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NUITEQ®: Creating a Renaissance in the Education System

In the recent years, the fast evolution of technology and the next-gen strategies have transformed the way students used to learn and educators used to teach. Due to this rapid growth, the EdTech sector keeps on growing, and many/multiple innovative companies along with people possessing great ideas came/entered into the scenario to answer the needs of 21st-century education system. NUITEQ is one such organization, which is a pioneer in collaborative touchscreen software that enables natural interaction. The company is reimagining and redefining education, meeting room and entertainment technology. Its software suite of collaborative apps helps to attract audiences, engage them and leave them with memorable impressions. Over 70 countries use the company’s Snowflake software. NUITEQ’s vision is to empower educators, business professionals, and companies in their day-to-day work through the use of touchscreen technology.
Path Breaking Solutions
When it comes to offering solutions, NUITEQ offers three path breaking software solutions.

  • Snowflake MultiTeach®

Snowflake MultiTeach® is the only educational software suite in the world, that allows for a touch screen to be divided into independent interactive personalized zones. The software enables teachers and students to tell engaging interactive stories that are closely aligned with the curriculum, it provides safe community for online and small group collaboration, and it provides simultaneous personalized instruction making curriculum relevant to students’ lives.

  • Snowflake Business

Snowflake Business is a collaborative multitouch software for corporate meeting rooms. In the digital era, multi-user touchscreen software Snowflake Business gives users collaboration tools that are easy to use and help to improve the way one works. It helps to captivate audiences by delivering memorable presentations. It reduces decision-making time and operational costs by making collaboration processes more efficient. Collaboration is leveraged by using Zones in drafting or tabletop orientations. Even multiple devices can connect simultaneously. It aids in the sharing of information and helps people to discuss it in real-time. Many of the company’s clients give credit to its innovative solutions by saying, “Thanks to Snowflake Business, being effective has never been this easy.

  • Snowflake Entertainment

Snowflake Entertainment is a multitouch software suite for interactive kids’ corners, public spaces, and corporate branding. The software brings a world of fun to the users’ fingertips. It helps to create emotional connections between users and organizations’ corporate identity. Snowflake Entertainment helps to highlight a brand with a wide range of fast-paced, active games, and at the same time, it attracts people at events. This suite is also an optimal tool to use in public spaces, such as kids’ corners, to keep children happy and entertained while their parents keep themselves busy in shopping.
A Multi-Talented Leader
Harry van der Veen, is the multi-award-winning CEO and co-founder of NUITEQ. He left friends and family behind and moved from his birth country Holland to the vast and changing landscapes of Northern Sweden to commit himself to the company. He was no stranger to the concept of exploring untouched territories. Passionate about his dream to change the way people interacted with technology, it was there where it all started.
Back in 2006, just before the launch of iPhone, this driven interaction design graduate was one of few people in the world who had engineered a multi-user multitouch display that could be used by multiple people simultaneously. This pioneering and groundbreaking achievement was the founding spark of NUITEQ.
Standing Out Amongst the Crowd and Leaving a Mark in the Education Landscape
NUITEQs’ world-class support in the multitouch industry is unprecedented as the company prides itself on giving its customers the best possible experience. Snowflake’s high performance and stability are the reasons why companies like Intel and Lenovo have chosen the product over other alternatives. The absolutely unique capability of the software, which no other company in the world offers as far as known, is that it allows users to interact with content simultaneously in different Zones on the touch screen. The software is also ahead when it comes to content creation on mobile devices combined with large format interactive displays and YouTube videos.  
Nowadays online videos have a massive impact on education. Each day YouTube gets more than 500M views when it comes to educational content and it’s the third most popular reason why people visits the site. The only challenge is that the psychological research shows that retention is low when viewers just watch a video.
When Going Gets Tough, and The Tough Gets Going
NUITEQ is a true pioneer and the company was at the beginning of the creation of an entirely new industry. One of the most prevalent challenges that the organization has experienced was the fact that almost nobody knew that this technology was possible. So, NUITEQ literally built an industry from the ground up, educated and explained what benefits of the technology are, how it could be used, and why people should purchase it. Later on, after the launch of iPhone, it became significantly easier for NUTEQ to explain what the technology entails, but it still took a quite some time before the mainstream audience knew that this tech was possible even for large format displays.
Picture of the Future
At NUITEQ, its all about natural user interfaces, making systems natural, easy, and intuitive to interact with. Currently, the organization is completely focused on multi-touch interfaces. However, NUTEQ also has the required experience with gesture technology, touchless interaction, image recognition, voice recognition, AR, VR, and other exciting technologies that can interact with contents that are more intuitive and fun.
In future, one can expect the organization to develop more web and mobile technologies. Also, the company will be focusing more on creating the best possible creative activities that are linked to the best educational video content from YouTube.

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