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Novisync Solutions: Making IT Simple & Easy to Manage

Providing services to the several fortune 500 clients, either directly or through their partners, Novisync Solutions believes that Cloud and Converged Infrastructure makes IT simple and easy to manage. Novisync has been one of the very few companies globally that knows how to execute the cloud based solutions.

Novisync mastered the most renowned technology like Cloud, Converged and Hyper Converged Infrastructure along with its supporting solutions and services for clients at their door-step at a far more affordable price with an enterprise level satisfaction. Being a single stop shop for the customers, Novisync gives customers best of everything to support their end to end IT infrastructure needs.

Best in class Solutions and Services

Novisync is offering IT technologies, with which they want their customers to be ahead in the competition. Novisync’s solutions are tailor made to the customers and are not common based on their size and magnitude.

Novisync offers IT solutions and services using niche and happening technologies that are essential for every organization with IT. Their solutions surround around IT infrastructure (including the latest Converged, Hyper-Converged, Data Analytics and IoT) and supporting applications.

Novisync’s Powerful Networking Solutions

Wireless LAN, provide secure, high-performance connectivity for employees, partners and customers anywhere.
LAN Switching, helps customer to efficiently and securely transmit data, voice, video and wireless applications while providing optimized application performance.

Storage Networking, includes SAN switching help customers reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve remote file management and backup.

Server Networking, provide high-bandwidth, low-latency solutions to help customers meet the demands of distributed application environments.

Application Networking, help customers increase application performance; improve availability to local, remote and branch-office users; and reduce deployment time for new applications.

Network Management tools provide real-time information about business and network resource performance and help customers save time by automating, simplifying and integrating their network.

Blade Switching, provides enterprise-class networking for blade server environments.

Novisync is expanding their reach to provide advanced services in the area of Private, Hybrid Cloud space. With the solutions and services that helps their customers move ahead their infrastructure to optimally use their IT resources, Novisync has spread across globe covering Americas, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe. Novisync is investing heavily in collaborating and developing various subsidiaries to support them with R&D and Product Development.

Rajesh Pericherla, CEO of Novisync has Bachelors in Engineering from Amravati University, India and Masters in Software Engineering from Walden University, USA. Rajesh had a decade of experience working with major fortune 100 IT service providers during which he was involved and led product development to servicing customers directly.

Rajesh’s exposure to customers and knack of understanding customers pain points developed a foundation for his entrepreneurial endeavors. He strongly believes that any solution that is simple to implement and manage is warmly accepted by customers. Rajesh is a big risk taker, who believes in being different and not afraid of failures. He encourages the young generation to step up for taking challenges and not be afraid of failures.

Rajesh says, “IT is such a fast and rapidly changing industry that it is challenging to keep up with the pace unless one has strong fundamentals.”