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Olga Vidisheva: A Young Women Entrepreneur Who Founded Shoptiques

Olga Vidisheva, is the Founder & CEO of Shoptiques, the online shopping place that provides savvy fashionistas with access to latest fashion trends and one-of-a-kind pieces from the nation’s chicest boutiques. She has managed to change the game entirely, all by bringing the exclusive market of boutique wares to the convenience of an online platform. Olga at the age of 28 wondered why, in the 21st century, one couldn’t find similarly exclusive items online. Inspired & filled with great passion, Olga formulated a plan that ultimately gave way to the launch of Shoptiques.
Olga is from Kyrgyzstan, to be exact USSR. While studying at Wellesly College, Vidsheva fixed student life with a high-fashion modeling career, managed to graduate in 2007. Her post-graduate career started as an investment banker at Goldman, Sachs & Co in New York, worked in the Technology, Media & Telecom division. After approx. 3 years on Wall Street, Vidisheva traded in Manhattan for Boston to attend Harvard Business School where she served as the co-President of the Retail & Luxury Goods Club. In final year of graduation, she wrote the business plan for Shoptiques. In March 2012 Olga combined her business professionalism with her love for fashion and to launch Shoptiques.
The idea for Shoptiques originated from Paris, where you can’t resist the fashion, architecture, style & boutiques. She bought 1 pair of Shoes and took them to home. My friends were all fascinated by the shoes and wished to have the same shoes with them. Unfortunately, the boutique owner wasn’t receptive to commerce over the phone insisting on my friends flying to Paris to get the shoes. This made her shocked and she said “In the 21st century, my friends weren’t able to get a pair of shoes from Paris.” This happened because the boutique doesn’t have an online presence.
This is the situation which gave rise to the idea for Shoptiques: how could we grant women immediate access to the most stylish boutiques and bring them the same intimate shopping experience. If you live far away, are time-starved, or simply want to discover new boutiques, Shoptiques is your one-stop shop for the best boutiques online.
Vidisheva decided to get start with Shoptiques, to this she said that, “it couldn’t be anything else! I just couldn’t imagine my life without starting this company. Shoptiques is the answer to my personal needs of love for travel, discovery and exploration. I love boutique shopping and I want it online!”
Vidisheva has been adviced to “Be yourself. Be different. Accepting who you are will make you happy, sure of yourself, content, successful and will allow you to grow and become even better version of yourself.” She implemented this advice on herself and the outcome of which we all can see.
When asked to Vidisheva, who is her role model? She answered, “My grandmother has always been my biggest role model in my life. She went through World War II, supported her whole family since she was 13 years old, was running all the finances & accounting for the huge USSR bus company, and now, at 70, she just moved to the US and is learning English. She is one of the strongest people I came across and, despite all of her hardships, she is still the most positive & supportive woman.”
Olga Vidisheva quoted “Work hard! No matter who you are or what you do, always be the hardest worker and put your soul into it.” She also added up by saying “People will remember your work ethic and, whether you stay with or leave that company, those people will always believe in you and help you in incalculable ways.”

– Pooja