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Osi Tagger | CEO | Unilog

Osi Tagger: Revamping the Global Supply Chain for a Brighter Future

Woman Trailblazer Leading a Game-changing Firm with Infectious Energy and Passion!

There are numerous things to take into account while bringing a concept to life. The path from the first spark of inspiration to the finished result can be difficult and drawn out. Building a team of people who share your passion and are eager to put in the effort to realize your vision is one of the essential elements to success. Osi Tagger is one of several businesspeople and artists who adhere to this concept.

At the start of her professional journey, Osi could not have predicted that her path would lead her to the logistics and supply chain sector. With a background in information systems, she dedicated numerous years to working with prominent consulting firms like Deloitte and EY, concentrating on internal operations and introducing ERP systems to various establishments. Nonetheless, with the rise of the internet, she became captivated by its capability to transform the transportation of goods and resources globally.

Intrigued by the potential of this budding field, Osi took a daring step and transitioned into the logistics and supply chain sector. From that moment on, she has never turned back. Presently, she holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at Unilog, a worldwide supply chain enterprise that is revolutionizing the industry. Her proficiency in information systems, paired with her enthusiasm for logistics and supply chain management, has been instrumental in propelling Unilog to the forefront of its domain.

Her leadership philosophy centers around the strength of collaboration and teamwork. Throughout her tenure at Unilog, she has cultivated an environment where open communication and mutual respect are the norms and where every team member ’s viewpoint is important. She firmly believes that each individual possesses a unique perspective that can contribute to the team’s success and that by working together, we can reach remarkable heights.

Osi, being a CEO, never lets her busy schedule get in the way of pursuing her other interests. She has an insatiable thirst for travel and discovering new cultures, which has led her to travel to various parts of the world. Additionally, she is also a dedicated photographer and always carries her camera with her. Her photographs showcase her boundless curiosity and artistic flair, whether she’s capturing stunning scenery or the vibrant energy of a bustling metropolis.

She exudes contagious energy and vitality in all her endeavors. Her staunch drive for excellence and her fervor for logistics and supply chain management have made her a pioneer in her profession. Her unwavering devotion to teamwork and collaboration has facilitated the creation of a company that is revolutionizing the industry.

Let’s explore Osi’s amazing breakthroughs and her remarkable excursion in greater depth:

Fascination with the Internet Led to a Game-Changing Career Shift

As Osi embarked on her journey, she brought with her a background in information systems. Prior to the year 2000, she held positions at Deloitte and EY, where her focus was on streamlining the internal processes of organizations and implementing ERP systems. However, with the rise of the internet, Osi became intrigued by the potential impact it could have on the global movement of materials and products. This fascination led her to transition into the logistics and supply chain industry, where she has remained ever since.

During a conference on the future of the internet, Osi made a decision to make a change. At that time, only a few individuals had an understanding of the web’s potential, and most companies did not have websites and still relied on faxes for communication. The specific moment that prompted her decision occurred when an attendee mentioned that in the future, the only way to sell a refrigerator would be through an internet site. This comment was met with skepticism from a senior manager who chuckled and stated that, ultimately, a product must still be physically transported from point A to point B, and the internet cannot accomplish this task. She cannot recall who made the comment, but it left a lasting impression on her.

It was a moment that sparked immense joy within her. Looking back, she still can’t quite comprehend how a single sentence could elicit such a thrilling response. She couldn’t articulate it then, and she still struggles now. However, the mere notion of a connection between the transmission of goods and data – the concept of the Internet bridging the divide between physical material and intangible information – was both electrifying and plausible to her.

Unilog’s Adaptive and Multifaceted Solutions

As businesses continue to expand globally, particularly in the areas of manufacturing and sales/service, there is a demand for worldwide, multifaceted, and thought-provoking resolutions. Competently supervising a worldwide distribution network necessitates proficiency in coordinating and mobilizing a wide range of service providers, and that’s what they excel at.

In today’s world, the demand for adaptable, flexible, and nimble solutions is greater than ever and is expected to increase in the coming years. What may have been suitable in the previous quarter may not be a viable option today. Unilog recognizes this need for flexibility and adaptability as the foundation of its philosophy. They understand that change is inevitable, and their solutions are designed to accommodate these changes. With an unwavering commitment to their clients, they ensure that their solutions meet the needs and promises made to them. With Unilog, managing the solution and being accountable for the results are their top priorities.

