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Osmow’s Modern Mediterranean Cuisine: Satisfying the Cravings of Modern Middle-Eastern cuisine

If in Canada, someone is looking for a restaurant that is best in modern Mediterranean Cuisine with a high level of customer service, Osmow’s is the place.
A Walk-in Led the Inception
One fine day a regular customer walked in a small restaurant called Polar Submarine in the centre of Streetsville, Mississauga, owned by Sam Osmow, when Sam had cooked himself a common Middle Eastern lunch. The customer was intrigued by the taste and asked Sam to try a bite of the dish. After trying he requested it as his replacement order. This was the moment that inspired Sam to rebrand his restaurant and switch from a sub shop to a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fast, fresh eatery.
After shutting down for a week, he renovated the restaurant and opened back under his new brand, Osmow’s in June 2001. As the crowd in Streetsville had not had a lot of exposure to Middle Eastern food, Sam started giving away free samples at his store front. In no time, people in the neighbourhood started raving about all the flavours and home-made sauces served at Osmow’s and it became the hottest spot for local foodies. Today, Osmow’s has 100 locations conveniently located across Canada. The franchise has made it their mission to satisfy the cravings of each and every one of its consumers according to their specific needs by providing them with a large selection of rich and authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Currently, the franchise is led by Sam Osmow Principal & Founder & its CEO and Head of Franchise Operations, Ben Osmow & Bernadette Chief Marketing & HR President.
Good Food, Family & Good Times
Osmow’s combine Middle eastern cuisine with a North American palette, a fusion of both cultures. With a flair for healthy, well-made food, the Osmow’s family quick-service restaurants offer mouth-watering meals packed with fresh flavours, dressed with a range of its signature sauces.
Osmow’s is about good food, family, and good times. And the fact that the company goes all out to serve the best shawarmas this side of the North Atlantic is evident from the lines that still form outside its stores. For those with a love of Middle Eastern food, its selection is a delight. The baba ganoush (eggplant spread), hummus (chickpea spread), tzatziki (cucumber in yogurt), and tahini (sesame paste) are all made from fresh ingredients. These are served alongside generous helpings of fresh tomatoes, olives, lettuce, and chicken, slow-cooked on a rotisserie and finished off on the grill to add just a touch of crispness and a smoky flavour people love. There is also vegetarian falafel (spiced ground chickpea balls) and side orders of rice or fries. And there is more than finely carved meat, vegetables, pita bread, and sauce. Clients also feast on other delicious traditional menu items like kofta (small ground beef logs), taboule (a traditional salad of herbs and bulgur wheat), shish taouk (marinated, skewered chicken), kebab platters, and even Philly steak or chicken wraps.
Besides, the chain also provides delivery and pick-up options for its customers.
Fastest Growing Chain
Osmow’s believes that staff and franchisees have all played a role in the success, as they have helped build the chain’s foundation. Today, Osmow’s is known as one of North America’s fastest growing fast casual restaurant chains. Several employees have been converted to franchisees and several franchisees own more than one location due to the success experienced. The franchise chain supports its franchisees in all aspects of their operations by an extensive range of services provided by Osmow’s inc. and its dedicated team of professionals. Its staff and its franchisees share close working relationships and a team spirit, which makes it both possible and preferable to promote from within.
Giving back to the Community
Osmow’s loves to give back to the community, get involved and make a difference where it matters. Some of its community initiatives include, but are not limited to, supporting kids, youths, people in need, health and wellness, and culture.  Everything this team touches involves dedication to its communities such as closing the Queen st. Toronto location as usully on December 23th to feed the homeless or donating to local food banks. Osmow’s was also one of the first to offer local medical staff discounts on their meals as a way of thanking them for their selfless service and civic loyalty during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place period.
A Rapid Expansion
Osmow’s is expanding rapidly. It will continuously innovate through its menu and customer experiences, while maintaining its strong Canadian roots and giving back to the community. Alongside its rapid expansion, the company is delighted by all its new members who recently joined the company, bringing new expertise that will help drive its continued development. With the popularity of its flavours and healthy food, it comes as no surprise that the company received the Mississauga and Brampton Readers’ Choice Awards for a number of years for its great Middle Eastern food. Considering the current state of the post-COVID restaurant market, Osmow’s is confident that its share will continue growing through take-out and delivery while bigger, sit-down restaurants may take more time to recover. Part of the strength of the typical quick-serve business model, Ben believes, is its comparatively smaller footprint and higher profitability due to lower overheads. With this comes an estimated projection of a thirteen to fourteen percent increase in delivery sales for the franchise over the coming year. To support these changes, it will soon be launching a new application that comes complete with a loyalty program as well as an online ordering function.
In a nutshell, Osmow’s envisions being the largest Mediterranean fast casual chain in North America, which will be known for its flavourful and healthy food, enhanced by its signature sauces.