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David Bow - President & CEO | Alexandre Gauthier - Director of Cultivation | Origine Nature

Origine Nature: Nurturing the Quintessence of Authentic Cannabis

Revealing the Enthralling Realm of Quebec’s Supreme Cannabis, Cultivated with Diligence and Artfully Crafted for Authentic Aficionados!

The world of cannabis has always been a fascinating subject, with its rich history and cultural significance. This plant has been used for medicinal, recreational, and spiritual purposes for thousands of years, leading to a rich cultural tapestry that spans the globe. From ancient civilizations to modern-day dispensaries, cannabis has played a pivotal role in shaping societies and cultures worldwide.

Origine Nature, a cannabis realm based in Quebec, Canada, has taken this fascination to a whole new level with its unique approach to nurturing and harvesting 100% female plants. Led by the enigmatic President and CEO David Bow and Vice President Alexandre Gauthier, it has created a mystical realm that celebrates the beauty of nature and tradition while embracing the magic of cannabis. With skilled artisans carefully plucking each flower, it offers a glimpse into a world that is both enchanting and captivating.

It places tradition and plant welfare at the center of their cultivation techniques. They cultivate each cannabis plant using traditional growth methods that prioritize the plant’s life cycle and well-being. Their commitment to the art of cultivation guarantees that every plant attains its maximum potential, leading to excellent quality products for customers.

Origine Nature is proud of cultivating only 100% female cannabis plants, which ensures the production of exceptional flowers that highlight the plant’s distinct features and provide a genuine cannabis experience. This intentional decision removes male plants from the process and guarantees a high concentration of powerful cannabinoids and terpenes, allowing users to savor the true essence of the plant.

To preserve the integrity of their products, Origine Nature’s skilled team meticulously hand-harvests each plant. This careful approach protects the dried flowers, maintaining their aromatic and therapeutic properties. By avoiding mechanical harvesting, Origine Nature maintains the highest quality standards, ensuring that its cannabis products retain their unique flavors and aromas.

Origine Nature’s master grower is dedicated to enhancing the plant’s chemical composition, elevating its special characteristics to new heights. By carefully manipulating factors such as light exposure, temperature, and nutrient levels, they create a truly unique and exceptional product. This focus on complexity ensures that each production boasts an array of phytochemical molecules, showcasing the plant’s full potential.

David’s visionary leadership has positioned the company as a leader in the cannabis industry. Their emphasis on passion, authenticity, and traditional cultivation methods has distinguished them from others. They are dedicated to crafting top-notch, Quebec-grown cannabis products, which sets them apart. It is focused on providing an unparalleled cannabis experience and invites enthusiasts to savor each puff of their meticulously crafted products where passion and authenticity meet.

Let’s further explore their adventure!

Inspiring Story of Origine Nature

David underwent a difficult period as his father struggled with liver cancer, causing him to suffer from excruciating pain and depend on potent drugs like morphine. These medications had a debilitating effect on his father, rendering him unable to connect with his loved ones and mentally disoriented. It was heartbreaking for David to witness his once vivacious and happy father in such a state. However, during this challenging time, one of David’s chefs baked cookies infused with cannabis for his father. Surprisingly, even with just half a cookie, his father experienced relief from his pain and became more alert, communicative, and joyful with his family. This experience was an eye-opener for David, revealing the potential benefits of cannabis.

Driven by this experience, David was inspired to create Origine Nature, a venture that embraced the therapeutic properties of cannabis. He believed that cannabis could serve as a natural alternative to conventional medicines, helping people alleviate pain, manage anxiety, and cope with various health issues without the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Through Origine Nature, David aimed to educate people about the positive effects and safe use of cannabis, dispelling the stigma surrounding this plant. He wanted to provide a range of innovative and healthy products that could help people improve their physical and mental well-being without any negative impact on their overall health.

David’s experience demonstrates how cannabis can be a source of hope and healing for those suffering from chronic illnesses. His venture not only offers natural remedies but also promotes a holistic and healthy lifestyle, making it a beacon of hope for people seeking a healthier and happier life.

Founded in 2017 and located in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Origine Nature received a standard cultivation license in March 2020 and a standard processing license in July 2020. Their first product was sold at the SQDC in October of the same year.

Revolutionary Approach

David explained that Origine Nature uses traditional growing methods to cultivate its recreational drug, prioritizing the plant’s life cycle and respecting its natural growth process. He said they employ hydroponic cultivation techniques and artisanal methods, carefully working with each plant by hand from start to finish.

Driving Force

Origine Nature has recognized the crucial importance of pricing in the cannabis industry. They understand that the perception of quality can drastically change based on the price. In order to consistently provide high-quality cannabis at a reasonable price, Origine Nature aims to employ an innovative and efficient cultivation method that combines craftsmanship with productivity. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that anyone who interacts with Origine Nature, whether as a consumer or in any other capacity, feels satisfied and valued by receiving the cannabis they desire at a price they deem appropriate.

