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Garry Harrison | CEO | OARO

OARO: Digitally and Perpetually Safe

In a new post-COVID world, a rapid assessment of an individual’s health condition along with their identity is absolutely vital. Particularly for the aviation industry, which is transforming itself with the latest technology that is employing newer, and more innovative methods. Such as tracking an individual’s test results, vaccinations, and symptoms; or digitally identifying a person based solely on their physical characteristics – just like those employed by OARO.

For the aviation industry, these technologies help boost public confidence, reduce operational costs, heighten efficiencies, and ultimately help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Garry Harrison, Chief Executive Officer at OARO, says, “Identity verification, which has long been a tedious practice, is now instantly improved upon by OARO’s innovative biometric technology. When the pandemic hit, health restrictions around the world brought air travel to a halt; tasking the aviation industry with reassuring the public that flying continues to be a safe & convenient. That’s where we come in. Using advanced facial recognition technology reinforced by cryptographic blockchain security, OARO is set to transform the aviation industry, revolutionizing the way people fly and ushering in a brand-new era of safe air travel.”

OARO’s overall ambition is focused on creating trust in a digital world – that will encompass all sectors and verticals including: Aviation, Governmental, Health, Education and Finance. Its technology is revolutionizing how leading companies authenticate and authorize the flow of their digital information. It mitigates an organization’s digital security risks related to Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Garry continues, “Our multi-industry approach allows for cross-sector applications, while our technology’s open API-based architecture allows for simple and seamless integration into existing client software ecosystems. With blockchain supporting these processes, we are able to keep people and their data safe and secure. More than that, you can count on our innovations to be scalable and future-focused, the result of constant iteration in an ever-evolving industry and changing world.”

With a proven track record in scaling and accelerating growth within the technology sector, Garry joined OARO from BAE, one of the world’s largest defence businesses; where he was Managing Director leading BAE’s global Financial Services division. Prior to BAE, Harrison was General Manager for Banking and Capital Markets at DXC Technology.

Garry has shared some valuable facts with Insights Success on OARO’s success in a fast-paced world and what it means to be safe in today’s society.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

What was the initial idea behind the inception of OARO?

The world, as we know it, is constantly changing. The demand for innovation is running at an incredible pace and at OARO we embrace that with a forward-thinking mindset. At the heart of it is our unique digital tech that automates, validates and augments existing manual high touch processes.

OARO identified the need for this tech across several sectors and verticals in conjunction with the importance of blockchain technology. The increase in cybersecurity breaches was also a driving force into OARO’s technology development. Real-time monitoring and advanced response drive OARO to keep updating, upgrading and finding newer ways of total confidence in security. Customer satisfaction is crucial and we’re proud to boast a 99.7% success rate.

What are the primary objectives and philosophy of OARO?

We mitigate organizations’ digital security risks related to Identity and Access Management (IAM). Our highly secure, enterprise-grade solutions help manage the digital identities of internal and external stakeholders and control access to an organization’s physical and digital assets. Whether that’s employees connecting to a network; a third-party contractor accessing a secured area on your premises or new customers creating an account using a company’s mobile app.

What are your top-notch offerings that have a strong foothold in the industry?

Our proprietary combination of encrypted biometrics and eco-friendly blockchain is what makes OARO unique. Blockchain, or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), is a tool OARO engineers employ to create a cryptographically secure cloud environment where unauthorized changes to critical data assets are automatically detected and purged by the system – without any human intervention thus enabling real-time monitoring and response.

