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OneSource Virtual: Enabling Businesses to Seamlessly Integrate their Systems with Workday

It has become paramount for businesses to streamline and transform their critical business processes and thus improve their results and performance. Hence, setting a sound workflow system becomes a crucial prerequisite. OneSource Virtual accomplishes this through superior execution with total alignment across the organization and with its customers’ success at the center of every decision it makes. OneSource Virtual is the preferred end-to-end service provider in the Workday ecosystem because of its ability to fully support its customers’ use of the Workday platform. It enables businesses to realize their value, reduce their effort and help them to see additional benefits as their business needs evolve and as Workday’s functionality changes.
OSV’s key strengths involve real-time, in-tenant solutions that enable the customer to more seamlessly integrate their systems with Workday. OSV also offers the most knowledgeable workforce in the industry, boasting the highest number of Workday certified employees in the ecosystem and offering a 1-to-1 customer support structure giving companies the highest level of customer assistance.
Customer Oriented Services 
The way OneSource Virtual delivers its services using hundreds of automations and proprietary tools has established it as an industry leader in technology. It has unique services that outpace any other service provider in the industry and considers the following services the most valuable to its customers:
Payroll & Payroll Tax – OneSource Virtual has more payroll customers than any other Workday partner. Its proprietary tax filing software is friendlier and stronger than any application in the industry.
Workday Deployment – OneSource Virtual has done more Workday implementations than any other partner. Its expansive number of Workday certified employees has cemented OSV as the go-to provider for Workday deployment services.
Finance & Accounting Solutions – By combining Workday’s AP functionality with state-of-the-art invoice capture and coding technology, OneSource Virtual’s services utilize robotic process automation (RPA) to effectively reduce error rates and increase efficiencies that allow organizations to manage cash more effectively and deliver cost savings.
RPaaS Digital Workforce – OneSource Virtual’s newest and most exciting service is its robotic process-as-a-service (RPaaS) capability for human resources and finance. The new RPaaS solution leverages a digital workforce of robots to help organizations more efficiently navigate a wide variety of business issues in human resources and finance departments. The solution improves company employee’s quality of life by freeing up time spent on mundane and manual administrative tasks and enabling them to spend time on higher level, more strategic work.
Similarly, OneSource Virtual’s Application Management Services are also unique in several ways. Its named consultants only focus on live tenants. It also has an attractive contracting model, where hours never expire and there is no minimum usage requirement. All consultants are onshore and experienced. Additionally, its support structure with OSV’s signature customer service ’POD’ model gives customers a white glove support experience for every Workday functional area.
Exemplifying a Robust Leadership 
The team of eager beavers at OneSource Virtual is led by its CEO, Trey Campbell. Trey first joined OSV as the president and chief operating officer in 2016 and assumed the role of chief executive officer in 2017. He has since assembled a robust leadership team that has driven technological innovation and programs directed towards quality optimization and delivery efficiency.
During his tenure, Trey has also increased OSV’s global reach, including expansion of its EMEA and BPaaS businesses. Additionally, OneSource Virtual has continued to focus on its customers’ success with new communications programs, real-time data management, and a strong focus on service quality and reliability. Most recently, Trey has added the Robotic Process as a Service (RPaaS) solution to OSV’s existing BPaaS solutions, adding yet another industry first to OSV’s impressive resume of automations.
Values that are the Backbone 
The OneSource Virtual vision and structure was shaped by its founder Brian Williams, who had an innate passion for fostering teamwork and building company culture. It is this passion that still drives the direction of the company.
When Brian established OSV, he knew the company needed a compelling mission and a vision in order to succeed. He adopted some generic values from other companies such as ’Do the Right Thing’, ’Be Honest’, and ’Encourage Others’ and rolled them out to employees believing his task for accomplished.
It wasn’t until he accepted an invitation to present the company’s culture and values to a group of investors that Brian realized something was wrong. The day before the investors’ presentation, he held a meeting with the company’s managers and realized he only knew eight out of the 20 people in the room. According to Brian, who now serves as executive chairman of OSV’s board of directors, it was then he realized his hypocrisy. Brian was preaching company values that boasted teamwork and an uplifting environment but didn’t even know the people he worked with.
Brian left the meeting inspired to come up with a new company vision. It was then that OneSource Virtual’s 10 values were born: Unquestioned Integrity, We are a Team, We value humility-No Ego Trips Allowed, Innovation is the Rule, You are empowered to fix what is broken, Everyone is accountable to our values, We have Fun, Seek the best for others, Transparency, Exceptional is always the Goal.
These 10 values have become the backbone of the company and have sustained and shaped its journey and trajectory.
Smartly Connecting with Customers 
The OSV Customer Connection Program connects OneSource Virtual prospects with existing customers so they may learn about their experience in partnering with OSV. The company also connects its live customers to each other when there is an opportunity for them to benefit from each other’s experiences.
OSV believes that the true power lies in the hands of its customers. It is the company’s obligation to continue finding ways to learn from one another, exchange ideas and most of all, create success. Because of this, OSV has also created a Customer Advisory Board to facilitate learning as well as to provide benefits to those customers that choose to join. They meet four times each year to share ideas. This gives voice to its customers and allows OSV to do one simple but critical task: listen to its customers.
Defining Future Goals 
OneSource Virtual aims to remain the preferred Workday provider by fully advocating for its customers’ success. The company is striving to achieve that goal by continuing to deliver quality, professional services but also by expanding its products to further reduce customer effort. Moreover, OSV is planning to expand its global reach in EMEA so that it can best serve its international customers. Finally, adding RPaaS with its library of processes performed by digital assistants promises to be a game changer for the underserved middle enterprise market that has yet to enter the world of RPA due to the high barriers to entry. It is these initiatives that most define OneSource Virtual’s future goals and its desire to continue to be the preferred end-to-end service provider in the Workday ecosystem.
Words of Appreciation 
“This partnership has allowed us to turn our invoices around much quicker, freed our resources up to do more analysis work and allowed us to place more focus on the month end close and accruals.” – Scott Garner, Director of Accounting Operations, TripAdvisor
“The benefits of switching to OSV were accurate payroll, accurate information and reliability.” – John Pantelias, Global Payroll Director, Zayo 
“We benefited from a true partner relationship with OSV through our deployment process. It’s a real two-way relationship founded on understanding and a desire to see us meet our strategic goals.” – Ryan Nowlin, Chief Information Officer, Fiesta Restaurant Group 
“I know I can count on OSV as a partner because we both view our working relationship as teamwork, and if you view the working relationship as a team, it almost always guarantees success.” – Yelena Khaymovich, Associate Director of Payroll, Jazz Pharmaceuticals 
“With OSV’s AP automation, our employees can be more proactive instead of reactive.” – Amit Patel, Director of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement of Hulu, LLC 
“Having OSV gives us this direct cost savings. When factoring in salary, benefits and employer tax costs, we’re saving $130k-$140k per year at least. In addition to hiring these employees we would need to purchase maintain, and update a software package to accomplish these things in-house, which would be in the tens of thousands of dollars.” – Karen Skelton, Payroll & Employment Tax Leader, Equifax, Inc.