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Jitendra S. Jagtap | CEO | Optimizt Technologies

Optimizt Technologies: Bearing Flagship in Technology Sectors

In an interview with Insights Success, Optimizt Technologies (OT) emphasizes on the contribution made by its impeccable team in order to bring difference in the customary business practices. With the edition “20 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2019“, Insights Success admire such organization’s diligence to offer authentic solutions to its customers.
Below are the highlights of an interview:
Give a brief overview of the company and its vision. 
Optimizt Technologies (OT) is most recognized & trusted Engineering Service Provider (ESP) company established in year 2010. OT offers multi-disciplinary technology services that are tailored as per the client demand with Innovation to Integration and Implementation. OT serves diverse Industries such as Automobile, Aerospace, Civil Structures, Energy, FMCG, Off Highway Vehicles, Metro Rail, Process Industry (Oil & Gas) along with clients from Asian, European, and North American countries.
Due to its outstanding service quality and performance, worldwide renowned companies approach OT. It has also received prestigious International awards & recognitions for innovative & quality technology services and business excellence in year 2012, 2015, 2018 and 2019.
Its expertise lies in Engineering Product Design and Development, Mathematical Computation and Simulation, Application Development, Cloud Computing Services, Test Automation Services, Process Improvement and Audits, specialize Corporate Trainings and Staffing Services. Using their expertise, they create unique and enduring synergies aligned to their clients’ business mission and goals. OT’s vision is to become the most recognized, trusted and value-added technology partner globally by its Clients.
How do you diversify your products and solutions in order to benefit your customers? 
We want to diversify our offerings to consolidate our presence for existing market and clients. Then slowly we will expand our offerings to new geographical markets within next few years.
We will identify our value proposition, articulate it and back it up with evidence. We will focus on core skills, capabilities and achievements when determining our value proposition. Formulating business development strategy, building network and relationships, evaluation of resources will help us to grow during significant challenges in this market.
Onsite or near-shore business model has been developed for our existing clients which has brought more clarity and success in our business. Perfection in project management, well-defined processes, value-added services, strategic partnership and at last investment in resources has also helped us to succeed. Presently, we are focusing on reinforcing competencies for future technologies like IIoT, AI, Data Science, Cloud Services etc.
Give a detailed explanation of the featured person’s influence towards the industry and the company.
Jitendra Jagtap is the Founder and CEO of Optimizt Technologies, having 14 years of experience in engineering design and research field along with project management. His role at OT is Techno- Commercial, which includes overseeing cross-functional groups and defining new business strategies, identifying emerging technologies, new business prospects, key accomplices and OT’s branding.
Staying attuned with the company’s mission and vision, Jitendra has taken some steps for enhancing OT’s growth and building trust in employees and clients. These steps involve creating spark in the team, gap analysis and training, improving facilities, implementing quality processes and security systems etc.
Jitendra has delivered hundreds of corporate training programs for MNCs from USA, Europe, India. Thousands of engineers are in his credit who are working all over world in the field of R&D today. Jitendra also has great influence as technical consultant to few Asian and European organizations operates in India.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of OPTIMIZT TECHNOLOGIES.
In most professional services it is difficult for customers to judge quality until it’s too late and they face a potential catastrophe. Having clear understanding of this fact, OT has developed long term strategy to win new businesses. Initially focused on pilot projects and affordable pricing services, we have built strong confidence and trust in our clients. Consistent investment in knowledge, resources, processes, strategy has helped us to shape OT as trusted partner for our clients. We learned good lesson that fuel your business by leadership, people and systems while value the time.
Within 9 years of business, we have been recognized globally for our services and expertise. Fortune 500 and globally listed world renowned companies are our clients today. We have received few International Awards in recognition of quality, commitment & innovation for our services. Though we feel proud today, we will continue to work tirelessly and persistently to grow our business globally to create employment and other society benefits.
What according to you are the evident challenges in the industry?
Challenges such as need for innovation, increasing competition, pricing aligned to client business metrics, short delivery models, retention of talent in budgeted cost are key challenges in today’s industry. These compounding parameters are driving significant transformation, pushing professional services providers into a new era of services delivery.
Over the course of the next few years, we will see significant changes in the services engagement models. To facilitate the change, managed services contracts for ESPs will need to move away from the traditional engagement models to demand more value and tighter service integration.
Where does OPTIMIZT TECHNOLOGIES envision itself in the long run and/or what are its future goals?
In upcoming years, OT’s strategy is to initiate marketing & operations in handpicked countries with select services in demand. building customer credibility, developing domain expertise and promoting the acceptability of the offshore concept. Along with this, company is planning to start operations in potential countries to provide near-shore services to new clients. OT plans to build a brand image and wants to be recognized as a trusted partner in this market. By the mid of 2020, the company will be investing for resources in future technologies in its portfolio such as IIoT, AI, Data Science, Cloud Services etc. Its long-term goal is to develop smart methods & tools for engineering community to enhance learning efficiency. Then it will be offered at affordable price especially for economically poor students in Asia. OT is planning to establish Technology Research Centre with necessary facilities for engineering students where Industrial subject matter experts will be invited to guide these engineers of future.
Considering the rising number of competitions, how does OPTIMIZT TECHNOLOGIES stand out from its competitors?
Due to emerging technologies and market trends, there are significant changes in traditional engagement models to demand greater value and tighter service integration. Currently OT is also facing many challenges due to rising competition. On the bright side, rising competition is creating opportunities for OT to think, reinforce and fine tune business model for long run.
OT is now focusing on delivering technical excellence, custom business models aligned to client business needs. Along with this, company is predicting future technologies to add new services vertical in offerings and upholding professional pride and integrity. Company is working tirelessly and ethically to ensure that values are added to every service it delivers. In order to do so, this India based company is going to leverage the massive pool of skilled workforces to deliver outstanding technology services.
Integrity, Innovation, Energy, Value and Trust are the key parameters which OT focuses on as part of business strategy to successfully standout in future market.
Fortune 500 and Globally listed companies like Johnson Controls India, Emerson, Alfa Laval, Atlas Copco, Emerson, Forbes Marshall, Behr Hella, MAHLE, TATA Autocomp Systems, TCS are few of our clients to whom it has been providing services. OT has successfully executed cri􀆟cal projects for USA’s top Electric Vehicle OEM, Europe’s leading Metro Rail Supplier, Japan’s leading Electric Drive supplier etc but indirectly which was awarded by giant Indian IT companies as strategic services partner.