Importance of 100% Female Plants

Origine Nature prides itself on its exceptional cannabis products, which are made from 100% female plants. The company’s commitment to quality is demonstrated by its meticulous care in sorting out male plants to avoid pollination of female plants. This care helps to ensure that the female plants achieve the highest possible THC levels. Additionally, Origine Nature uses hang drying and hand harvesting techniques to maintain the superior quality of its products. These gentle methods help to preserve the trichomes and enable the company to monitor the quality of its products at every stage, resulting in an exceptional end product.

Cutting-edge Techniques and Expertise

Origine Nature prioritizes cutting-edge production techniques that foster an ideal atmosphere that upholds the plant and all its components. Their head cultivator has devoted years to crafting optimal growing methods that honor the plant’s integrity. The current facilities of Origine Nature span 23,000 square feet, with 14,000 square feet allocated to the plants. The setup includes six flowering rooms, one propagation room, a mother room, four processing rooms, and six auxiliary rooms that support operations. Origine Nature is an experience crafted by them for all who seek it.

Perfecting the Best Growing Methods

Alexandre has developed a deep-rooted passion for cannabis since a young age, embarking on a global journey to expand his knowledge in the field. Demystifying cannabis and making it a widely accepted and easily accessible form of consumption is one of his primary objectives. At Origine Nature, the focus of the team is on cultivating and processing cannabis in a manner that ensures a premium experience for consumers. By combining expertise with practical know-how, they strive to tackle the core challenges of the industry rather than providing temporary solutions. The ultimate goal is to facilitate consistent and efficient growth of high-quality cannabis flowers.

Authentic Recreational Drug Experience

During a conversation about Origine Nature’s approach to growing their authentic recreational drug products and their target audience, David expressed that their passion is to cater to passionate consumers who seek high-quality cannabis for consumption.

Handcrafted Strains and Products

Origine Nature takes pride in its unique strains and products, which are carefully crafted by hand with utmost attention to detail. The company guarantees the consistency and quality of its products, emphasizing its commitment to delivering only the best to its customers. As stated by David, “Each of our products is unique, and we ensure the consistency and quality of our products by working 100% by hand.”

Vital Role of Phytochemical Molecules

A crucial factor for a satisfying recreational cannabis experience is the THC level. However, cannabis comprises numerous cannabinoids, and they have only highlighted the more familiar ones. It’s worth noting that most of these have no psychoactive effects. Cannabis is not solely a source of THC and is not exclusively for pleasure. Remarkably, CBD oil serves as a potent anti-seizure medication, currently authorized to handle specific types of epilepsy. Additionally, CBC has demonstrated positive effects in alleviating edema, inflammation, and osteoarthritis.

Preserving Plant Integrity at Its Core

Origine Nature adheres to a philosophy of reverence for nature. Their approach is not to redefine nature but rather to mimic its processes and enhance its stability. Pesticides and additives are not part of their methodology; instead, they focus on optimizing growing conditions to maximize the potential of each plant. Every plant is given individual attention and care on a daily basis.

Dedicated to traditional growing methods that respect the plant and its life cycle, each plant is harvested by hand to protect the dried flowers, which are always hung dried.

Their master grower ensures that the plant’s chemical composition is complexified so that all of its special characteristics are enhanced, and every production is privy to the unique phytochemical molecules that make it so special, all with a focus on cannabinoids and terpenes in their purest form.

Plant Growth and Development

During the conversation on the master grower’s approach to achieving pure cannabinoids and terpenes, David emphasized the importance of overseeing every step of the plant’s growth and development. He also highlighted the critical need to continuously observe the plant’s surroundings.

Hidden Benefits of Indoor Growing

Origine Nature is dedicated to implementing innovative production methods that prioritize the well-being of the plant and its various components.

Their highly skilled master grower has spent years developing the most effective growing techniques that preserve the plant’s integrity.

With a total area of 23,000 square feet, 14,000 square feet of which is solely dedicated to cultivating plants, Origine Nature boasts state-of-the-art facilities. These include six flowering rooms, one propagation room, a mother room, four processing rooms, and an additional six rooms to support operations.

Origine Nature is a collective endeavor created for the benefit of all. Recognizing the adaptability of cannabis, it understands that external factors such as temperature fluctuations, humidity changes, and de-leafing can impact the final product. To ensure consistent and standardized cannabis flowers year after year, they have chosen to grow their plants indoors. This allows for complete control over the growing environment, minimizing the risk of unforeseen events that could affect the crop. By closely monitoring and rigorously checking all systems on a daily basis, Origine Nature guarantees flawless operations.

Complexifying Plant Chemical Composition

The preferred pathway for the biosynthesis of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant is through the bud of a female cannabis plant. The male flowers are typically very low in cannabinoids, which is the reason they prefer to take cuttings of a female plant to grow new cannabis plants instead of growing them from seed.

