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Nicole Martin: A Self-aware Leader Translating her Vision into Reality

When the thought of a successful leader springs up in our mind, we most certainly think of an individual who is self-assured and confident. We tend to think of someone who doesn’t ponder upon the ‘WHY’ of their actions or someone who doesn’t contemplate on their past mistakes.
Truth be told, leaders, just like all human beings, don’t necessarily boast all the answers, and are often mistaken or fundamentally flawed with their methods. The true difference for successful leaders lie is their self awareness. They realize their current position and are able to face and overcome challenges, and march towards success.
Meet Nicole Martin, the CEO and Founder of HRBoost™. A self-aware leader who stayed true to her vision and went on to build a human resource consultancy that provides its clients with proven and measurable results.
Fresh off from being nominated amongst The 30 Most Inspirational Business Leaders to Watch, 2018 by Insights Success, Nicole Martin, the self-titled ‘accidental entrepreneur’, shares her journey as a leader and highlights some of the key traits that led her towards success.
Being in the corporate world for so long, what prompted you to found and start HRBoost™? 
Nicole: I consider myself the accidental entrepreneur. When I left the corporate world, I was on a mission to find another business that wanted to create a winning workplace through their people. I essentially created HRBoost™ by doing what I love to do.
What was the pivotal movement that led you towards success as a business leader? 
Nicole: It was back in 2012, when I began to articulate my value proposition. I walked into three prospect meetings, only to find out that I had closed three deals, doubling my revenue in less than seven days. I knew I needed a team and a business plan at that point. The fact is I considered myself as a freelance consultant for several years. That was until a client sought to invest in my “business”.
What were the hurdles and obstacles that you had to face and overcome during your initial years as an entrepreneur? 
Nicole: The greatest enemy of success is fear. My business had high growth and with high growth comes challenge. I had to get access to financing, attract skilled talents that believed in the brand promise and the most difficult challenge was overcoming fear. Being a disruptor in the industry, you can get attention from big competition and calls can come in for acquisition before you even realize you are profitable. Staying true to the vision, my personal values and keeping the faith led to a solid team, and together we bring joy and purpose to people through their work.
What is one of the most important characteristics that every leader should possess in this day and age? 
Nicole: Every leader must align their personal values to the organizational values and define success clearly so that every person can connect their role to a transcendent organizational purpose. The number one competency today is Generational Agility. 
Finally, what would be your advice to some of the young and aspiring leaders out there? 
Nicole: Looking back, I worked and attended school simultaneously. I feel it is imperative to get hands on experience doing what you seek to learn. Make sure it brings you joy before investing time, energy and dedicating your life to it. Enjoy the journey and be prepared to learn, unlearn and relearn.
About the Company 
Founded in 2010, HRBoost™ understands the changing needs of a firm upon expansion and growth and strives to smoothen the sail through its suite of human resource services. The solutions of the company are based upon some of the best practices and the latest innovations in the field of human resource management. Whether one is simply on the lookout for some HR related guidance or one needs to implement an entire human resource support system, HRBoost is ready to meet your needs.
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