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NoviFlow: Deploying High-performance Forwarding Planes

Traditional networks are inflexible, expensive and simply can’t scale efficiently to meet the quickly evolving demands of fast growing usage of network such as video streaming, cloud computing, cybersecurity and the Internet-of-Things. To avail all these inevitable services to the clients, NoviFlow delivers fully programmable high-performance forwarding planes, which is why Tier 1 network operators, cloud providers, and enterprises from all over the globe have chosen to deploy NoviFlow solutions.
Being a leader in SDN, NoviFlow provides the most powerful programmable network fabric in the industry, boasting of the largest rule tables, the broadest action sets, the best compliance to standards, etc. This knowledge is deep, consisting not only of SDN technology competence but also a wealth of practical know-how in the implementation of SDN solutions in real networks. NoviFlow has developed the NoviWare Network Operating System (NOS), and participating in SDN projects around the world and in multiple industries.
Foremost SDN providers
Offering high-performance, NoviFlow has fully programmable SD-WAN networking products that feature NoviWare® Network Operating System (NOS), which unlocks the capabilities of high speed, carrier-grade hardware for advanced networking and cyber security functionality. NoviFlow’s NoviSwitch® products enable customers to deliver high-value services up to ten times faster and perform cybersecurity detection and mitigation directly in the forwarding plane, saving cost, increasing network reliability, reducing latency and operating cost.
Through its strategic partnerships, NoviFlow offers end-to-end solutions for data center operators and network operators that combine its advanced data plane processing capabilities with partner-provided OpenFlow controllers and applications. These solutions effectively leverage SDN technology to resolve specific network pain points and improve network economies.
Ingredients that makes the company an obvious choice
SDN and OpenFlow hold a lot of promise for doing things in the data center differently, but are truly liberated when delivered via a fully programmable forwarding plane. Load balancers, firewalls, label switching, edge routers and other traditional network functionalities are all examples of applications that could significantly benefit from the centralized architecture, fine-grained flow management and the dynamic control enabled by a fully programmable SDN fabric, such as NoviFlow’s NoviSwitches.
NoviFlow switches use NPUs, which provide a great degree of packet processing flexibility through software programming, all without requiring hardware enhancements or modifications. The use of such NPUs has allowed NoviFlow to easily update its software and release new versions of their switches in a matter of two to three months, as opposed to the typical development cycles of 2 years or more for ASIC based switches. In the highly competitive Cloud market, Data Centers and Network Operators will need to differentiate their offerings, and NoviFlow’s software-based approach also allows fast development of customized solutions and integration of new functionality, even beyond the OpenFlow specifications. This programmability also eases interoperability with the OpenFlow controllers and applications from third party suppliers, and they have now confirmed interoperability with all the leading controllers in the market.
The other most important ingredient that makes the company stand out clearly is the culture the company observes. At NoviFlow every employee is encouraged to taken initiatives and “act as their own boss” within their area of responsibility.  NoviFlow’s management team is conscious of this, and they are dedicated to working with their employees to maintaining this culture through both formal values via the company processes, and by providing a daily working environment that preserves and nurtures the culture or empowerment.
Experience Speaks
Dominique Jodoin, President and CEO of NoviFlow is an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in the high tech industry. Highly enthusiast person, Dominique is a mountaineer by heart! He loves mountaineering and has been doing it for most of his life. Dominique relates his responsibilities of work with mountaineering saying, “I believe there are many interesting parallels between guiding a team towards a summit and leading an early stage company such as NoviFlow.” He explains that as a leader you need to attract the right mix of individuals in order to create a winning team; so you need to be pretty good at judging individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and you also need good selling skills to share your vision and convince them to join in. Secondly, all along your journey, you need good communication skills, adapted to the person you are engaging with (eg. customers, colleagues, shareholders, media or climbing partner) and to the situation (eg. danger of avalanches, moves by competitors, etc). Finally, the most important leadership quality is either running a company like NoviFlow or guiding a climb. It is the ability to focus the team on reaching the objectives, be they financial milestones, or a ledge for the night’s bivouac!
NoviFlow sees the network edge as the natural position from which to optimize network security, efficiency and transparency.  NoviFlow has invested over 50 man-years in design and programming of high-performance OpenFlow forwarding planes running on NPUs. The company is also working closely with their customers who have been pioneering the use of SDN over the last two years for SD-WAN, NFV, Cybersecurity, IoT, and other applications, and thus they have accumulated a wealth of valuable information on the deployment of SDN in commercial environments.

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