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OnePoint Patient Care: Unwavering Commitment and Compassionate Care to Patients

The world of hospice pharmacy revolves around life, death and responsibilities. Pharmacy providers are hospices’ front line when it comes to successfully managing patients’ symptoms and quality of life. One Point Patient Care understands that providing quality and dignity of life is as important as the length of life and is a demanding responsibility.
OnePoint began in 1965 with a single dispensing pharmacy in Phoenix, AZ. In the 1980s, when the Medicare benefit for hospice took effect, OnePoint became a pioneer in providing local hospice pharmacy services to the growing hospice industry. Since that time, its innovative approach has combined the typically separate businesses of pharmacy and pharmacy benefits management, serving as a single comprehensive and accountable partner.
Currently, it owns and operates 10 hospice-centric pharmacies strategically located throughout the United States and in the process of opening five additional pharmacies by 2020 in direct response to growing demand by hospices for its local dedicated hospice pharmacy model.
OnePoint prides itself on being the most adaptable and flexible hospice pharmacy partner in the pharmacy industry. Through its local, mail order and PBM services, it fills prescriptions, creates custom compounds and formularies, provides home deliveries, and manages pharmacy benefits for more than 250 hospice programs and 32,000 patients daily in all 50 states.
E-Prescribing Made Easy 
Use of accurately designed e-prescribing systems prevents medical errors. OnePoint’s medication app, OneConnectPoint , is specifically ® designed for hospices, empowering clinicians to spend less time dealing with pharmacy and more time caring for patients. Clinicians can quickly and easily e-prescribe, admit patients, update medication profiles and much more, right from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. The app integrates seamlessly with the hospice’s EMR so that it’s easy to electronically order and refill medications, verify orders in real time, send messages to authorized approvers, and access important clinical tools including Therapeutic Interchange Evaluation Report (TIER), Plan of Treatment (PoT) and Formulary Dispense Detail reports.
Innovative PBM Platform 
OPPC’s PBM (Pharmacy Benefits Manager) platform is the most adaptable in the hospice industry and is designed to support superior, costeffective patient care. It optimizes cost management by providing transparency in pricing models, leveraging deep clinical expertise and providing real-time evidence-based therapeutic and deprescribing recommendations using online tools. Real-time reporting gives users the ability to track patient’s medication management and quality of care goals with 24-hour access to comprehensive administrative, clinical and compliance reporting.
OnePoint understands that no two hospice programs are the same: accordingly, OPPC offers hospices multiple payment methods such as transparent cost plus pricing, traditional fee for service and a new “essential” per diem designed to control costs. Some partners even employ different models across separate sites.
In addition to its adaptable pricing methods, OnePoint offers customized formularies to meet hospices’ unique cost goals, prescribing philosophies and best practices for cost effective symptom management.
Unique Insight into Hospice Patient Needs 
As a hospice pharmacy leader for more than 30 years, OPPC takes pride in providing a world-class customer service experience along with the most efficient mail order delivery model in the industry. The company’s strategically located, owned and operated hospice pharmacies enable OnePoint to provide local dispensing and delivery. OnePoint provides same day ordering and delivery wherever the medication is needed, whether it’s the patient’s home or an IPU.
Hospice pharmacy requires unique expertise. OnePoint recruits and retains leading pharmacy professionals who specialize in hospice care. The pharmacy leader has a clinical team with deep knowledge of hospice medications, dosage conversions, interactions and alternative therapies. The company’s OneConnectPoint portal gives on-demand access to patient history, drug profile, diagnoses, Rx order history, real-time order status and more. All staff members have electronic access to full patient profiles and drug history at their fingertips.
With a single phone call and virtually no-wait time, hospice care team members can speak directly to a knowledgeable hospice pharmacy professional. Dedicated Service Delivery Managers are responsible for ensuring a positive service experience and resolving any issues in a timely manner.
Expanding to Meet Future Demand 
OnePoint plans to continue nationally expanding its local pharmacy model. As a privately held company, OnePoint has the necessary agility to meet emerging hospice needs. By keeping its ear to the market and regularly engaging partners and prospects to identify areas of need for hospices, OnePoint aims to enable nurses and other caregivers to focus on exceptional patient care rather than time-consuming administrative tasks ranging from patient documentation to facilitating medication and home care product procurement.
Solid Leadership 
Under Chairman Jim Otterbeck’s leadership, in addition to acquiring its original hospice pharmacy in 2005, OnePoint has grown both its census and revenue by over 400% and captured approximately a 10% share of the national hospice pharmacy services market and growing.
Jim earned an MBA in economics and marketing from Northwestern University’s J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a BBA in decision sciences from the University of Iowa.
As the CEO of the organization, Jeffrey Hohl, oversees OnePoint’s sales, services and technology. He previously served as OnePoint’s president and COO, driving its market and operational expansion. Jeff has 30 years of new business growth experience, including business and new product development, operations, marketing, distribution channel management, and product/technology licensing. He has held leadership roles at several organizations including The VenCom Group and The MAC Group/Gemini technology and telecommunications practice. He received his BS in engineering from Harvey Mudd College and a BA in management/economics from Claremont McKenna College.