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Omnitrol Networks: The Leading Provider of Real-time IoT Asset and Operational Intelligence

Builders of the industry’s most versatile and open Cloud-to-Edge IoT application framework. Omnitrol has a unique architecture which extends cloud-based services with real-time intelligence at the edge. Omnitrol has been a pioneering leader in cloud-to-edge real-time industrial IoT (Internet of Things) asset traceability and operational intelligence solutions. Their unique open IoT middleware has been acclaimed as the industry’s best IoT platform by Fortune 100 customers, partners and leading industry analysts and was most recently named as one of the top 30 Game Changers in operational intelligence software by Frost & Sullivan.
Omnitrol’s vision for a new paradigm of Smart Infrastructures™ for “smarter decisions” was achieved through close collaboration with their customer’s production requirements to deliver real-time process intelligence and M2M automation. Omnitrol IoT platform transforms existing operations in to Smart Infrastructures™ integrating sensors and IoT smart devices. They have invented the Enterprise Application and Sensor Engine (EASE-V8™) for delivering IoT business applications through a distributed IoT Information Bus that extends existing ERP systems with real-time operational intelligence.
Facing the Era of Innovation with modern day solutions
This is an era of innovation, somewhere or the other, new IoT inventions in sensors, wearables and/or mobile devices are taking place. Organizations have to be ready all the time to face and adopt these new changes on the ground to remain competitively differentiated. Omnitrol’s powerful EASE-V8™ IoT middleware was designed to integrate and encapsulate new devices and protocols to enhance operations. These devices are made available to IoT services (Edgelets™) as normalized JSON objects, removing any requirement for application developers to be overwhelmed with the new smart devices.
The Omnitrol EASE-V8™ IoT application framework is a truly open cloud platform integrating Google’s Javascript-V8 cloud services engine. Google-V8 is the underlying software platform behind Google apps. Omnitrol has extended the V8 engine through integration with their IoT middleware, creating EASE-V8™. Complete real-time IoT services, in the cloud or edge can now be delivered as simply as writing Javascript using Google’s open Javascript-V8 API’s.
Today, Omnitrol supports a wide variety of sensors, SCADA, mobile, serial, analog/digital I/O, RFID, barcode, industrial handhelds, etc. Furthermore, developers and partners can easily and rapidly add new Javascript-V8 Edgelets™ to take advantage of these devices as they become available. Another unique feature of the EASE-V8™ IoT runtime engine is hot-installation of Edgelet™ services. In other words, existing and new services can be upgraded or installed respectively without requiring downtime.
Omnitrol’s Traceability as a Service (TaaS™) solutions have substantially improved production efficiencies in manufacturing, inventory management, manufacturing and logistics. Real-time visibility allows customers to be in compliance with US&C Government and Department of Defense (DoD) standards. Their event-driven IoT bus, EASE-V8™ runtime engine and data architecture is built on a highly secure messaging, communication and database infrastructure. User authentication and authorization is built on strict policy services available within TaaS™. Access security can also be integrated with LDAP standards.
Raj Saksena, CEO & IoT Visionary of Omnitrol
Raj Saksena is the Founder and CEO of Omnitrol Networks and an established pioneer and leader in the IoT industry. Over the past 12 years he has led the development and delivery of cloud-to-edge based industrial IoT middleware and solutions for global market leaders in aerospace & defense, manufacturing, logistics, and environment sustainability.
As a seasoned executive he has led global corporations and cross-functional multi-national teams in strategic alliances, business development, marketing and engineering. Previously, he held roles as President of Suntech Data Systems, acquired by Zensar (NSE:ZENSARTECH ); Founder & CTO of Empowertel Networks, a pioneer in VoIP, acquired by UT Starcom (NASDAQ:UTSI) and IP Unity; EVP Business Development at Lara Technology, acquired by Cypress Semiconductor (NASDAQ:CY); Director M&A and strategic initiatives at Nortel, where he also led their Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) solutions; prior he has held senior management and technical roles at Verizon, Cantel, Lucent/AT&T Bell Labs and Teletrak.
Mr. Saksena has chaired and presented at many leading industry conferences, been published in industry leading journals and interviewed by multiple TV news broadcasts.
While reflecting on the role IoT will play in the near future, Mr. Saksena says, “With the advent of a new world of sensors, RFID, smart devices and wearables information is not only becoming real-time, but automated and directly from the source as it happens. Through real-time analytics, this new source of data can be contextualized in to process centric intelligence. These new IoT Smart Infrastructures™ will transform operations in to high integrity business insight that will substantially improve employee productivity, operational efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.”
Team Omnitrol’s Contribution to IoT
Omnitrol’s passion is the drive to enable a new paradigm of IoT Smart Infrastructures™ in collaboration with their customers and partners. Their optimism for growth is driven by the knowledge that IoT is not evolutionary, but paradigm shifting for the global industry at large.
Mr. Saksena adds, “Through real-time shop-floor to top-floor collaboration IoT will not only improve bottom-line efficiencies, but also create competitive differentiation increasing top-line revenues.”