Unilog has three anchors:

  1. People and relationships — The individuals comprising their team, the customers they serve, and the suppliers they work with are the fundamental pillars.
  2. Industries and customers they serve — The emphasis is on delivering top-notch service to industries and customers undergoing changes in their products, production sources, customers, and service levels. Thus, flexibility and unmatched service are essential for success.
  3. Technology — Advanced technology serves as the third anchor that empowers them to sustain the perpetual demand for dynamic processes, information sources, warehouses, and other necessities.

Their goal is not limited to achieving operational excellence alone. They require a technological revolution that enables the “free flow of information” comparable to the example of refrigerators from two decades ago. The perpetual movement of materials necessitates technology to facilitate the process.

It is now commonplace to be able to access the internet from any location at any time. In the digital age, individuals are aware of the internet’s pervasiveness and trust it to instantaneously fulfill their needs and desires.

Power of Exceptional Teams in Complex Supply Chains

Through her work experiences, Osi has come to understand that the key to success lies in the people you work with – whether they are your superiors, subordinates, or colleagues across the organization. When you have a team of exceptional individuals, the possibilities are endless. During her time at UNILOG, Osi placed great emphasis on fostering a collaborative work environment where individuals were motivated to work together, challenge each other’s ideas, and deliver exceptional service to both team members and customers alike.

During her time at EY and Deloitte, she developed skills in process and system analysis, change management, and recognizing the critical role of people in any organizational change. These skills are especially vital when dealing with complex supply chains, such as a shipment from Japan to Atlanta that involves numerous suppliers, transportation modes, customs, and more. Her experience at UPS, UTI (now DSV), and other organizations taught her that the quality of service ultimately rests on the shoulders of people. While sophisticated information systems are crucial, it’s evident that service quality varies and is highly influenced by individual attitudes and values.

Embracing Mistakes as Opportunities for Improvement

Osi firmly believes that the way a company operates internally has a direct impact on its external performance. That’s why at Unilog, they dedicate a significant amount of time to assemble brainstorming teams to analyze any process, solution, or challenge that requires change or improvement. They understand that making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process and shouldn’t be perceived as a setback. After all, they are only human and actively engaged in the pursuit of progress. On the contrary, individuals who choose to sit on the sidelines and not take any risks are not subject to mistakes. At Unilog, mistakes are viewed as opportunities for improvement rather than hindrances or failures.

The emphasis is on encouraging people to take action while acknowledging that mistakes may happen, but they can always be corrected and improved upon. Having an open dialogue and being humane is crucial when examining any issue, allowing for everything to be said – what works, what doesn’t work, and what could potentially jeopardize the success of the change. The more information they have about what lies ahead, the better they can devise a solution. Likewise, they collaborate with their suppliers and customers because everyone plays a role in the process and is essential in constructing, discussing, altering, and managing day-to-day operations. While they may be the leaders in finding a solution and responsible for the outcome, working together is critical.

Unleashing Innovation Through Diverse Perspectives

Each client brings their distinct business requirements, encompassing unique challenges that they have yet to encounter. These obstacles demand a thorough examination and the incorporation of fresh technology, alternative suppliers, or novel procedures. The current dynamic landscape remains the primary catalyst for their development and progress. Collaborating with individuals with diverse viewpoints introduces novel concepts they may not have previously considered. Each person contributes their distinct expertise and background as they expand their team by bringing in individuals from varying backgrounds, including industry and management, technology, logistics, planning, and procurement. This amalgamation of diverse perspectives fuels much of the innovation.

Israel’s Thriving Industry of Individual Units

Israel is a small country, and any company that wants to succeed here must turn to the global market. This understanding has motivated Unilog to strive for success in the global market. During the company’s early years, it experienced growth within a close-knit community where everyone was familiar with one another. Their reputation for excellent service and people’s exceptional expertise and dedication became well-known.

Recognizing their potential to contribute to companies beyond their domestic market, they began showcasing their digital media operations. This has attracted new clients from Europe and the United States seeking solutions outside their comfort zone.

