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Oktopost: Fueling Your Social Media ROI

Our world moves at lightning speed. Technology, social media platforms, viral videos, memes – everything changes, morphs and warps in the blink of an eye. If you aspire to expand your brand’s boundaries, you first have to ensure that you employ the principles of today’s fast digital marketing environment, and remember that digital advertising plays a vital role in developing a brand’s image.
Oktopost is a company that understands your specific B2B marketing challenges.
Oktopost – for B2B Marketers, by B2B Marketers
In 2013, Oktopost’s co-founders, Daniel Kushner and Liad Guez, saw the opportunity to create a social engagement platform uniquely designed for B2B marketers by B2B marketers.
They envisioned a platform that would help establish the true scope of social media based on B2B goals by measuring in-depth analytics and integrating with other marketing technologies. Since then, their offices have been buzzing with talented and innovative team members who are driven to create a better social media experience for B2B companies.
A Peek into the World of Oktopost
It has been an exhilarating journey spanning 5 years with hundreds of clients, many challenging projects and, apparently, tons of coffee. Along the way, Oktopost has tried to carve out a distinct niche in the competitive world of social media management, and have absolutely loved every step they have taken.
The company offers the only social engagement platform that is designed specifically for the needs of B2B marketers. World-leading companies like Atos, Fujitsu, NICE, Mitsubishi, and Panaya use Oktopost to publish content, engage audiences, track leads, and amplify reach on social media.
Today, many organizations are investing in content, sales, and discussions around social media, but these are not measurable. From day one, the company’s vision has been to create measurable social media impact.
Since social media management platforms are not BI platforms, it is impossible to measure everything. This is why SMM platforms must be incorporated into a business’s tool stack – it improves communication and smoothly integrates social data.
The insights derived from its experience have made the company stronger. They deliver B2B marketing solutions that help their clients connect better with their customers and prospects, and accelerates their growth objectives.
Leading from the Front
Daniel Kushner, CEO of Oktopost, is a B2B marketing expert and a social media guru.
With over a decade’s experience in the field, Daniel has successfully led online marketing departments of global organizations. As the former VP of WW Marketing at innovative high-tech company, Nolio, he oversaw double-digit sales growth year over year until it was acquired by Computer Associates.
Today, Daniel is focused on leading and growing Oktopost with the goal of helping global enterprises deliver the true business value of social media.
Initial Hurdles
Daniel Kushner managed the content funnel at Nolio, and constantly had to measure the ROI of his marketing activities. His CEO at the time would always ask him, “Where are leads coming from?”
As it turned out, the majority of the leads came from LinkedIn, yet Daniel had no accurate or systematic way to prove this. This initial struggle – to establish the ROI of social media – called for an immediate solution. The answer was Oktopost.
Oktopost has become an invaluable platform for marketing teams who are constantly trying to establish the ROI of social media and view this in the context of marketing automation.
The Wow Factors
Although the number of B2B marketing companies is mushrooming, features like: campaign-level management and measurement of social media activities, lead attribution and acquisition of every social media activity from post to network and campaign, deep and native integrations with CRM, marketing automation, and BI platforms make Oktopost different.
Moreover, the company provides a complete employee advocacy solution with in-depth management and reporting and has the ability to demonstrate the ROI (money value) of social media activities.
Unique Services
Understanding ROI and aligning sales with marketing are the dominant objectives for Oktopost.
This mindset brings added value to their customers using better integration with MarTech stack (e.g. Marketing Automation, CRM, BI Tools), better sales and marketing alignment, improved ability to track ROI, more comprehensive social media analytics, harnessing social employee advocacy, driving more money from marketing expenditure, working more closely with IT, and aligning marketing activities to corporate business objectives.
Satisfied Clientele
B2B marketers benefit through Oktopost’s wide range of services such as scheduled and managed content for maximizing brand visibility, engaged and personalized interactions with audiences at scale to improve customer experience, tracking clicks and leads for establishing the true ROI of social media, and feeding social data into a marketing automation platform to fine-tune lead scoring, nurturing, and attribution programs.
Moreover, clients also win with Oktopost’s sales strategy. With deep Salesforce Integration, sales reps can understand how and where their prospects are engaging on social media to help navigate the sales process in a more effective manner.
For example, if a prospect constantly clicks on eBooks pertaining to ‘employee advocacy’, the sales rep knows to address ‘employee advocacy’ in their next sales call or email. This makes for a much more personal and engaging conversation.
Building the Future with a Deft Feature
The future of the digital medium is both mysterious and exciting. B2B marketing could be life-changing for the business world as we know it.
The management team at Oktopost realizes that it is an exciting as well as a challenging world. Oktopost continues to evolve and adapt to the changes in the MarTech and B2B marketing world.
The vision of the company is to be the leading B2B social media cloud for mid-market and enterprise companies. They want to expand the range of features they offer to encompass the entire “Social Cloud”. Oktopost also wants to grow their partnerships and integrations with other leading marketing technologies.
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