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Orient Overseas Container Line Limited (OOCL) Rolls-out Next Phase of OCEAN Alliance

Since the inauguration of OOCLs services in April 2017, it has made significant progress to meet the requirements of its clients and has leveraged its performance quotient by becoming one of the top performers in terms of schedule reliability.
After inception, OOCL gradually collaborated with its like-minded partners for making the necessary service adjustments and also fine-tune the network in order to meet the evolving market needs.
After the successful release of first phase, OOCL is ready to roll out the second phase of the network with more than 40 services by deploying approximately 340 container ships with an estimated total carrying capacity of 3.6 million TEUs to form an enhanced suite of products characterized by a number of improvements in various areas including port pair connections, service coverage, transit times, operational efficiency and schedule reliability.
After rolling out of second phase, there would be direct services for Northern China and the Baltic as well as the various hubs in the Southeast Asia and Mediterranean, which will provide excellent connections for their respective supply chains.
“The progress that we have made since Day One has been most positive and we are very excited and confident with our direction forward in the second phase of products that we have developed; better transit time connections and additional frequency from the result of revamping our current ATG1 service to focus on the Gulf and Mexico as well as introducing the new ATE2 product to serve the South Atlantic are also some of the modifications we are making to improve our services to customers.” said Mr. Andy Tung, Chief Executive Officer of OOCL.