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onShore Security: Protecting the Freedom of Information by Revolutionizing Cyber Defense and Governance

In this day and age of revolutionary technologies, our beloved planet is succumbing more and more under the dependency of the web. Such is the situation that we cannot even carry out a simple task without the aid of the internet. But recently, a few rouge attacks on the internet paralyzed the communication chain of the web, evoking fear among the minds of the users concerning the safety of their information. To fight against such incidents with its managed cyber security solutions, onShore Security came into existence in 1991.
The core of what onShore Security does is its Panoptic Cyberdefense Security Operations Center. The company collects data throughout the network and hosts, which it analyzes on an ongoing basis. This is done to look for threats, anomalies, and compliance to inform policy and evaluate security posture. onShore also provides Cyber-security Leadership services such as virtual CISO and CISO mentoring.
Path Breaking Services
Most of its competitors in the cyber security space uses off the shelf solutions, however onShore uses what it likes off the shelf but most of it runs on its own platform, developing integrations and customizations geared towards empowering analysts rather than simply automation. Eventually, the client receives high visibility and a rich understanding of their security posture.
The company offers four services related to security, they are as follows:

  • Panoptic Cyberdefense SOC

It is a cyber-security professional service involving high-level consulting, monitoring, data collection, analysis, security management, and reporting. onShore typically serves regulated industries and enterprises with complex networks with its 24-hours cyber-security response feature. It integrates its solution with its clients IT organization, thereby increasing security visibility, providing reporting for management and regulators, and inform policy.
With cyber-attacks now often becoming multi-vector, multi-exploitive, and 55% of them beginning with social engineering, onShore is using a holistic approach to tackle the same. In this post-Sony era, every single network is vulnerable both from inside and out. During onShore’s two-month onboarding process, it heavily tunes its sensors to establish a baseline of its clients’ network with hundreds of parameters matched against characteristics of client policies, risk appetite, and regulatory compliance.

  • Cyber-security Leadership

It is a cyber-security professional service provided by onShore security involving CISCO responsibility, augmentation, and direction. onShore CISCO leadership serves clients and satisfies regulatory requirements at a fraction of the cost. The core function of CISCO is to report on a company’s cyber-security program, at least annually to the Board of Directors, including the effectiveness of the program or any material events that were addressed during the time period.

  • Cyber-security Assay

This is a cyber-security professional service involving a suit of tests and assessments to determine cyber-security posture.

  • Cyber-security Insurance

Cyber-security Insurance is Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage underwritten by the Lloyds of London. onShore Security has engaged with the best in cyber liability insurance market to provide a comprehensive Breach Response.
The Farsighted Leader
An investor in several early stage companies, Stelios Valavanis is the Founder and CEO of onShore Security. Graduating from the University of Chicago in 1988 with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Stelios held various technical positions back there. Currently, he serves on the board of ACLU of Illinois and advisory boards and committees for several other organizations and companies.
Stelios business and technical prowess revolves around network and security, designing internet security for trading firms in the 90s and building a managed security company with an emphasis on banking. He is a big advocate of open source software and its contribution to the internet security industry.
onShore and its Satisfied Clients
We are always improving our offering and providing additional value. We also customize data collection and reporting for our clients making it easier for them to present to their board of directors,” exclaims Stelios.
It truly infuriates onShore Security to see cybercrime creating a sense of fear and slowing down the innovative force i.e., The Internet. The company envisions bringing full freedom of the Internet to everyone. It is via security that this vision could be fulfilled; hence justifying the company’s tagline “Because Security Gives Us Freedom.”
Picture of the Future
onShore Security deeply believes that security is a process, not any other product. Slowly, many more enterprises will begin to outsource their security operation center, once they realize that security is more than a technical process; it is a business process. As enterprises recognize the need to answer outside of IT, onShore stands ready with all its available technical tools and the right governance, which it garnered in the banking space.
Moving forward, onShore is looking to utilize small and cheap sensors to capture more and more distributed data for mass correlation, with core and edge network data ad to give much more powerful tools to its engineers, like heuristics threat detection.
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