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PALAXO: Innovating the Future of Paperless Initiatives

Paper documents and filing cabinets have long been used to organize information in offices, but that does not mean they are the ideal solution. Offices worldwide have been transitioning from physical to Electronic Document Management systems for many years  and nowadays businesses begin to recognize the immense potential client facing paperless interactions and online fulfillment scenarios for savings in costs and resources.
However, going paperless cannot happen overnight; it is a process that takes time and effort, and many business owners are overwhelmed by the prospect of making this switch.
As intimidating as the concept may be, switching to paperless information management systems is crucial for any business that wants to be competitive in the modern world. The demand for Digital Transaction Management (DTM) apps and services  is increasing exponentially as more companies recognize its ability to offer convenience of access and control over critical business data while powering a paperless world.
DTM empowers businesses and workers to streamline internal and external document-centric business processes
and to be on the same page of the workflow. The proliferation of advanced technologies has further simplified the paperless management scenario by digitally managing the flow and content processing of documents. This reduces the amount of time, money and hassle wasted in searching for files and processing them manually.
PALAXO, the company behind the CIRCULARO Platform, caters to this need. It enables organizations of every size to exploit the potential of paperless initiatives without the complexities of a traditional ECM solution.
From its inception, PALAXO has strived to bridge the gap between the great user experience of personal apps and the complexity of enterprise applications that virtually prohibit agility, innovation and true business responsiveness.
The company strongly believes that paperless initiatives bring speed, agility, simplicity and security to business communications. PALAXO is represented by a group of companies focusing on innovative solutions and services mainly in the fields of Information Management, Security and Analysis.
They rely on their own research and development center to anticipate and follow the latest trends, and to build highly-optimized and fully-integrated turnkey solutions.
Based in the Czech Republic, PALAXO is currently expanding its cloud-based and managed hosting offerings. They have designed their platform to be highly scalable, NoSQL-based and Big Data ready, and are now leveraging the myriad advantages bestowed by these options. Moreover, the company provides consulting, on-premises delivery, and managed services. They deliver their products and services either directly or through dedicated partners to government institutions and leading organizations.
A CEO with Extensive Experience
With over 15 years of experience in the ICT business, Josef Neumann shoulders the responsibilities of PALAXO International as its CEO. Initially starting his career as a software developer and technical consultant, Josef worked his way across various multinational companies in CEE region.
Josef actively participates in many international projects playing differing roles, especially related to business and management consultancy, to help bridge the gap between challenging business needs and emerging technologies and solutions. This breadth of experience helped him understand the potential of many great technologies and how they can be effectively applied to match the needs of the key stakeholders and improve the bottom line of their business.
The Ph.D holder in Applied Informatics has spent the last 5 years of his professional career developing projects in Dubai and is working closely with R&D teams in Europe to build the next generation Digital Transformation Platform, with a goal to bring simple, smart and innovative paperless solutions to the market.
State-of-the-art Offerings
PALAXO is the company behind the CIRCULARO™ platform. Most of their services are related to paperless innovations of the “last mile”.
Typically, they work with different On-boarding applications and services, eCorrespondence Management solutions, e-Signing, web-based digitizationof paper documents in different locations. They cover the whole interaction lifecycle of this last mile from web and mobile forms, document collections, approvals, PDF templates and electronic signing, web scanning, and mobile capture etc.
PALAXO’s unique advantage is that they can provide both fully-managed hosted solutions and on-premises deployments as required. Business users are glad to see that, in most cases, they are able to deploy the whole solution to their website without any difficulties in integration with their existing IT systems.
Given the current technological landscape and business trends, PALAXO is focusing primarily on integrating smart micro-services into their platform. This will leverage the latest developments in machine learning and natural language processing, thus maintaining the simplicity and efficiency of paperless processing.
Users should get a lot more help, guidance and overall insight where content processing is concerned and we would not be able to do that without artificial intelligence,” mentions Josef Neumann.
Future Endeavors
PALAXO is currently working on how to effectively adopt the tremendous potential of Blockchain technology into next generation e-signing, secured audit trails, secured document sharing, and source content tracking etc. Working on several proof-of-concepts, PALAXO is assessing the potential of different approaches.

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