During their early management meetings, Unilog did not rely on a specific technique for thinking outside the box. Instead, they established that technology must facilitate constant change. Managing supply chains can be challenging due to their complexity and the high cost of implementing changes. Many companies find themselves stuck with a process that no longer works but are hesitant to change due to these factors. However, Unilog takes a different approach – they believe everything must change and are willing to adapt accordingly. Their goal is to achieve a level of conceptual flexibility similar to that of a navigation program, which calculates the most suitable route for the present moment. To support this perception, Unilog relies on technology. This was not an easy feat, but they could accomplish it, allowing for exceptional flexibility.

Unilog’s Unique Approach to Supply Chain Management

Unilog’s operational approach differs from companies that focus on creating off-the-shelf services. They specialize in creating Services that cater to their client’s needs, with the aim of streamlining processes and enhancing control. They are proactive in identifying potential risks or accidents and make efforts to raise awareness of such risks as early as possible. Their system is designed like a road network that adapts to the vehicles’ needs. When there is a demand for a new solution, the product manager defines it for the development team. Simultaneously, a team is responsible for implementing new solutions. Each customer manager implements relevant functions for their respective activities and customers. It’s like a Lego game where everyone has their logo, but everyone builds something different, which makes them unique.

Innovation Drives Unprecedented Success in Business

Without explicitly declaring Osi’s role, she has encountered numerous instances where a novel concept or a team member’s ingenuity has significantly enhanced their performance and services. Such occurrences have brought immense gratification. A company that does not value original thinking and potential will eventually succumb to mundane practices. Their team can surge ahead and accomplish the impossible by creating more innovative ideas. Sometimes, the most fulfilling moments arise from completing a seemingly unattainable task, such as fulfilling it according to the due date. However, the most significant breakthroughs come from implementing strategic solutions that profoundly impact their service and customer care.

Unilog is a unique workplace that recognizes that employees’ lives don’t always follow a linear path. There will be times when they can handle more responsibility and workload, and there will be times when they require a role with less responsibility and workload. By taking into account the natural ebb and flow of a person’s life cycle, Unilog has significantly impacted its growth as an organization and as a community.

Transforming Ideas into Reality

As a forward-thinking guide, she counsels ambitious business owners that transforming an idea into a tangible reality requires patience. Establishing a team that shares your vision and aspirations entails significant responsibility. Cultivating a robust foundation that can accompany you for many years is essential. Remember that your team members are eager to make meaningful contributions, achieve triumph, and take pride in their work. They view themselves and their work as an investment in the company’s success.

Their approach is rooted in tradition, eschewing conventional methods in an industry steeped in old ways. Their clients possess unique requirements, emphasizing unwavering customer service, adaptability, and speed. It’s essential to take a moment to pause and reflect, actively listen, pivot when necessary, and embrace errors as opportunities for growth. By recognizing missteps on time (with the help of your team), enlist those who excel in areas where you fall short. Most importantly, empower your team to innovate, lead, and work independently, and watch as your company reaches new heights.

Revolutionizing Supply Chain Solutions Globally

Unilog is a global company that operates worldwide to meet the needs of its clients across the globe. Although most of their customers are based in Israel, they can serve clients from any location, including those with headquarters in America, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and other international locations. In the upcoming years, Unilog plans to expand its reach by acquiring new customers from new countries. Furthermore, they are broadening their capabilities by offering solutions such as SCaaS (Supply Chain as a Service), such as Ucontrol™, which allows customers to transition to the new era of digital supply chains.

Additionally, their collection of 3PL (Third-party logistics) associates is exceptional, desiring to offer their customers solutions beyond their current regions. They view these associates as partners who are broadening their operations through their services and mutually contributing to each other’s expansion.

Raving Reviews and Industry Accolades

1.“Unilog provides us with the highest quality of service and is able to adapt their solutions according to our needs.”

Avi Rozen – VP, Senior Director Operations. AposHealth

2.“Our company has been working with Unilog since 2017, successfully operating several distribution centers around the world.”

Amir Stadtmaeur – VP Operations.
3.“The Unilog team has proven itself as committed, highly capable, and customer-oriented for many years. Above all, it is a team of professionals with a can-do approach which I, as a customer, can count on to make things happen.”