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Nicolas Jouvenceau: A Diamond in Which Passion Resides

Passion is the word that best describes Nicolas Jouvenceau! A true passionista, Nicolas started his own venture driven by his passion for diamonds. It was his true passion for diamonds which drove Nicolas to talk about the products offered by his company, accompanied with an extremely strong drive and desire to build something great.
It is the beauty of diamonds that charms everyone! Diamonds are always modern yet they are timeless, adaptable and iconic! The modern day generation also likes to flaunt jewelry in a fabulous way, making the jewelers and manufactures create the most astonishing designs.
Stepping up for the same, while pursuing his own fondness for diamonds, Nicolas came up with PINK Diamonds.  Born from the passion of Nicolas, a colored diamonds collector & GIA Gemologist, PINK Diamonds has become a reference in the industry as a supplier of some of the finest colored diamonds available today. Strong experience of 10 years in designing, polishing and grading (GIA), natural fancy colored diamonds, the company has established exclusive relationships around the world with leading sources of top of the range and exclusive gems.
Completing his Engineering degree from France and Sweden with a major in Energy and Environment, Nicolas is using his extensive experience running his successful venture. However the success journey of PINK Diamonds was not as easy as it sounds.
His very first job took Nicolas straight to China, working as a technical director in a French company, designing and selling industrial & commercial HVAC and Central Vacuum Systems as well as Waste Collection systems using vacuum technology. Nicolas was always more commercial than technical.  After 2 years in China he changed career and landed in the Music Industry as the Sales Manager of a German company selling musical instruments and accessories in China.
After 6 months with this company, Nicolas became the General Manager which he ran for the following 8 years. He was nurturing a passion on the side for minerals and gemstones which he collected. It was then that Nicolas started to study again at the Gemological Institute of America whilst still in that company, more by pure interest rather than having a specific goal!
Soon Nicolas became a certified Gemologist and started realizing the potential of gemstones in the Chinese market. Numerous people came to him asking for advice and even sourced gemstones as they knew he was knowledgeable on the subject.
After his passion was slowly shifting, and coincidentally meeting a Colored Diamond Manufacturer, Nicolas literally fell in love with the diamonds and then decided to leave his comfortable position and took the challenge to start his own venture and promote those stones.
This was the pivotal moment when Nicolas first encountered colored diamonds. He was always passionate about gemstones but even as a trained Gemologist, he did not have the opportunity to see them. It was then that he knew it was the stones he needed to get involved with.
Pink Diamonds, The Dream Nicolas is Living
The timeless appeal of natural colored diamonds is a testament to their durability, beauty, rarity and value. They are a fitting symbol of love and affection, and a wise and discreet investment.
Throughout the ages, natural colored diamonds have been actively collected by the most powerful royal families and business tycoons; they possess a value, both aesthetic and pecuniary, that endures with the passing of years.
A collection of natural colored diamonds tells a story of achievement. This is an achievement of Nicolas in the form of PINK Diamonds Boutique. Here at PINK Diamonds, Nicolas and his team are helping educate clients’ choices in beginning a collection, adding to or perfecting an existing one and planning the building of a future legacy.
Passion and Charm for Colored Diamonds
Fancy colored diamonds are extremely rare; for every 100,000 carats of diamonds mined, less than one carat will receive a fancy color grade. In addition to this, supply is dwelling and very few people in the world have the skills necessary to cut and polish such extraordinary gems.
In the world of colored diamonds only a few specialized master the optics and the mathematics required to understand the ideal cut. One that maximizes the face-up color, weight and brilliance of the stone; all within the constraints set by the shape of the rough diamond.
A fancy colored diamond master is an individual that must possess a good knowledge of diamond crystallography and geometry, an eye for detail and an acute sense of aesthetics.
Thus, every fancy colored diamond is a unique work of art; created by nature between 100 million years ago and crafted to perfection. Here at PINK Diamonds, Nicolas and his team take care of this all. With the expertise understanding and handling these precious stones, PINK Diamonds offers you the best experience possible.
PINK Diamonds supply rare colored diamonds, loose and mounted onto jewelry to jewelers, designers, private individuals, and investors. They also design and build bespoke jewelry and sell also investment grade gems. Nicolas shares: “Our approach is highly educative what is actually lacking in famous brands.  We spend a lot of time educating clients about gem quality and value”. They provide appraisal, sourcing and reselling services as well.
A Dazzling Future Ahead
When it comes to dreaming of the dazzling and shining future of PINK Diamonds, Nicolas sketches: “We have to grow in becoming more than a gem dealer or jeweler but with additional services to our clients, creating a full unique lifestyle environment, combining different luxury experiences in relation to our jewelry services. Driving that change will require me to innovate and take a different approach, using new technology and researching new ways to bring more to clients. For that I believe in staying open to new solutions, services, technologies, and spending time with new entrepreneurs and ideas that we can combine and use.”
Gems of Advice from the Passionista
Be passionate about what you do, believe in it, no matter what….road to entrepreneurship is paved with challenges but believing and strong will power can overcome most of them. Having a true passion about what you do is extremely powerful, makes you a better sales person, a better manager and drives you in the right direction.
Every CEO should have inbuilt characteristics like resilience and adaptability. Markets are evolving very fast, especially with the expansion of social media and especially in a market like China. Competition adapts fast and we need to be in constant evolution even in a market as traditional as the gem trade or jewelry business. Seeing and anticipating the changes and innovating to reach the market is a constant challenge.

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