The process of cannabinoid production begins with Cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), which acts as the starting point for the pathway. Within the plant, CBGA can undergo various enzymatic syntheses to produce different cannabinoids, including Cannabidiol acid (CBDA), Cannabichromenic acid (CBCA), or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). These acidic cannabinoids can be transformed into their more well-known chemical compounds through a process called decarboxylation, which involves removing a carboxyl group (CO2). This process converts CBDA to CBD, CBCA to CBC, and THCA to THC. It’s worth noting that the acidic forms are less abundant in the plant than their non-active counterparts. In the case of THC and THCA, the non-psychoactive form is THCA. While biosynthesis occurs within the plant, decarboxylation takes place outside of it and requires heat. Therefore, when a joint is lit, it transforms THCA into THC, which is the psychoactive form.

Mastering Uniformity

While discussing product quality control and the obstacles confronted by the master grower in regulating the plant’s chemical makeup, David mentioned that sustaining uniformity necessitates entirely manual labor. He went on to clarify that the challenges that arise in the process are predominantly linked to manual labor. Therefore, the need for manual labor implies a need for comprehensive employee training and vigilant supervision to ensure that the process is carried out with precision. The manual nature of the task makes it more difficult to maintain consistency, making it essential to have skilled workers who are well-versed in the task’s intricacies. As a result, the process of maintaining product quality requires a hands-on approach and attentive management to produce a consistent and high-quality product.

Unparalleled Quality

Origine Nature strongly emphasizes the importance of human involvement and passion in its operations. Unlike other companies that rely on automation, it understands that improper handling and automated processes can lead to product defects. To ensure the highest quality, they have chosen to implement human-driven operations, closely monitored by specialized software for meticulous tracking. Every product that originates from Origine Nature undergoes a meticulous process: it is cultivated by dedicated growers, harvested by skilled production technicians, air-dried for ten days, manually processed, cold-cured for 14-21 days, meticulously trimmed, and stored in carefully controlled conditions before being packaged by hand. This approach not only allows passionate individuals to be part of the cannabis production chain but also ensures that experts review each product up to four times before it is sent to stores.

Unmatched Brilliance

Origine Nature places a significant emphasis on investing in its employees, providing them with comprehensive training, enjoyable experiences, and rewarding opportunities. The company’s focus extends beyond simply cultivating marijuana, as it employs a robust management strategy to ensure optimal business acumen and efficiency at all levels of the organization. Effective communication lies at the core of the company’s operations, fostering an environment of open and honest discussions among team members.

Prioritizing Nature’s Legacy

Origine Nature has collaborated with the government in a pilot project aimed at assessing the feasibility of establishing circular economies for waste management in the cannabis industry. Extensive efforts have been made by Origine Nature in partnership with the SQDC to identify packaging solutions that promote sustainability among Quebec producers. Recognizing the significance of addressing these issues from the outset, it aims to support the development of a cannabis industry that is built on sustainable practices.

Empowering the Community

One of Origine Nature’s core values is social consciousness:

  • The company believes in fostering strong communities and emphasizes the importance of collective effort and care for one another.
  • The values of attentive listening and sharing are highly regarded by Origine Nature, as they have the power to establish meaningful connections between people. The company culture is built on the understanding that every individual’s contribution holds equal significance.
  • It actively supports local charities and the chamber of commerce and organizes various employee activities that involve friends and family. The company is committed to giving back to the community in which it operates. Origine Nature recognizes that the success of the company relies on the collective efforts of all individuals, regardless of the size of their role. Expressing gratitude and offering support to those around them is crucial.
  • In recognition of its outstanding workplace environment, Origine Nature was honored as one of the best places to work in Canada in 2023. Additionally, the company reached the finals of Quebec’s largest business contest in the regional development category. Over the past three years, it has created 85 well-paid jobs, making a positive contribution to the city’s economic development.

Unveiling the Path to Sustainable

When asked about the message he would like to convey to consumers interested in supporting sustainable and innovative agriculture practices, Alexandre responded by urging them to choose their products. He emphasized the team’s dedication to delivering high-quality goods that are both safe and healthy. Additionally, Alexandre highlighted their commitment to creating a company that has a positive impact on the industry within their community.

Utilizing their R&D license, they strive to constantly innovate and conduct research to keep consumers well-informed about the benefits and potential effects of their products. Alexandre expressed belief in the potential of this natural plant to provide various benefits for adults in different forms of consumption, ultimately aiming to make people feel great. This commitment extends to all aspects of their business operations, including their staff, customers, suppliers, partners, and investors.

Cultivating Dreams, Expanding Horizons

With roughly 85% of all products being distributed in Quebec and British Columbia, Origine Nature’s next step is to expand its sales globally. Their current strategy involves expanding their sales to a global market.

Insights for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

According to David’s perspective, the crucial factor is to commence with a modest approach and expand gradually in sync with the market. Abstaining from growing too rapidly is often critical for the success of a business.

Satisfied Clients & Accolades

Origine Nature has been recognized for its outstanding achievements in various prestigious events. It earned consecutive nominations at the Mercuriades gala, won the innovation award at the Sainte-Agathe Chamber of Commerce, and was included in the Top 50 list of Great Places to Work Canada. Moreover, it was named Grower of the Year, solidifying its position as a leading player in the industry.