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Nush Khan: From Fascination to Success

Fascination and curiosity are the essential elements of innovation. A fascination with AI and IoT, fueled by curiosity, has made Nush Khan, Key Account Manager at Unified Inbox Pte. Ltd. (UIB), an expert and a trailblazer in a rapidly growing industry.
Nush was pursuing a rewarding career in Finance and Accounting when the opportunity to work for a global, multicultural team presented itself. Toby Ruckert, the CEO of UIB, offered her the opportunity to work for the company and Nush’s eagerness to dive into an ocean of new technologies motivated her to accept.
As Nush dove deeper into AI and IoT, she realized how these emerging technologies were already beginning to integrate themselves into our lives. She was fascinated by how technology was transforming how all of us around the world live, work, and play. Upon joining UIB, Nush overcame numerous challenges and she feels an immense sense of pride in helping the young company to achieve its critical milestones.
UIB – Transforming People’s Lives 
UIB is a global software and services company. It invented the UnificationEngine™ intelligent IoT messaging platform to solve the problem of communications between cloud-connected software, services, chatbots, and devices.
This breakthrough has enabled global enterprises to transform their business results and given governments and smart cities the capacity to transform their citizens’ lives.
Adding a UnificationEngine-powered SmartContact to a smartphone’s address book allows users to talk to any connected ‘thing’ or ‘service’ in any language using natural language text and voice messaging. It also enables people to control and to receive alerts and notifications from their things on over 20 of the world’s most popular communications channels, including WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, email, WeChat, and many more.
UIB’s intelligent IoT messaging helps home appliance manufacturers, hospitality companies, telecommunication providers, airlines, hospitals, and others to increase revenues, decrease costs, and delight users. 
A determining stage 
It is no surprise that advanced technologies and the emergence of smart devices are making our world smarter and have already changed how all of us live.
With technology’s ever-shorter cycle times, Nush could see how groundbreaking and disruptive communications technologies are for people, companies and governments. It was at that pivotal moment she decided that she wanted to lead the transformation and put her own mark on the global market.
Initial Struggles 
To reap the benefits of any new technology, whether through costs, growth or customer satisfaction, the critical success factor is people being willing and able to embrace change. This is where Nush has faced immense challenges as a leader.
It is often tough for people to understand a disruptive new technology when they have little or no reference points, and no experience with similar ideas. Nush has spent much of her time listening to UIB’s customers’ technical and organizational concerns and understanding companies’ unique cultures to enable her to lead and facilitate people’s journeys to where they want to go.
Nush explains that while a technology can be great for a company’s bottom line (often creating new high-margin services), each company must actively manage the change process as the technology breaks long-held assumptions about their business models.
By thoroughly understanding users’ needs, wants, and fears, and the company’s unique history and culture, it became easy for her to pull together the right mix of technologies and people. With that, she could build holistic, cohesive solutions for her customers, which they could then implement within their existing (but rapidly evolving) cultures.
Characteristics of the Leader 
Leadership is the art of helping a group of people to achieve their common goal. It is about assembling a diverse team and removing the internal and external obstacles to effective teamwork. Regardless of discipline, leaders help each individual team member to realize their true potential. It is team members’ own growth and development that enables the business’ growth and development.
According to Nush, the ability to continually learn, adapt and grow is the “must-have” skill every leader must now possess. She says, “All of us are seeing our challenges, markets, and models evolve faster by the day. As company and industry leaders, it’s our ability to be fluid, to be able to recognize and seize opportunities created by these changes that enables our own and our businesses’ success.”
At the end of the day, she believes that the key to making it all work is not just identifying great people but also valuing them by helping them to succeed.
Advice to Aspiring Leaders 
Curiosity fuels passion and enables people to achieve their goals. Taking this into consideration, Nush concludes by advising aspiring leaders to, “Dream. Be curious. And carefully look at the changes your business is facing to identify the opportunities they create. No matter how high the hurdle, curiosity, drive, and passion will get you over it!”
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