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Nippon Data System: Spearheading a new wave of Transformation in the CRM Software Development Space

As businesses seek higher returns on their marketing budgets, their investments in sales and service programs and customer relationship management (CRM) software is seeing dramatic growth. Modern enhanced offerings including data analytics and social CRM applications, mobile functionality, as well as gamification features.
Rapid, continuous advancements in information technology have led to the creation of dynamic, real-time Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that increase the quality of interaction between clients and customers.
Transforming Customer Experience 
When it comes to transitioning businesses from legacy CRM solutions to the digital age, few companies can match Nippon Data Systems Ltd. 
Nippon Data is an IT-enabled business solutions provider which delivers clients competitive business advantages. It has built a strong foundation of success with sustainable growth accompanied with the yearly incremental development of their IT solution offerings.
Nippon’s revolutionary ERP product, NEWTON Enterprise Suite, helps clients to adopt Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that can be implemented faster than any other solution available at the price.
An Industry Veteran Leading the Voyage 
A myriad of limitations of traditional ERP systems have led to their increasing inability to meet the needs of today’s disruptive business environment. These shortcomings pushed Harish Kumar Saraf, a serial entrepreneur, to consider how to make ERP systems easily manageable.
Harish Kumar Saraf is today the CEO & Founder of Nippon Data Systems. He holds a B. Tech degree in Computer Science and is a gold medal holder in academics.
Fueled by the motivation of service to humanity, the keen entrepreneurial spirit in Harish Kumar drove him to return to India from the US to establish Nippon Data Systems. He set up NEWTON ERP with his team and later built other business applications with a unique approach.
Exclusive Array of Services 
Most firms offer products from only the companies with which they partner as the best solutions for their clients. At Nippon Data, which considers the expertise of its consultants its most important asset, they offer the very best objective solution to their client, not just what they have on hand. The company’s in-depth experience with leading ERP and CRM cloud based products enables them to create tailored solutions for clients from all industries. Nippon offers a complete system for analytics visualization, enabling customers to identify relationships and patterns in data that aren’t otherwise readily evident.
The company’s industry-specific solutions include:
NEWTON ERP – This software is available in both on-premises and on cloud versions. It can handle the information management needs of enterprises operating in diverse business segments ranging from single location, single-product operations to multi-location, multi-product, multi factory, and multi-division operations.
NEWTON CRM – Also available in on premises and on-cloud versions, this is the solution to automate all financial and non-financial needs of a business which consume disproportional resources and hinder growth.
NEWTON SCM – This is the combination of art and science that goes into improving the way a company finds the raw components it needs to create a product or service and deliver it to customers.
Technical Professional Services – Nippon provides technical and engineering personnel to its clients. The company has an extensive database of pre-screened candidates and one of the highest retention rates in the industry.
Cloud Infrastructure Services – Their cloud consulting providers give a cloud road-map that moves the customer from pilot to production, helping them compare deployment options like public, personal or hybrid clouds for their cloud assistance range, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.
Business Intelligence & Analytics – Nippon Data specializes in Business Analytics and enables various companies to manage their clients’ data and leverage it to make business decisions.
Distinctive Strategies for Success 
Nippon Data Systems was established with an objective to provide Business Software solutions and IT Consulting to its customers and serve as a one-stop shop for all their IT requirements.
Its mission is to enhance the business enterprise growth of its clients with creative development to deliver market defining, high-quality solutions that add value and give its clients a reliable competitive advantage over their competitors.
The company strives to provide the best software program solutions with quality services at affordable prices.
Next-Level CRM Systems 
Nippon is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals with smart, effective, and scalable cloud solutions. Two specialized services have been created to help its clients achieve business improvements such as improved metrics, monitoring, and leveraging opportunities
Newton SIMPPLIFY – a complete supplier network management solution. The solution covers entire transactions with suppliers from budget planning to requisitions to purchase order to supplies. It provides Auction and Reverse Auction functionalities as well. The SIMPPLIFY Platform is unique in the sense that it provides integration with your back-end ERP and other software applications where required to make the interactions with suppliers completely seamless.
Newton E-Skilling: – The NEWTON Skill Management and Development System (SMDS) provides an end-to-end solution for implementing and managing the entire Skill ecosystem. Some of the features of the system are:

  • Affiliation and accreditation of training partners and training centers
  • Sector skills council management
  • Job roles definitions
  • Schemes definitions
  • Continuous monitoring of training centers

Future Outlook of Opportunities 
Nippon sees that the industry is developing rapidly, which means customers will be looking for process enhancements to become more efficient and productive.
The company has set goals to keep pace with technological advancements. Their short-term goals include hosting promotional events, expanding into new markets, more team building and increasing brand awareness, while the long-term goals include objectives like increased sales, wider brand recognition, the creation of a stellar reputation and an enhanced social media following.

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