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Optimal Design: Advancing Human Ability with Internet of Things

The “Internet of things” (IoT) has become an important topic of discussion both in the workplace and outside. IoT as a concept is going to change the way people live and businesses operate. Globally proclaimed as the next big thing, it is expected to grow more than $7 trillion by 2020. Ironically, most companies have only just begun to tap into this multi-trillion dollar market. Fortunately, Optimal Design has been at the forefront of this technological revolution for the past 15 years and can help businesses navigate with speed, ingenuity, and success. ‘Innovate For Life’ – this is Optimal’s core promise – and there’s no better platform for delivering that promise than IoT.
Optimal Design is an award winning technology focused product development and tech consulting firm specializing in the design and engineering of Mobile Products, Virtual Reality Systems, and Devices for the Internet of Things. The company, headquartered in the Chicago suburbs, is focused on driving a simplified, connected world involving ubiquitous and intelligent IoT systems that Advance Human Ability. Optimal Design’s IoT products portfolio is truly Innovation Unleashed, and their services in technology R&D, Industrial Design, Engineering, Software, and Rapid Prototyping are unmatched. Recently, the firm was recognized as one of “2016 Best Places to Work in Illinois”, been named one of the Top 50 Companies in IoT, and received the prestigious Red Dot Design award.
Driving Force of Optimal Design
Sajid Patel, Co-founder & CEO, has played a crucial role in steering the company to become a driving force for innovative design and engineering primarily in the Internet of Things, Wearable Electronics, and Virtual Reality Industries. His vision has always been to develop products now that have use in future markets. IoT is an integral part of bringing that vision to life. Sajid is an engineering graduate from Purdue University and has worked at many technology giants like Motorola, Palm, and 3COM. His abilities as a Transformational Leader led to the development of award-winning products and over the course of his career, he has been granted more than a dozen of patents.
Cutting Edge IoT Products & Services
Optimal Design understands that great products start with understanding the user experience, fantastic design, and end with cost effective, manufacturable components and assemblies. The company offers a fully integrated IoT hardware and software platform as well as design and engineering services to customize both the product and the IoT platform to their customer’s needs.
Design services: Industrial and UX/UI Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Development, and Prototyping.
IoT Development Services: Comprehensive IoT services include, Embedded firmware and driver design, Low power MCU/SOC development, Cloud connectivity with BLE, WiFi, LoRa, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Cellular, Over-the-Air update firmware design and implementation, Apple HomeKit Integration and last but not the least Communication encryption & device authentication with device provisioning.
IoT Products & Platform: The company provides comprehensive and customizable platforms that allow clients to prototype, develop and connect products faster than ever before.
Optimal Design has helped technology giants to develop state of the art products as their technology development partner. The company has also partnered with THE VOID to develop cutting edge Virtual Entertainment Center. They collaborated with Motorola in the development of second generation Moto 360 modern timepiece which is noted as the most successful Android Wear device.
Supporting Pillars ‘Team’
While many firms are still in the early stages of IoT development, Optimal’s team has already gone through the learning curve. Their IoT platform has been made more robust through team’s unswerving and constant efforts, and they continue to improve it as well as add more features. The company has demonstrated many times that they have an expert team with reliable technology and processes to execute IoT applications.
IoT Technology Pacesetter
Optimal Design develops all aspects of the product in-house, from concept to production, and customizes their hardware/software platform as a fully integrated solution. This gives them a significant advantage when it comes to quality of delivered innovations, speed to market, and consulting as well as the bill of material cost savings to their customers. Over the years, the company has developed over 200 patents for their clients.
Overcoming Challenges
While discussing the challenges company is facing, Sajid says, “We understand the fast pace of technology and are dedicated to early R&D, often developing in-house demos with new technology. On the IoT front, we work conjointly with chip and sensor manufacturers to help them evaluate, debug, and test their latest IoT offerings. Many of these chips and sensors will not be available for 6-12 months, yet we actively do the hands-on evaluation as early as possible. This gives us the advantage of vetting and becoming familiar with new technologies long before they are available for integration.”
A Peak into the Future
On future aspects, Sajid envisions that IoT will change the way many companies do business and how they deliver great experiences for their customers. He also mentions, “There is a potential for IoT to deliver more meaningful experiences to consumers, cost savings in healthcare, and give us a whole new way of approaching difficult problems as we begin to find correlations in the data being gathered through IoT devices.”