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Nitesh Sinha | Founder & CEO | Sacumen

Nitesh Sinha: A Rising Phoenix Safeguarding YOU Digitally

The Cyber security space is transforming the ways business operates, spreading its roots deep enough to increase accessibility and detect and protect data from potential threats. The leaders in the niche are mapping a framework that can help businesses develop innovative security products. Providing a trusted array of services to help companies stay ahead of the curve, Nitesh Sinha founded Sacumen.

As the CEO, Nitesh is passionately transforming the perspective of the security industry by becoming the trusted enabler and differentiator. He works with Security Product Companies to assist them in facing ever-evolving security challenges, competitive market, and ever-changing business dynamics.

Sacumen aims to be the leading Global Security Product Engineering and Services company by helping its client stay ahead of the curve because of the ever-evolving security challenges by providing innovative security solutions, generating more excellent value for its customers.

Sowing Start

Following a traditional professional journey, Nitesh went through the struggles that most people do, but his humble yet constant rise through the ranks makes his entrepreneurial journey distinctive. However, he wanted to do something more to contribute his expertise in the cybersecurity space. When the stars aligned, he came across Clarion Venture Partners, who reached out to Nitesh to build a company specializing in security services; thus, Sacumen came into existence.

Nitesh has always been  a risk-taker, and by the Sacumen was born, he had garnered enriching experience of running business learning from his previous jobs. Coming from a developer background, he developed security products and solutions. Though, his technical expertise came in handy to shape Sacumen to be the company that can pivot faster, with a diverse skillset.

Sprouting Roots in the Desert

The COVID-19 Pandemic came with waves of unprecedented disruption that wiped out much business. Although, it also was a blessing in disguise for many companies, and Sacumen was one of them. The entire business culture shifted to working remotely, becoming a boon for Nitesh. It was precisely the set of the things Sacumen offered solutions for validating their business offerings. Sacumen has worked with cyber security companies to become specialists in building connectors, pairing with integrations of security product companies and non-security product companies from day one.

Sacumen’s offerings became the differentiator in the cyber security niche that helped it survive the Pandemic and continue to rise with 100% year-on-year growth. Nitesh asserts, “I think the key thing is to be much focused there and be that master in terms of doing what we are offering to our customer. Be that specialist where customers can trust us blindly to the things, we are building it for them, it needs focus and commitment, and we have all of it exhibited at Sacumen.”

Today, Nitesh’s leadership has positioned Sacumen in its field with strengthened roots becoming a true differentiator in its offering for cybersecurity product companies.

A Trustful Impact

In the pursuit of being the best of best, Sacumen is leaving a dent in the universe with connectors, third-party integration, and developing products for security companies to understand their use cases. Sacumen has an extensive partner system, where it can figure out partnerships, access the acquired product, and license to deliver a robust delivery process in terms of how it operates. Under Nitesh’s leadership, Sacumen has cemented itself to provide fast-paced solutions with high-quality and reduced costs.

Nitesh is dedicated to completing the project with unmatched efforts and moving on to the next one to be on a continuous learning curve. He has implemented a culture where everyone takes complete ownership of their work at a threshold level to the top one. Nitesh believes taking ownership challenges every employee to keep innovating and move forward.

Nitesh values fairness very immensely apart from teamwork and delighting customers. However, he is very particular about the commitment and sticks to being transparent to take the business to newer feats.

Automation: The Next Significant Change

The world is moving towards automation, and Sacumen will play an essential role in connecting various systems with its security products and services. The ability to sort of have a real-time detection of the security threat or attack and bring able to respond with minimal manual integration will create a massive wave of transformation to this ecosystem. Nitesh states that Sacumen is headed to that potential future to be the company that provides all the digital security solutions under one roof.

Over the Horizon

In the long haul, Nitesh envisions Sacumen as 50% services-based and 50% product-based. Sacumens solves a specific problem of integrations for its customers and aims to continue doing so. Nitesh asserts, “We are very clear that we would want to be so far the powerhouse of connectors for our customers. Once the trust is built up, you start to do more on the other set of product engineering work, exciting things on machine learning. It just a matter of continued focus to achieve that more year-on-year growth to be the player where any time you talk about security, Sacumen will be a synonym to security when people talk about it.”

A Learner’s Advice

Nitesh advises upcoming entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the cybersecurity space to be prepared for changes as it is the industry’s norm. In his concluding thoughts, Nitesh says, “If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, your ability to say no is much more important than the ability to say yes to things. Because there’ll be many opportunities where it will just distract from your focus to what you are trying to solve, so as long as you are clear with your vision of it and what problem you are trying to solve with it, you would be successful.”