experience in distributing, manufacturing, reconditioning and rubber lining valves. Over the years, the company has introduced its own registered brand of INVAL valves which has led to a comprehension range of valves and covers a broad spectrum of low pressure valves. Built on the foundation of commitment, honesty and loyalty, the company is known for its exceptional customer service.
Invincible Valves is a trading company that offers many ancillary services as in Rubber Lining of valves, pipes and fittings along with Reconditioning of valves. The company offers “one stop shop” to its esteemed customers and therefore supplies the valves with any additional requirements necessary for their application. As an approved BBBEE Level 4 supplier to all major industries within South Africa, the company maintains expertise and experience across a broad spectrum of industries and applications with a wide range of products.
We offer a comprehensive range of local and imported valves and accessories for the mining, petrochemical, power generation, water, sewerage and general industries. We have agents in all major centers around the country and service all four corners of the globe,” says the MD of Invincible Valves.
What drives this Innovative Women Entrepreneur?
For Pam, her dad is her role model. He is the person who has introduced  Pam to the world of business from a very young age and supported her in every moment of her life. She gives huge credit to her father for what she is today and says, “To this day I am daddy’s girl and he is my hero.” Today what drives her motivation are her three beautiful children who make the most of her memorable moments.
Apart from her supportive family and friends, her extraordinary achievements and recognitions from the global organizations and her passion drives Pam to make an impact in the world and in people’s lives. She is passionate about people, the human race. With the clear goal to uplift as many people as she can in their areas, she has played an active role in establishing a fully equipped Education Center on the company premises to offer courses through SAVAMA along with ABET training for its staff, interns about anything and everything that is related to valves.
Pam’s advice to the budding entreInnovative Women Entrepreneurpreneurs
Be bold, don’t be afraid. It may be daunting, but don’t allow that to deter you in any way. Instead educate yourself, learn from anyone and everyone. Follow your heart and do what you believe to be best, if you are passionate about something you need to action it.
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