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Nicole Tabs and Serendipity Group Inc Already Seeing Success

Entrepreneur Nicole Tabs has quite an impressive resume. She not only co-founded a business development marketing firm, Monarchy Media, serving as CEO, but also a modern fitness brand, Upliffs. Plus her venture with Serendipity Group Inc., a film production company.

Tabs’ father is a serial entrepreneur and instilled in her the entrepreneurial spirit, propelling her to make the jump from influencer and fitness and sportswear model to becoming a business owner while churning out numerous companies and projects.

She also launched a new YouTube series, Keeping Tabs, which offers a deeper look into her personal journey, successes, how-to videos on leveling up, and segments in which she also empowers women and encourages them to become entrepreneurs.

“I’m a female entrepreneur who builds seven-figure brands, and now, I want to show other young women that they can do the same. You can leverage almost anything when building a brand,” Tabs said. “I’ve used my skills and connections to build brands and expand my professional network. It all works together, and that’s a skill I want to teach other young entrepreneurs.”

Co-Founding Serendipity Group Inc.

Family is at the forefront of this company. Along with her mother, Rosanna Grace, in co-founding Serendipity Group Inc., Tabs sees her as a significant female role model in her life. The company name, ‘Serendipity,’ is a nod to her father, who considered it one of his favorite words. The word means ‘development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.’

The company, which is aligned with strategic partnerships, which are all committed to delivering optimal entertainment to audiences, produces films that spotlight fascinating people and stories which are meant to inspire, entertain and capture the imagination.

Women of the Movement

Serendipity Group Inc. recently aired one of its much-anticipated projects, Women of the Movement on ABC, and now streaming on Hulu.

The series is based on the book Emmett Till: The Murder That Shocked the World and Propelled the Civil Rights Movement, by Devery S. Anderson.

About Nicole Tabs

Nicole Tabs is the co-founder of Serendipity Group Inc, a film production company that creates films about fascinating people and stories that inspire, entertain and capture the imagination. Their latest TV series aired on ABC series, Women Of The Movement, and is now streaming on Hulu. Please visit to learn more.