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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a dominant enterprise technology as businesses strive to stay ahead of the pack in this competitive world. Companies facemany challenges and hurdles managing the successful deployment of AI in their enterprise, but is on a mission to bring the power and promise of Artificial Intelligence to the executive team of global 2000 companies. They believe that it takes a careful blend of human expertise and a breakthrough AI platform to run the most important core operations of tomorrow’s enterprise. At, they believe AI will become the single biggest differentiator for the global 2000 by 2020. They are also the most significant AI start-up providing AI-as-a-Service for the Enterprise.
Revolutionizing Enterprise Artificial Intelligence is an international and multidisciplinary team of data scientists, business process experts, technologists, and designers. People are already witnessing the dawn of AI in consumer products like self-driving cars, smart phones and in online retail, but there is also a similarly powerful transformation happening in core business operations—this is Enterprise Artificial Intelligence.
The Founders of
Stephen Pratt, CEO of, is a visionary leader with proven experience identifying growth-oriented areas for the Enterprise market. Stephen fundamentally believes that tomorrow’s executives will make better leaders with enabling AI solutions. The combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence will be the winning team.
Raj Joshi, President & COOof, has previously founded two high-growth companies. With Stephen as the co-founder, he successfully co-founded Infosys Consulting, and took it to new heights.
Marching Ahead of the Competition employees form innovative clusters of well-balanced teams. As seasoned business people, data scientists, and technologists they are focused on building a collaborative culture that is uniquely capable of building AI business platforms for their clients. They strongly believe that Enterprise clients need AI solutions that deliver tremendous business value and not just trendy AI technology.
Making a Difference with The BEAST
AI supercomputers are serious business so the team built The BEAST to support their clients. It’s a supercomputing AI platform that makes laptop data science feel like the computational equivalent of a slide rule. As early partners in NVIDIA’s Inception program, they are developing their core solutions in demand forecasting & pricing, inventory & logistics, customer engagement, and industrial operations, to take the full advantage of NVIDIA’s DGX-1. This is the same hardware which was recently used to build a supercomputer that ranks 1st in the world for its efficiency, and 28th for its speed.
The platform is delivered as a subscription – AI-as-a-Service. This makes it easy for clients to get started, and also ensures that the focus is on delivering ongoing value. The subscription service covers all the costs for customizing and deploying a client’s production AI model, from configuration, training, testing, and tuning to ongoing re-training and upgrades as increases the predictive capability of their underlying core solutions.
Benefitting Clients with Unmatched Solutions has successfully created a very low risk way of experimenting with Enterprise AI. They offer services in a “snackable” way–AI-as-a-Service–so there’s no huge upfront investment in a platform or expensive one-time fees. Clients enjoy access to their top data scientists and supercomputing platform while they configure their core solutions to deploy the client’s unique production AI engine. They are determined to deliver quantifiable bottom-line business results and expect their clients to enjoy 10x returns, minimally, on engagements.
Through the Trailblazer’s Point of View
Stephen and Raj strongly believe that Artificial Intelligence technologies will be the most significant competitive differentiator in business over the next 3 to 5 years, touching nearly every vertical and function within the enterprise. At they are tracking over 2,000 global startups in the AI space. They have focused their early efforts in four areas that have a significant impact on every company’s bottom line, and are well-suited for AI solutions: Demand Prediction & Pricing, Customer Engagement, Industrial Operations and Inventory & Logistics.
Future Perspectives                 
With the increase in demand for predictive services, they are ready to ramp up quickly to meet the challenge. They recently celebrated their one year Pi Day anniversary and are pleased to have achieved all of their first year headcount and revenue goals. They expect to finish this year with over 100 employees and a handsome portfolio of engagements. They are already pioneering the way companies will conduct business in the future, and are doing so with a team that is passionate about AI and focused on using AI for good.

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