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OnProcess Technology

OnProcess Technology: Transforming the Supply Chain

OnProcess Technology is a managed services provider specializing in business process optimization for global service and supply chain organizations. OnProcess delivers improved business outcomes by identifying hidden costs and optimizing the service delivery lifecycle.
Since its inception in 1998, when it pioneered post-sale optimization services, the company has been helping many of the world’s leading brands intelligently scale operations, grow revenue, reduce capital and operational costs, and deliver superior customer experiences.
The combination of its domain expertise and the unique way it has embedded predictive, actionable analytics into automated decision tree processes to drive high-impact outcomes, has made OnProcess the service transformation partner of choice for leading companies like Comcast, Philips, Cisco, Verizon, and AT&T. OnProcess provides services in 23 languages and operates in four global facilities, including its Massachusetts headquarters and centers in Maine, India and Bulgaria.
Intelligently Powered, Analytics-Driven Services 
Most companies are not able to make dramatic improvements in their service delivery lifecycle because they lack end-to-end-visibility, and don’t have true insights into upstream causes of inefficiencies, customer dissatisfaction and revenue leakage.
OnProcess’ proprietary applications OPTvisionSM and OPTiQSM underly all its services. OPTvision, an actionable control tower, provides real-time visibility into an aggregate view of the comprehensive service delivery ecosystem, to identify intelligent insights and resolve hidden costs and process breakage. Within OPTvision, embedded analytics and automated decision-tree business rules drive targeted outcomes that deliver the strongest returns for OnProcess’ clients. OPTvision is powered by OPTiQ, OnProcess’ advanced analytics engine.
OnProcess’s services include:

  • IntelliForce : The company’s newest innovation is the industry’s only on-demand digital marketplace for field service management. IntelliForce features a dynamic variable labor model that is powered by OPTiQ and sourced from OnProcess’s select network of authorized service partners. Clients benefit from 100% field productivity, reduced costs and improved customer experiences.
  • Reverse Logistics: OnProcess intelligently expedites the return of assets from the field or customer, and the movement of defective parts through the repair channel and into inventory, ultimately reducing the need for costly new buys.
  • Service Fulfillment: The company manages the dispatch of parts and technicians to optimize service networks and inventory, and rapidly close out service events, meet SLAs, and improve customer satisfaction ratings. OnProcess assures the right technician and right part get to the right place at the right time.
  • Revenue Enablement: OnProcess resolves sales order process breakage, speeds time to revenue recognition, drives service/account activation, and provides customer education in order to minimize remorse returns and increase cross selling.
  • Triage/Customer Support: OnProcess improves the customer experience at every point of interaction, expediting problem solving with more first-contact resolutions, saving higher-value tech support resources for escalations, and reducing costly, avoidable truck rolls.
  • Warranty & Fraud Management: The company also manages the entire warranty process, from product registration, repair order diagnosis, and claims processing, with a special emphasis on fraud prevention, through investigation and loss recovery.

Surprisingly Strong ROI 
OnProcess reveals that because companies have been focusing on the forward supply chain, they are often not aware of the enormous cost savings and revenue enhancements that can be gained by optimizing the post-sale supply chain.
They are also generally unaware of the hidden complexities and problems inherent in their own post-sale supply chains, and how much their operations are suffering because of these issues. By partnering with OnProcess to digitally transform and optimize their post-sales services, businesses save millions of dollars annually, increase revenue and profitability, vastly improve end-customer satisfaction, and streamline and accelerate the processes underlying their services.
For instance, by working with OnProcess, a U.S. cable operator saw its Net Promoter Score increase 250% while churn decreased, resulting in more than $12M in saved subscriber revenue. In addition, Elekta, a medical device company, centralized its globally-fragmented spare parts order management so it could easily meet SLAs for parts delivery and repair. They are on track to save nearly $14 million over a three-year period by boosting field return rates and ensuring the right levels of inventory.
Investing in the Future 
In the coming years, OnProcess will continue investing in new capabilities, advanced technologies and innovative services. This will enable the organization to accelerate clients’ digital transformations and drive even greater value from their post-sale supply chains.
An Experienced Leader
Mike Wooden joined OnProcess as CEO in 2015. He has been leading, growing and building global enterprises and start-up businesses for more than two decades. From the very start, Mike believed OnProcess had all the ingredients to be a superstar in a global post-sales services market that was rife with opportunities.
He understood that business success depends as much on what happens after the sale of a product as it does on the sale itself; that how efficiently and intelligently companies handle the post-sale supply chain makes a huge difference to their top and bottom lines.
Even so, until recently, more attention had been paid to the forward supply chain, essentially getting products manufactured. But as businesses look for additional ways to optimize operations and enhance competitive standing, the post-sale supply chain offers tremendous potential since opportunities for optimization are vast and largely untapped. Because most companies don’t have the expertise to fully optimize it on their own, there are enormous growth opportunities for OnProcess.
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