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Nidhi: Evolving Companies to the Next Level of Growth

Would you mind sharing your strategies to expand your corporate audiences?

Standing for something.
Posting consistently.

How much of your professional and personal life do you share on LinkedIn? How much does it affect your audience?

Not much. Occasionally.
Mostly things that matter to our domain – are people transformation.

What are your thoughts on expanding business over digital platforms?

It’s always a good idea as long as the value the product brings to its audience base is worth the time and attention you have taken from them through marketing.

What is it like to connect with valuable people? Share with us your best experience over LinkedIn?

It is always good to connect with good people. Your worldview increases, and so does your faith in the world.
You also get connected to multiple like-minded people who find you just as you find them. All this while standing for something and posting information and perspectives that could help many who are reading them.

What advice would you give to aspiring people to expand their connections?

It sounds paradoxical. And yet the best advice is to not worry about expanding your connections. It is love doing what you are doing and adding value to the community that needs you / your product/your perspective to make their lives better.