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PACK’D: Innovating Nutrition and Fueling Potential

Innovation is the essence of a revolution conceived from reformative ideologies. It can change the course of development of an individual, a society, an industry or a nation. There have been occurrences of eminent ideas in various industrial sectors since ages. Some perished through the passage of time, while some stayed prolific.
PACK’D is one such specimen of an innovative idea, now emerging to glorious heights. It is on a mission to fuel potential. The organization believes that people should have the tools & opportunities to reach their personal best. It comprehends that right nutrition is the key to a healthy and fit life. Its vision starts with nutrition, but ultimately is determined to make a positive and lasting impact worldwide.
Inventive Zeniths 
The Frozen Smoothie Kits by PACK’D are the first of their kind with 100% natural, whole Fruit, Vegetables & superfoods to provide a targeted health hit. These kits are designed with an assisting expertise of the elite sports nutritionist, Matt Lovell, as antidotes to unhealthy bottled drinks, and a fitness enthusiast’s natural performance enhancers.
Each kit – Energy, Detox, Defence, contains perfectly portioned chopped fruit & vegetables with superfoods & organic protein for savoring the ultimate smoothie in less than 1 minute. Each retail pack contains 2 Smoothie Kits.
The ingredients and their benefits of the Energy Kit are as follows:
The Fruit and Vegetable Pouch contains chopped strawberries, banana, blueberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and spinach leaves. The Superfood Sachet containing milled flaxseed, maca, cacao, and guarana powder. This kit helps reduce tiredness and fatigue, supports energy-yielding metabolism, and helps to maintain healthy bones.
The ingredients and their benefits of the Detox Kit are as follows:
The Fruit and Vegetable Pouch containing chopped pineapple, apple, kale, ginger, spinach leaves, and lemon zest. The Superfood Sachet containing spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, and barleygrass powder. This kit helps protect cells from oxidative stress, to reduce tiredness and fatigue and to maintain healthy skin.
The ingredients and their benefits of the Defence Kit are as follows:
The Fruit and Vegetable Pouch containing chopped pineapple, mango, papaya, banana, ginger and goji berries. The Superfood Sachet containing milled flaxseed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed and baobab powder. This kit helps enhance the function of immune and nervous systems and helps protect cells from oxidative stress.
PACK’D is now available in 2,000+ stores nationwide including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Iceland, Costco, Ocado, Whole Foods and Planet Organic, and has been voted as the ‘Best New Health & Wellness Product’. It is soon to launch a direct, to consumer offering via its website.
Redefining Leadership 
Luke Johnstone is the Co-founder of PACK’D and holds a pivotal position in the organization. He holds a BA Honors Degree in History from the University of Nottingham. Prior to co-founding his brainchild along with Alex Stewart in 2013, he has worked with BBC as a researcher with roles inclusive of researching for a widely acclaimed live TV show, produced by the BBC Natural History Unit.
Luke grew up on an estate in Peckham and was selected for a tennis scholarship. Though forced to give up the future of a sports career aged 15 due to injury, his passion for nutrition remained. After working at the BBC & Groupon, he teamed up with school friend Alex Stewart to develop his idea of creating healthy smoothies to suit a busy lifestyle. Alex also holds a BA Hons in International Relation and Modern History, and before co-founding PACK’D, he worked at Deloitte as a Senior Case Handler. Like every other innovative leader, Luke quit his job & moved into a shed to work on the project, a tough few years followed. Alex and Luke worked multiple jobs including Tennis Coaching and selling PACK’D kits at market stalls in Hackney backed with loans from The Prince’s Trust.
A Voyage towards Glory 
While imparting insights over the evident challenges faced by PACK’D, Luke says, “Being a start-up in an industry dominated by big businesses is one of our biggest challenges at the moment. We’ve been very fortunate to receive funding from The Prince’s Trust & Virgin, and ensuring we’ve got the funds and team to achieve our mission is something we’re working towards.” 
The company was the first to launch Frozen Smoothie Kits in the UK and thus takes pride in pioneering the way for others to follow. It comprehends the emerging number of competitors but only envisions this as category expansion and a positive step for the future of healthy frozen nutrition.
“We designed our Smoothie Kits with nutritionists to ensure they’re the best product they can be so are very confident in our concept and everyone at PACK’D is united behind a desire to help fuel potential. This is what makes us unique and our approach to competition will always be to stay authentic to ourselves,” states Luke.
Beholding the Future 
PACK’D started with its targeted nutrition range of Smoothie Kits in 2014. The company later expanded in October 2017 with the first Protein Smoothie Kits, with no synthetic flavors, sugars or sweeteners. The company realized that to lock in the nutrition without using preservatives freezing was the ideal method.
“Everything we do starts with nutrition, and we are always working on exciting innovation,” says Luke. The organization strives to have a huge impact worldwide, helping to fuel people with the right nutrition. “Nutrition is only the start, whether fueling young athletes or helping alleviate youth unemployment we are passionate about making a positive and lasting impact worldwide,” he adds.
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