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Nora Agbakhamen: Establishing Brands by Storytelling 

The familiarity between two people makes them connect on a deeper level leading to attachments and friendships. But this equation is not limited only to living objects. Humans develop bonds with inanimate objects, too, some with their soft toys or some simply with their gadgets.

This behavioral tendency is also reflected when consumers shop. They look for emotional satisfaction from the product rather than just procuring an article. This is done to maximize the utility and psychological benefits derived from the good, which further lures them to purchase the product again.

Acknowledging these consumer practices, businesses are working harder to win a customer’s heart. Other than needed procedures, business acumen, and dexterity to manufacture products or offer key services, organizations also are trying to find apt answers to the question of “how to bring people to buy the products” rather than just displaying them on a mall rack.

This brand attraction is created by various factors like quality, pricing, utility, loyalty, and design, to note a few. While word of mouth captivates people’s attention, it doesn’t form a long-lasting bond. And here is where businesses take assistance from brand storytellers. Stories create a mental image that customers can relate to and remember in the long term, forming a personal emotional association with the product. At the same time, the benefits for the company are maximized revenue and expanding customer base.

While many can narrate stories, only a few can communicate with them. One such leader in the brand storytelling sector is Nora Agbakhamen, who started her profession in storytelling unintendedly but gained appreciation soon with her skills of positioning brands in front of the right audiences to build phenomenal connections between brands and customers. The skills of delivering winning content accompanied with multiple strategies have made her a leader who is creating a difference for the brands as well as in customers’ shopping experience.

To further this reach and enable more businesses to connect, she has started her own company –Nora’s Copy which offers wide services like blogs, video scripts, and engaging social media content to organizations that makes it possible for them to generate leads to converts.

To know more about her journey as an expert storyteller, let us read further!

Unexpected Successes

Well, many opine that nothing goes in life according to one’s fixed routine. Some achieve success when they are least expecting it. Nora’s journey started on the same note. Sharing about the beginning of her role as a storyteller, she says, “My journey started with an unplanned but authentic story for my friend’s hair brand that raked in a 200 percent increase in weekly sales revenue in just one day. Then, through training & certifications, I became a “LinkedIn Brand Storyteller” here, replicating that success model for cool brands.”

The spontaneous responses through her first story she started climbing the ladder of success, where in just ten months of being intentional there, she went from 90 to 70k+ organic followers, over 10 million content views, served 10+ inbound clients & made over $15k in revenue – without spending a dime on ads.

Highlighting her strengths, she says, “Through great storytelling, I also position brands in front of the right audiences so they build phenomenal connections that will be a win-win for brands and customers.”

To help other interested persons to fly higher in their storytelling careers, she is now coaching others to enable them to tell their own stories so that they can turn their prospects into paying customers using the same methods that propelled her this far. To take this further and assist more businesses, she decided to start her company – Nora’s copy.

Tale of Nora’s Copy

Nora’s success gave her the confidence to extend the benefit of her knacks in the area. Talking about the inspiration behind setting up her company, she remembers a small incident. She shares, “After doing a brand story for her friend’s hair brand and sending a backlink to her website, I noticed how viral the story went and the successes she had. Torrential sales began pouring in, and my friend sold out her entire stock in less than five hours! In less than seven days, she exceeded her monthly sales revenue, and 30 customers had filled out a restock request form.”

“That incident reinforced my belief in the power of brand storytelling,” she says.

Further, she noticed many brands were focusing on the features of their products and not connecting with customers on an emotional level, using the power of authentic stories. So, they were leaving so much money on the table by just being all about sales. Noticing this popular business conduct, she says, “I decided to come up with a structured arrangement where I could do the heavy-duty for them and position them in front of the right audiences.”

And hence, began the journey of Nora’s Copy.

Keeping the Wheels Turning

Nora is determined to scale further heights in the future with her expertise and her company to support many more brands to establish a psychological bond with the product so that consumers do not suffer cognitive dissonance post-purchase.

To achieves this, she says, Storytelling is not an option in advertising and marketing. It is a requirement for smart marketing. Time and again, studies have proven that people make an emotional decision.”