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Roy Heller | Co-founder & COO | Nucleon Cyber

Nucleon: Delivering the Ideal Proactive Cyber-Security Technology

Whenever we talk about how rapidly technology has developed and evolved, the term internet is always in the limelight. Internet has evolved into one of the most preferred media for communication and information. Almost every individual and organizations are constantly connected to the internet to carry out all manner of personal and financial transactions. As a result, all their valuable information gets stored in the form of data in the cyber space. All the criminal minds take advantage of this event and give rise to several cyber crimes such as hacking, cyber-terrorisms, fishing, etc. Certainly, the data stored in the cyber space is of greatest importance to their concerned users, as it can be disrupted, stolen, misused, manipulated, or abused and hence, must be secured. This is where cyber threat intelligence comes into the picture.
Taking this tragic situation into consideration, a leading cyber security company, Nucleon was founded in 2016 to provide cyber intelligence for organizations. Nucleon provides cyber intelligence and specializes in collecting and analyzing current threats on the internet and providing organizations and governments with proactive technology that compliment their existing cyber security tools and enables them to defend against new and emerging threats. Nucleon cyber intelligence framework fits to SMB, enterprise and MSP/MSSP.
Led by Veterans 
Nucleon was founded by veterans in the cyber security, with more than 20 years of experience and deep understanding of the cyber security market and its weaknesses. The ingenious minds behind Nucleon are Moran Zavdi, the Co- founder & CEO of Nucleon, who is a world known security expert responsible for the development of several technologies that today are the standard; Yossi Accav, the Co- founder & CFO of Nucleon, who is a certified CPA with more than 20 years experience managing the financial side of startup companies from seed to round E; and Roy Heller, the Co-founder & COO, who is responsible for all the sales operations of the company, spanning Asia, Europe and the USA. They all have already founded and managed cyber security startup till it was acquired at 2009. Since then the founders have been looking to develop a product that can finally help organizations to really deal with cyber attacks using the best technology available, which is named today as Nucleon.
Integrated Offerings 
Nucleon offers several services and products related to cyber security, including:

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds – constant feed of threats relevant to specific clients and reverse reconnaissance technologies that fit for enterprise networks and other sensitive networks that needs to be highly secured.
  • – simple, open source version of simplified cyber security feeds for SMB and home users.’s blog and podcast are very popular due to the fact they bring current subjects of cyber security for non technical people.
  • – ICCIN is a network aimed for governments, through which they can participate for free and receive alerts about cyber threats.
  • Threat Predictor – on premise appliance that is able to filter out bad traffic in real time and make sure the network is safe.

Helping Organizations to Block Cyber Attacks 
Nucleon is built on innovative technology that gives organizations the ability to block cyber attacks based on predicting where cyber attacks are going to come from and block the threats before they try to breach the network.
Using Nucleon technologies, organizations of all sizes can compliment their security tools with new layer of cyber security that is proactive. Nucleon is able to predict threats based on a methodology and tools that were developed. It is using its own wide network of patented technology called polymorphic sensors. The polymorphic sensors collect information about cyber attacks around the world, 24×7. All the data of attacks is then transferred to a secure cloud application that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and other methods to identify details about the attacks. For example, learning who was targeted, from where and how and get to conclusions that are actionable for the end clients.
How it Works?
Nucleon operates hundreds of globally distributed polymorphic sensors to monitor the Internet and to detect and learn from known and unknown attacks. Nucleon’s Polymorphic Sensors may be considered best as the natural evolution of advanced honeypots. Each polymorphic sensor is crafted to look and feel exactly like the real thing, whether it mimics a bank, municipality or airport. A polymorphic sensor is aimed to look like a real network with some vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited. The polymorphic technology allows each sensor to change or replace its locations as well as the type of network it mimics, to protect their real identity from being revealed.
All the data that is being collected by the different sensors is transferred into the main system, also known as Brian. Brian is a sophisticated cloud that was developed by Nucleon, and employing advanced machine learning technologies are used for further in-depth analysis and verification of attacks and malware. All analyzed data collected autonomously by the polymorphic sensors are forwarded and saved to the brian, automatically and in real time. The data is stored in multiple databases and cross referenced in different ways using different algorithms, to search for possibly hidden relations between attacks and actors. This is all done completely autonomously, resulting with a list of live indicators of cyber threats.
Nucleon developed innovative ability to monitor attacks that are being spread and aimed using SMS and messenger apps. Nucleon is actively tracking threats on the internet and outside. Whether it’s a mobile phone running android, iOS, or other Operating systems, Nucleon is monitoring threats that are using non cyber methods to attack and spread.
Nucleon services are working autonomously on the secure clouds to monitor the internet threats and their relations to specific networks. Nucleon is non intrusive technology and does not require to send any data in order to use its services. In simple words, Nucleon is able to autonomously learn about cyber attackers and block them before they are targeting the clients. This is done using highly sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms that replace almost completely the need for human (slow) intervention like done many times today.
Multiple Users
Nucleon services and products are being used by governments or enterprises, who have dedicated teams for dealing with cyber attacks. Additionally, its products are also used by hospitals, banks, small offices and more.
Another example of companies who are using Nucleon Threat Intelligence is a big telecom company providing internet access. They use Nucleon to make sure their users are not being infected with malware. More than 20 million monthly users in this provider are enjoying the security of Nucleon without any compromise about the speed or the quality of the service provider.
Offering a Complete Package
Nucleon together with its European partners, built an offering that allows any business size to be insured for cyber incidents and implement sophisticated cyber security appliance that will stop threats automatically and be managed remotely. For the first time businesses that wants to protect themselves receive a complete package, which allows them to in addition to be insured, also get the most advanced cyber software to defend against threats. Also, they have everything managed for them, so the businesses can continue focusing on what they do.
Vision of Secured Networks 
Nucleon has a vision, vision of secured networks, where people can focus on their life and business instead of worrying about cyber-security.
Nucleon technology is based on innovative Machine Learning technology, through which it is able to detect and identify unknown and new cyber attacks and autonomously learn, categorize, and alert about new upcoming cyber attacks. The intelligence that Nucleon provides is the only one in the market that provides 0% false positives which means providers can safely integrate Nucleon intelligence in their own software and security tools without worrying about false identifications and indicators.