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Orly Shoavi: An Inspiration to the New Generation Women

It takes guts and dedication along with hard work and passion for starting a business. This is the first step towards building a business, but in this ever changing industry, only fewer businesses or start-up are able to thrive. Orly Shoavi is the perfect example for the entrepreneurs, especially for women who are unable to gather enough courage to start a venture.
Orly Shoavi is the Co-founder & CEO of ‘SafeDK Mobile Ltd.’, the world’s first end-to-end SDK Management Solution Company. Motivated by passion and interest, Orly is a hard-working entrepreneur. She has an inspirational saying about building a business, she says, “there is no comparison of the passion that you have when you start a business from scratch and it has your vision all over it.”
Orly wanted to build a business of her own that she would impact every aspect of it, from tech, product and business decisions to company culture and team nature. She was lucky enough to get what exactly was needed; a great company with an amazing co-founder and team, super innovative product, and customers who love the solution.
Whipping Challenges
The aim of the company ‘SafeDK’ is to grow worldwide. At the initial stage of the company, Orly had no experience in the Sales, but she had a vast experience in building products and with business development. At present, the company has a dedicated and established sales team which sells globally and more than dozens of customers worldwide. The focus of the company is to grow the current customers’ verticals and expand to additional ones.
The company is now opening their first out-of-Israel office in the New York City, at United States which according to Orly is exciting and challenging. The biggest challenge is maintaining the company’s culture even when the company is growing.
A lot of efforts are put in screening candidates, not only by skill, but also by their being ‘SafeDK Material,’ which means kind and honest people with great passion and positive attitude. To ensure high-quality code and continued learning Orly encourages employees to learn from outside the office constantly. Many practices are carried out such as going to the courses and meetups, attending industry events and meeting experts from relevant areas.
Catering Services & Future Aspects
SafeDK lets mobile app publishers build better and safer apps through analyzing, monitoring and optimizing 3rd party code (SDKs – Software Development Kits) in their app. SafeDK provides the first and only end-to-end SDKs management platform which covers the entire span of the app publishing cycle, from finding the top rated SDKs in the SafeDK Marketplace to ongoing monitoring and real-time control of the SDKs. The cutting edge technology lets publishers immediately identify any malicious or problematic behavior of SDKs- losing or inappropriate ads, crashes, app slowdown, excessive battery or data consumption, privacy breaches and much more.
The whole SafeDK team is passionate about technology and uses their talent to bring transparency and trust to the SDKs and In-App Advertising economy, allowing app publishers to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of using 3rd party services.
In near future, SafeDK will become the one authority for mobile SDKs; a global standard among app publishers and mobile advertisers to make sure they have full control over the app and campaigns. By expanding to more and more mobile verticals, SafeDK will cover the entire mobile economy, certifying 3rd party code and providing DMP (Data Management Platform) of all the campaigns running in the mobile world.
Balancing Work-life
Managing personal and professional life is a difficult task, and it is much more difficult for a working women. Orly knows her priorities, and she maintains a perfect balance in the work-life. She is surrounded by a supportive network and a secured wall all around, which includes her amazing husband and parents who let her fulfill all her dreams and build an established business.
Orly’s goal is to build SafeDK to great success and make the mobile world better and safer without compromising on the commercial success of the mobile app publishers. The success in her eyes is dominating the market, thus helping the customers to grow.
Advice to Aspiring Working Women Generation
According to Orly, women play an important and equal role as men in the business industry. Orly has a great advice to all working women of this generation. She says, “If your dreams include building something of your own, just do it. Don’t wait for the right moment and don’t be blocked by being scared.” Everyone is afraid of failure, and one can assure you that this is also true for the most successful people. Once you realize this fear is legit, but cannot be the reason for you to hold your dreams back, you can move forward to fulfill them.

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