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Opus Interactive: A Unique Multi-Dimensional Cloud Solution Provider

Opus Interactive is a company that has made a name for itself with its vision of connecting people and technology. It offers focused cloud and colocation solutions from its state-of-the-art data centers located in Hillsboro, Portland, and Dallas. The company is set to launch a new data center in Virginia in Q2 to meet growing demand for its services in that market.
The firm is known for delivering purpose-built cloud solutions that fit the unique requirements of each client. Opus Interactive focuses on delivering end-to-end cloud solutions. Resulting solutions are rarely a single service offering. Instead, they are a combination of services mixed to deliver flexible, optimized results which complement existing equipment, scalability, budget and the future growth expectations of its clients. The company rounds out the offering with monitoring and management services that enable its customer’s transparency and control over its environment. Opus also emphasizes on cloud solutions which complement existing equipment, scalability, budget and the future growth expectations of its clients.
Driving Strategy with Insightful Leadership 
Opus Interactive established in 1996 and launched its cloud service presence online in 2005. Since then, the company has won numerous industry awards and received widespread appreciation from its customers. One person who has witnessed the company’s rise through its challenges is Shannon Hulbert.
Shannon is the CEO at Opus Interactive. Before joining Opus, she worked in marketing for over 19 years. Her extensive experience includes overseeing the technical and creative execution of successful marketing initiatives. Shannon has also contributed to key growth drivers such as strategy, branding, design, sales, channel partner cultivation, customer segmentation, and acquisition strategies.
With the insight into both the company and the industry, Shannon has been instrumental in dictating the direction and the growth engine at Opus. She is an advocate for STEM and also runs a STEM-focused summer camp named the Inter-Tribal Energy & Tech Tour through her individual initiative as a founder of Non-profit, Redbridge Foundation.
Shannon is an inspiration to her community as well and was recognized in NCAIED’s Native American 40 Under 40 list.
A Unique Challenge and a Distinctive Perspective 
It has become essential for enterprise IT to optimize to meet end user needs cost-effectively, pushing many to migrate to the cloud. Brand recognition for hyperscalers like AWS and Azure that offer public cloud solutions has resulted in 80% of the market share. However, steep learning curves and complex management requirements often involve more time and budget than initially anticipated by enterprise IT.
With over 20 years in the industry, Opus Interactive has honed its service offering to provide its clients with the best solutions in terms of performance, cost, and monitoring, while tackling obstacles with a refreshingly unique perspective.
Recently, the company commissioned a third-party study to evaluate its cloud offering in comparison with hyperscalers, AWS and Azure. With multi-cloud strategies on the rise, the study provides insights into where workloads can be best distributed to yield the optimum performance and price results for Opus customers.  
Early Adoption and Swift Response 
Opus Interactive began working with HPE and VMWare as early as 2003 to develop an offering based on virtualization. The solution later became known as the OpusCloud, launching in 2005. As the company evolved, its cloud offering has as well.
The company has continued to specialize in connecting people and technology for over 20 years. In the past 5 years, Opus has achieved numerous milestones, including a 25% yearly growth rate and impressive expansion into new markets. It has set its sights on establishing operations in Virginia and Frankfurt, Germany.
The company continues to adopt a flexible approach and plans to continue using market trends and innovation in its journey to a brighter future.
The Future of the Industry 
New technologies like AI, ML and Big Data are creating even more opportunities within the cloud market. Companies across all industries are adopting these technologies to innovate, increase understanding, optimize workflows, and improve efficiency. The adoption has accelerated data migration across the board in search of peak performance.
Opus Interactive is following a unique path in order to make a positive contribution to the bigger picture while delivering customized multi-cloud services. The company addresses social issues, including the use of green technologies in all its data centers for efficiency and cost savings. It even advocates for the use of the green technology to other industry leaders with the understanding that it is the ideal way to move forward together.
The Opus Interactive team lead by Shannon believes in remaining agile and constantly taking on new opportunities to stay ahead of the curve. The company also remains devoted to building strong partnerships to grow and build the cloud solutions of tomorrow.

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