OARO solutions include:

  • OARO Identity – Secure facial recognition software that streamlines contractor and employee onboarding, as well as digital ID account creation.
  • OARO Comply – Creates assurance for your quality management program with inalterable records.
  • OARO Access – A secure entry solution that uses advanced facial recognition to eliminate key cards.
  • OARO Admit – A paperless ticketing solution that allows you to control secondary markets, and improve the fan experience.
  • OARO Media – Verify the authenticity of photos and videos with immutable timestamps, GPS coordinates, and user identity information.
  • NFTs – OARO’s NFT proposition is driven by our same best-in-class blockchain technology with innovative applications.
  • Ticketing – The Eco-NFT applied to the sale of tickets, assure the primary and secondary buyer the originality and validity of the ticket, and ensures profits in each change of ownership.
  • Financial Services – OARO is working with global financial institutions to digitize and revolutionize commodities. From agriculture to precious metals, our technology is powering a new way of trading.
  • Sports – OARO is partnering with elite sports teams from around the world to create amazing fan experiences. Whether it’s Basketball or Football, we’re powering a whole new generation of sports fan.

What are the roadblocks that OARO faces in the ever-changing landscape of the business world?

With the constant change in technology, coupled by the incredible speed that criminals adapt, we are focused on building products at a rapid pace. Our objective is to help support companies and individuals’ lives with highly secure, enterprise-grade, Identity and Access Management solutions for both digital and physical access controls. Crucially, we also have a big responsibility to consider the effects NFTs have on the environment.

How is your company adapting to market orientation?

Every day we learn, adapt, refine and explore ways to make security better for everyone whilst keeping it simple and user-friendly. We feel it is our duty to consider the environmental impacts of everything we do. OARO has already been leading the way from a carbon net zero approach for many years, so it’s great to see others catching up – such as Ethereum. Put simply, we can now combine zero emission private tech with almost zero consumption open tech. Great for businesses, and even greater for the planet.

What is your stance on implementing innovative technologies?

Rebuilding the infrastructure of global security takes bold people to lead the way. Our desire to learn, innovate and collaborate is unrivaled. We cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment that motivates us to work as hard as we possibly can. As a technology company we have a core DNA that runs through all our team – how tech can help make things quicker, safer and with better experiences.

In what traditions is your company contributing to the communities?

OARO delivers secure and user-friendly solutions that support the digital innovation goals of companies and their onward responsibility to their communities and environment. OARO has recently partnered with global banking giants Santander, and tokenization platform Agrotoken, to power the world’s first loans secured by tokens – allowing rural farming communities to access the financial markets. Similarly, OARO’s fractional tokenization of the Amazon Rainforest allows individuals anywhere in the world to buy and protect a piece of the Amazon rainforest, with their investment certified by OARO NFTs.

What is the next chapter for OARO?

OARO’s vision is to create and scale a cryptographically secure cloud environment where unauthorized changes to critical data assets are automatically detected and purged by the system without any human intervention. We see our technology revolutionizing the way businesses do business, across many different segments. Ultimately, we want to help brands become safer, more efficient and provide world-class user experiences to their customers.

Provide a few customer/client testimonials that rightly exhibit your company’s expertise in the market.

“It’s exhilarating to be able to implement a leading-edge security solution at our airport that surpasses world-class standards found at the largest airports in the world. Safety is a top priority at YXS; we see this as an opportunity to help protect our onsite staff from potential COVID-19 exposures and increase our non-public buildings’ security. This innovation would not be possible without support from the federal government and funding by Innovative Solutions Canada.” – Gordon Duke, Prince George Airport President and CEO

OARO officially becomes a security solutions provider to the nuclear industry with the ARC Clean Energy contract

“OARO has demonstrated that they adhere to the high standards of the Canadian nuclear industry. ARC Canada’s technical team conducted a thorough examination of best practices for access control, and OARO’s solution demonstrated the ability to monitor security, health, and safety.” – Norman JD Sawyer, ARC Canada Chief Executive Officer Norman JD Sawyer

OARO and the Royal Spanish Football Federation announce its NFT Collection

“RFEF and OARO started their collaboration 2 years ago by using blockchain technology in the management and security of the Ticketing of our matches. With this new agreement and thanks to the evolution of OARO’s blockchain technology, the RFEF will become a reference in the innovation and commercialization of NFTs. RFEF’s own NFTs platform by OARO will allow us to get closer to all Spanish soccer fans who will be able to collect or invest in absolutely unique pieces that are the history of our soccer.” – Ruben Rivera, Marketing Director at RFEF