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Opus Interactive: A Leading Cloud, Colocation, and IT Services Provider

In an interview with Insights Success, Shannon Hulbert, the CEO of Opus Interactive, Inc., shares her insights and experiences over products and motto of the organization, along with the organization’s future goals in revolutionizing industry.
Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Shannon and Insights Success:
What are the cutting-edge products/services offered by Opus Interactive? 
Basically, we apply the strategy of the Dream Team. Remember them? After spending years not being competitive against the seasoned professionals on other Olympic teams, the US Olympic Basketball Team was allowed to include players from the NBA. So, they selected ten of the top players from a range of NBA teams and swept past the competition. The Dream Team showed the world what you can accomplish when the best of the best comes together to meet a single goal. They won every game by no less than 40 points to bring home the gold medal in 1992.
The Opus Interactive Game Plan is written on the wall for the whole team to read. It reads “DO IT BETTER. Compile the best team of IT pros to build and maintain the most effective solutions inside of state-of-the-art facilities.” Everything we do stems from that. We set the bar high for team, solutions, and facilities, and put 20 years of partnerships and honed service offering to work for each customer – from hosted virtual desktops environments, to end-to-end IoT solutions that monitor and control fans that reduce humidity, to multi-cloud monitoring and maintenance that ensures data distribution is optimized. The whole world is going digital and we’re providing the infrastructure that enables that transformation. It’s pretty cool.
Give a detailed description of the Founder/CEO/Management’s contribution over the company and the industry. 
I spent a summer as a wild land firefighter for the State of Oregon – specifically, the crew navigator. That was back before GPS. We’d get the call and all load into the engine and I’d be the one in the middle with a lap full of rolled up maps and a radio in hand communicating township and range coordinates and translating the best route to get us all to the fire. And when we got there, it was all hands on-deck, working together with one purpose in mind.
Today, I have the honor to work with the Dream Team of IT and they’re working every day bringing together some of the best ideas they’ll have in this lifetime to accomplish common goals together and deliver the quality services we can all stand proudly behind. As the CEO, my role is still navigator — set the vision, communicate the goals and strategy so we’re all moving towards the same destination, and move as many obstacles out of the way as possible. While saving the planet. No pressure.
What strategies has Opus Interactive undertaken to stay ahead of the competition? 
The one-word answer is partnerships. For facilities, we offer our services from inside of world class facilities. We’ve carefully selected state-of-the-art data center partners known to provide the best in renewable energy, low cost power, low PUE, high security, and premium connectivity from coast to coast with global access.
For partners, we’ve spent decades understanding the space and forming partnerships with trusted vendors. From door handles to direct connect, our customers are getting the very best. For MSPs, we officially launched our OI Partnership Program in 2013. The program is the best of both worlds – it expands our own network and gives our partners the ability to deliver more for their customers.
For network, we work with best in breed to deliver the endto- end solutions our customers can rely on. The OpusCloud is a robust VMware and HPE compute and storage solution that launched in 2005 and has continued to be improved on for more than 13 years. We pair our own private cloud offering with a range of services developed for private, public, multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud environments. Our long history of working with our partners allows us to understand what solutions are available, quickly determine whether they fit the use case for any particular customer, and quickly go from planning to deployment to monitoring to maintenance.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that has shaped the journey of the Opus Interactive. 
My biggest takeaway every single day is gratitude – for the people. From our team for continuing to show up with great ideas and effort every single day, our partners who take the time to work together to find the best solutions and continue to tell other people about our services, and every person along the way who opened a door so a nimble womanowned IT services company can come out of the blue to be included in The Most Disruptive Private Companies in 2018. It’s people that shape the journey.
Where Opus Interactive sees itself in the long run and what are its future goals? 
Continuing on the path of bringing together the best team, solutions and facilities, and expansion of our cloud node and managed services offering all the way out to the edge, globally.
Give us a few testimonials of your clients that accurately highlight Opus Interactive’s position in the market. 
“We’ve got a 15-year history of working with Opus Interactive. Their commitment to customized, high performance hosting solutions is phenomenal. At the end of the day, we just trust that they’ll deliver.” – Todd Hutchinson, WEtap Media
“We weren’t interested in being part of the price wars being waged by public cloud providers. We were looking for a business partner with the same level of integrity as Corios, who could deliver top shelf capability. Opus Interactive was that partner.” –Robin Way, President & Founder, Corios LLC 
About the Company 
Opus brings a personable approach into the complex process that businesses face with digital transformation. The Opus team has spent over 20 years honing a mix of purpose-built cloud and colocation solutions that we deliver from world class data centers located in the most connected places on the planet. Opus offers custom IT solutions available from state-of-the-art facilities that enable our customer’s connectivity from coast to coast, with global access.
Source: The Most Disruptive Private Companies in 2018