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No Isolation: A Technological Hand to Reduce Social Isolation

Mark Zuckerberg once said that “It is not enough to have a purpose for yourself; you have to create sense of purpose for others.”  Some innovations are not merely a sparkle of change, rather the sprinkles of magic dust that proceeds to change millions of lives. Illustrious tele-presence robot — AV1 is an optimum example of the same.  An Oslo-based start-up, No Isolation was founded to reduce involuntary social solitude, and developed its first product, mentioned-above, which offers a tech solution to parents, schools, or CSR-committed organizations that eagerly supports, children whose health conditions are either life-threatening or temporarily debilitating. The developed countries like the UK have around 70,000 suffering, with long-term illness; AV1 is a foremost abettor for such physically incapable yet ambitious individuals.

The Gilt Edge Technology

Children suffering from long term illness, almost entirely spend days, weeks, and months either in their home or in hospitals. However, academic progression of such child is deeply affected due to physical inabilities. Some parents prefer to hire a private tutor to educate their child, while some choose in-house education. Opting for private tutor is highly expensive, whereas in house training is technically insufficient. The school environment is essential for analyzing a child’s capabilities and interests, as it facilitates the first competitive social platform for a growing individual. Interactions with fellow students, discussions with different teachers are contributing factors that upshots the overall growth of a child. School authorities and institutions are required to accommodate these facilities; thus, a product which can provide real time social communication to bed ridden or hospitalized individual is surely commendable.

No Isolations’ physical avatar, AV1 allows children and adults who are forced by illness to take extended time away from school, to maintain a presence in the classroom, communicate with friends, and socialize by utilizing robotics technology. Karen Dolva mentions, “AV1 is a portable robot equipped with a microphone, speaker, and two motors that connects with a live-streaming app controlled by user. Those unable to attend school can see, listen and react in real time, on running processes from wherever they are.” For e.g. AV1 robot marks a physical presence in classroom on behalf of long term illness suffering child, and the child can watch and listen the progression from his house through a tablet which is connected to present in classroom robot. The product also provides a real-time reaction feature i.e. the student can raise hand via robot to ask questions and can even interact with classmates. This technology minimizes loneliness, and reduces the short and long-term educational and developmental impacts of absence.

A new revolutionary product, KOMP is also launched by No Isolation in Norway. KOMP is one button computer designed to enable senior citizens to stay connected to their family network. Although conventional technological advancements have been improving communication methods and reducing the distance barrier, they are unsupportive for senior citizens with limited knowledge of technology. KOMP is compassionate companion that allows senior citizens to connect with their family through one button computers.

Inspirations for Compassionate Founder

No Isolations’ Co-Founder and CEO, Karen Dolva, identified the primary need of technology in educating long term ill children when she met a lonely mother Anne Fi Troye, who lost her teenage daughter to cancer in 2005. Anne Fi consistently worked on improving the lives of children in hospital after the loss of her child. The knowledge of Anne Fi about user experience and continuous interactions with her sparked the urge for Karen to design a tech-based solution, eventually leading to the development of AV1.

In 2015, she began to research what was available already for these children, their issues, helping organizations, and also about the facilitating products and obstacles attained by them. During her exploration, she established durable relation with Norway’s biggest hospitals and key organizations, such as The Children’s Cancer Society, as well as with several families willing to reduce their child’s sense of isolation. Karen further associated with Co-founders, Marius Aabel and Matias Doyle, and invented the fruitful product.

Essentiality of Stand Out Innovation

Products of No Isolation are answers to specific problems. “Continuous contact with the users has been essential for the development of AV1. For instance, after feedback we added a feature where AV1’s head lights up blue if the child at home is tired, and wanting to pay attention without engaging” asserts Karen.

The technology can make education more accessible. A conventional technology allows interaction, but AV1 accords kids to be in the classroom and experience the environment. Hence, it stands as a major face of change in the education technology.

Mission to End Loneliness

Technologies developed by No Isolation are driven by one purpose, to end loneliness. The company endeavors to invent valuable tech-based solutions for every group of lonely people. It is currently focusing on creating a range of technologies for senior citizens and is determined to provide a technological support to physically incapable individuals that will help them witness their desired environment.

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