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Nipendo: Streamlining Purchase to Pay Processes

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) combined with Cloud computing has truly revolutionized the space of Purchase to Pay (P2P) and becoming a critical factor in Enterprise’s competitive advantage creating a true collaboration between buyers and suppliers which is mostly automated. Modern Cloud solution, RPA architecture outperform existing solutions such as Ariba, GXS and Basware that serve as dumb pipes and have failed on their promise to automate Procure to Pay (P2P) processes.
As RPA and AI are becoming mainstream enterprises are starting to realize practical ways they can benefit these technologies to replace tedious, error-prone manual work and rote decision making with software bots. Consequently, modern technology Cloud vendors that architecture their solution on RPA recently sense growing demand expanding across different vertical markets. Nipendo is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this immense potential with its Supplier Cloud Platform.
Its Cloud-based Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform streamlines P2P interactions across all spend categories, suppliers and processes. It transforms procurement, order fulfillment, accounts payables, invoices and payments to fully-automated, touch-free and error-free processes. Nipendo have also solved the complexity of one-to-one integration, which is one of the biggest barriers to widespread supplier collaboration, through multiple canonical and content based integration resulting with distributed network effect where companies connect once to the network and communicates with all network partners.
Nipendo Supplier Cloud is used by leading organizations across various industries. Its clients include multinationals such as KLA Tencor, Kodak Alaris, Intel, Checkpoint, Amdocs, Israel Aerospace Industries, Sigma-Aldrich, and Teva Pharmaceuticals.
Delivering Simplified Solutions 
Nipendo’s RPA platform replaces over 85% of manual work and rote decision making with automated processes.
It enables suppliers to use their existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system/mobile app/web app or email to maintain their existing work methods, business processes and tools. Its wide range of solutions includes B2B integration, supply chain process orchestration, Exchange to Exchange (E2E) invoicing, dynamic discounting and supply chain finance.
With these solutions, enterprises can automate supplier collaboration on the main P2P processes such as Request for Proposal, Forecasting, ECO, Purchasing Order (PO), Shipping Notifications, Advance Ship Notice (ASN), Goods Receipt (GR), Supplier Inventory, Vendor-managed Inventory (VMI), Consignment, all types of Invoices and Payments.
In addition, Nipendo also offers solutions for Accounts Receivable (AR) Financing, Supplier Management, Supplier On-Boarding and Supplier Master Data Management.
These capabilities leverage the following advantages:

  • Business wide P2P process transparency across all spends categories, all types of suppliers, and all geographies
  • Improved supplier performance by sharing performance KPI scores and comparable competitive performance with suppliers
  • High scalability with no need for additional human resources
  • Improved compliance and process governance
  • Eliminating discrepancies and Management by Exception
  • Eliminating manual work and automating all routine decision making

A Challenging Journey 
Renowned author, Jeffrey Benjamin, once said, “In every challenge lives a greater opportunity.” This quote applies very appropriately for Nipendo.
Nipendo started with a dream to solve cumbersome, rigid and manual processes in the procurement, A&F and supply chain space, which was inherently a very elusive goal. When they did succeed in creating a solution, market penetration became the next seemingly insurmountable challenge. Convincing businesses to implement disruptive technology only recently created by a startup company was indeed a challenging experiment. However, as the number of client success stories grew, the challenge flipped and Nipendo had to contend with exponential growth in the demand for its services.
An Enthusiastic CEO 
It is an enthusiasm about the ERP space that drives Eyal Rosenberg, a Co-founder and CEO of Nipendo. Eyal has always been keen on improving efficiency, reducing complexity, flexing rigidness, reducing costs, improving scalability, and giving users a competitive advantage. It was this passion that led to the inception of Nipendo.
Prior to starting the company,
Eyal served as a VP of R&D at BAAN ERP, a pioneering ERP vendor. In 1999, he left BAAN to found his first startup and has since established another three. All these companies are involved in the procurement, A&F and supply chain fields. Eyal holds an MBA from Bar-Ilan University and a BA in Finance and Marketing from Tel Aviv University.
An Essential Contribution 
In the future, machines will make purchasing decisions by considering what, when, from whom and how much in the tail and indirect spend. Due to this, the certain purchasing categories tend to be disappeared. More expenditure will be completely automated through machine-to-machine interactions. Giant e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Alibaba will replace many current suppliers, even major ones.
Nipendo has set the stage for the upcoming level of automation and will become a key facilitator for companies to rapidly achieve fully-automated P2P processes. Its customers are already enjoying a high level of automation today.
A Determined Stride 
Nipendo was founded with an aim to disrupt the procurement, A&F and supply chain space, and plans to become the bridge for enterprises to the RPA and the AI era in these segments.
The company is in the process of helping its customers reach an unprecedented level of automation. It is constantly advancing its technology to lead the market with best-inclass solutions enabled through RPA, AI, machine learning and predictive analytics.