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OpenAI Introduces Game-Changing Feature to ChatGPT

Exciting news for ChatGPT enthusiasts!

OpenAI, the mastermind behind the AI chatbot, has revealed that it has planned to launch fresh attributes for ChatGPT Plus subscribers this week. Those who have opted for ChatGPT Plus and utilize GPT-4 model, will now be granted an additional feature that lets them browse the web. This feature will provide them with the latest and current information.

The power of web browsing can revolutionize the way we use ChatGPT as a search engine. ChatGPT has great potential, especially in keeping up with the latest events. Previously, ChatGPT had limitations with its ability to provide answers as it was solely trained on data from before 2021. This rendered it ineffective in providing information on current events and real-time updates.

With ChatGPT’s web browser, users can ask specific inquiries such as the 2021 Oscars winners for Best Actor, Soundtrack, and Picture. The bot delivers a summary of the answer and relevant news articles almost instantly. If the bot is unable to provide the desired outcome, users can ask for a more detailed response. Reddit users have expressed their disappointment with Google’s search engine. They claim that it has become “Terrible for exploring the internet,” and is no longer efficient in addressing nuanced and unique questions. Instead, users are bombarded with endless lists and marketing content. This negative feedback comes at a time when Google is already facing criticism for its search practices.

ChatGPT Plus subscribers can enjoy a wide range of more than 70 third-party plug-ins for various web services such as Kayak, Expedia, and Instacart. These plug-ins allow users to direct ChatGPT to execute specific tasks on particular websites. OpenAI’s demonstration of its Instacart and OpenTable plug-ins showcased a user who was searching for vegan cuisine in San Francisco. The user requested ChatGPT to suggest “One great restaurant” for Saturday and a “Simple recipe” for Sunday. In a matter of seconds, the plug-in recommended a restaurant and created a chickpea salad recipe along with a list of readily available ingredients on Instacart that can be ordered right away.

In addition, Google is integrating generative AI features across its existing workspace tools, such as analyzing data on Sheets and crafting emails on Gmail. With the availability of AI tools from OpenAI and Google, the competition among Big Tech companies to create the most powerful and user-friendly AI is intensifying.