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Nikia Londy, Founder & CEO, Intriguing Hair

Nikia Londy: Filling in the Confidence to Step Out in Style

Confidence speaks through multiple elements of one’s body language. From hair, eyes, smile, looks, and much more confidence can exert from one. However, this confidence can be lowered when women lose their hair due to a few medical conditions in some situations. It is why Nikia Londy started her venture, Intriguing Hair, to help women with medical hair loss regain their confidence.

Intriguing Hair is a one-stop solution for women from all ethnicities wanting to purchase high-quality human hair extensions, hairpieces, and wigs. As the Founder and CEO, Nikia has changed the lives of many women and aims to go above and beyond to become the best pioneer the industry has ever seen.

An Unparalleled Journey

Pursuing her career as a business leader, Nikia always envisioned herself in the C suite as she climbed the ladder of a Fortune 500 organization. After working for nine years at an organization, she experienced and learned the personal sacrifices required to succeed in the early years. She took leadership after everyone else took the shifts and completed the task no one wanted, as most of her counterparts were much older and had tenure within the company.

Nikia’s leadership resulted in building grit, determination, and strong work ethics; however, those feelings changed and were devalued and went unappreciated over time. Even after working around 50-70 hours a week, she worked weekends, never calling out and rarely taking any vacations, leading to imposter syndrome. She overcame this hurdle and learned that success isn’t always equal to sacrifice; she doesn’t have to be burnt out and achieve the next level. She learned to say NO, and it was the first step to becoming the confident and successful leader she is today.

Dedicated Mission & Vision

Nikia’s mission through venture Intriguing Hair is to be the best in the world at what it does. To help women of all ethnicities suffering from medical hair loss regain their confidence by providing the most realistic and natural hair parts on the market. The company’s vision is to be the leading hair augmentation and non-surgical hair replacement company in the United States.

Nikia expresses that Intriguing Hair specializes exclusively in hair extensions, hairpieces, and wigs. The four values that matter the most are sourcing the best quality hair, handcraftsmanship at the highest level of detail, quality of both product and service, and building trust within its community.

Effective Impact in the Niche

Nikia remains most proud of her company’s ability to bill insurance companies directly for medical wigs or have them reimbursed. It is one of the few companies that can do it. She mentions that even though all private insurance companies have different requirements, it took several years as many doors were closed. However, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley introduced legislation. Once the legislation is passed, it would be easier for individuals to Medicare to pay for wigs and hairpieces for those experiencing hair loss, which Nikia is super excited about.

Supportive Value

Intriguing Hair believes in the quality of its products and services. Transparency and honesty are at the heart of the company, so it is the best at what it does. Nikia states that pursuing to become the best of the best requires extensive training, a winning mindset, and experience. The company provides a unique experience that distinguishes it from competitors. She believes in not leaving out on the fun because work should be enjoyable.

The Implementation of Technology

Talking about technology, Nikia says, “It is such an essential part of how we interact and communicate with our customers. Just before Covid came, we were set to launch our smart vending machines. Due to the drastic change in how consumers shop, we have pivoted our strategy.”

Currently, Intriguing Hair is preparing a nationwide pop-up shop, beauty lounge, and hair show tour to test out different markets for its smart vending machines and plans to visit Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, New York D.C., and Boston.

One Wishful Change

Speaking about bringing changes, Nikia expresses that the hair extension industry is currently not regulated. Changing this would be beneficial worldwide, starting from where and from whom the hair comes. Ensuring hair is ethically sourced, and individuals are fairly compensated, including distribution and marketing as human hair. Almost all hair extensions are advertised as human hair, but they are usually mixed with synthetic fibers or animal hair.

Shift in Tides

Nikia thinks real products that help the hair loss consumer can be the next significant change in the industry. For years, she has tested every waterproof adhesive on the market for her customers and even paid $200 for one; unfortunately, it never worked.

Nikia found one that works and for an extended period. She is excited to partner with celebrity hairstylist Patrick Thorton to release H20 Proof Lace Glue, a fantastic product, especially for the hair loss consumer. She also believes insurance companies will make it easier for the hair loss consumer to seek reimbursement or pay directly for cranial prosthesis, the medical term for wigs. 70% of women will experience hair loss within their lifetime.

Over the Horizons

Nikia envisions her future and intends to make Intriguing Hair the largest hair augmentation and non-surgical hair replacement company in the United States, alongside her Co-founder and husband, Baron Langston.

She plans to continue her work as a beauty brand strategist and help women build their million-dollar beauty businesses while securing major retail distribution for the company. She aims to launch Intriguing Hair’s non-profit sector to assist women experiencing medical hair loss and trans women.

Encouraging Advice

Nikia advises aspiring entrepreneurs to join the startup communities in their area. She says, “There is now so much more accessibility for women through incubators and accelerator programs. I highly recommend joining Julia Pimsleur’s Million Dollar Women community. It aided our organization tremendously with strategy. The retail sector has been hit hardest due to the Covid pandemic. I believe there is an opportunity for companies to empower their retail employees and make them feel valued, which is an integral part of an organization’s success.”