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Nijhawan Group: Successfully Adding New Business Every Five Years To The Core Business Of Travel.

With over 45 years of experience in India, Nijhawan Group is one of the leading travel conglomerates and has vastly diversified entities within the Travel Industry.
Nijhawan Group has a history of successful business partnerships with leading airlines and hotels. In fact, the company has successfully represented British Airways and American Airlines for 35 years and has decades of experience with an array of major international airlines. Nijhawan Group also represents a top hotels chain across the world.
With a workforce of 1200 employees and 47 fully automated and well-located offices across India, Far East, Middle East, Africa and Europe the group continues to grow and strengthen its network of services.
Nijhawan Group diversified into travel technology, hotel representations, outbound & inbound tourism, retail, e-commerce, angel investments to many start-ups in the digital world, mobile app developing services (e.g, Dineout, InShorts) and food industry. Understanding the responsibility of the corporate organization towards the society, CSR vertical was introduced under the name of CKRDT Foundation.
Designer of Nijhawan Group
Arjun Nijhawan is Executive Director of Nijhawan Group. He has completed his BBA from Temple University, U.S.A. specializing in Economics and International business. He graduated from the American Embassy School. He is responsible for the retail vertical of the Nijhawan Group. In just three years he has expanded the retail business to 24 stores. He is involved in planning, executing and ensuring smooth operations for the stores which are today franchisee of top consumer brands in the world (Adidas, Levis, and Benetton).
Food Sector doesn’t face the challenge of digitalization and henceforth, Nijhawan Group has diversified into the food sector, under the name of Fork ‘n’ Spoon. Having handled more than 1000 events, it represents a new style of catering services that transcends a life event into a surreal experience of a lifetime. In a short span of three years, Fork ‘n’ Spoon has become a brand in itself. The innovative and enthusiastic culinary artists are conscientiously engaged in serving up to 5000 people for one event. Fork ‘n’ Spoon founder, Arjun Nijhawan, believes in building strong professional teams that work smartly, with excellence in delivery mechanisms.
Inspiration behind the Success of Nijhawan Group
Nijhawan Group has a common set of traits that foster excellence, productivity, and camaraderie. Every five years the group has been able to come up with a long-term vision for their business. The excellence that the group achieved in the corporate world is because of the distinct vision of sustainable progress, innovation, competitiveness, quality, and sustenance.
After being distributors for British Airways and American Airlines in India, Nijhawan Group decided to start an office to take care of all the needs of passengers, starting from small towns to metropolitan cities across India – under one roof, which was a unique and unheard-of concept in India in the 90’s. The group’s aim was to make travel a less daunting task for passengers. Then, when technology began taking rapid strides, the group had the vision of the company making its own online portal. The group today is India’s biggest B2B portal in travel. In the desire to diversify in different businesses beyond travel, the group decided to enter retail sector. The group realized the growing dominance of technology in travel and retail business and thought of food industry which would remain untouched by digitalization, so the group diversified into the food industry. The group believes that it is important to have foresight vision and work accordingly in trending direction.
Present Scenario
At present, the group has offices in 45 cities across 19 countries. The group has 24 retail outlets of Adidas, Levi’s, and United Colors of Benetton in India. The group also makes angel investments in many startups in the digital world, mobile app developing services (e.g. Dineout, InShorts). Fork ‘n’ Spoon is now a brand in itself and can cater up to 5000 people for one event.
Benefits for the Clients
Nijhawan Group takes care of the holistic needs of passengers, starting from ticketing, inbound & outbound tourism and hotel stay all over the world. At Fork ’n’ Spoon, Group aims to bring excellent quality and exquisite culinary delicacies to all events. Fork ’n’ Spoon is Delhi-NCR’s premium catering service company. The Group’s state of the art kitchen and experienced team of Chefs and Food Designers work to create a standout experience for all parties and occasions.
Nijhawan Group continues to work with challenges by updating technology and having their reach in 45 cities. Further, the Group is investing in innovation and up-gradation in the use of technology and responding to the market demands by diversifying in the retail and food industry.
Future Action Plan
After adding a new business in every five years the group may expand food industry into different countries with their own brand.
Group values societal development and plans to invest in social projects affecting the global environment in their corporate social responsibilities and skill development in the rural areas.
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