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NextShift: Creating Better Healthcare

NextShift is a healthcare technology innovation company committed to better healthcare through revolutionary digital solutions developed with its clients and partners. NextShift’s comprehensive offerings are designed to simplify engagement and delivery for health services. From mobile apps to cloud operations and platform-based solutions, and from artificial intelligence and IoT, the company is creating and transforming the healthcare technology of the future.
The company’s vision can be best summarized by the mantras to which it holds itself ’Creating Better Healthcare™’ and ‘What’s Next?™’. These two phrases drive its continued commitment to innovation. The organization believes that patients can be the best caregivers, and that one’s health should be directly integrated into their everyday lives.
Big Picture Leaders 
NextShift benefits from having three forward-thinking, solution-driven personalities that offer unique perspectives in their individual areas of expertise. Rob Tedesco is the CEO while Imran Deshmukh and Josh Caggiula are the CTO and CMO respectively.
They formed a partnership after agreeing on a unified goal to craft innovative healthcare solutions through cutting-edge technology. The diversity of their experiences allows for unique and differentiated customer care and a work environment that empathizes with its employees while encouraging them to strive to deliver optimal solutions.
The NextShift leadership team comprises vast experience having supported over 300 digital solutions and a solid understanding of the importance of HIPAA compliance and quality practices governed by ISO 9000. With extensive technical experience, it allows NextShift to design and develop enterprise web and mobile solutions, such as highly integrated Connected Health Platforms. This has afforded NextShift to work with leading health organizations including Johnson & Johnson, Aetna, Gore Medical, Mount Sinai, Janssen Healthcare Innovation, Lymphoma Research Foundation, Cancer Care, and others.
Transforming Health 
NextShift believes that the healthcare industry is fragmented, expensive, and complex for patients to navigate. While most other industries have benefited from advancements in consumer technology, healthcare is still several years behind. The complexity of securing patient data and lack of interoperability across health systems and platforms are the main reasons for this.
At NextShift the focus is on all of the stakeholders within healthcare. This includes patients, pharma, insurance companies, pharmacies, providers, the government, and other stakeholders. The opportunity is to have these type of organization work closer together in a more integrated way in order to create high-impact solutions that are both simple to use and compliant.
The diverse team of experienced strategists and technology experts at NextShift partners with clients across the healthcare landscape, and this gives them a unique bird’s eye view of where common areas for improvement are needed. The company delivers solutions and services aligned with their client’s needs while driving innovation and transformation across the health landscape using proven and new technologies.
NextShift stands out because it believes the technology it creates should enhance people’s lives, not complicate them. The organization strives towards making health information easy to access and understand, as well as interactive and intuitive. The simplicity of the solutions NextShift develops is always at the forefront of its strategy.
Embracing What’s Next 
NextShift sees enormous opportunities to both simplify and evolve existing health systems while also creating new ones to empower healthcare providers and patients. As devices are becoming more healthcentric, there has been an explosion in the popularity of wearables. NextShift sees incredible potential by embracing and enabling integration across the Internet-of-Things and leveraging vast data sources to foster a smart foundation for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.
Blazing the Path Forward 
NextShift has grown organically over the past 4 years based on its strong focus on people, process, and technology. The company has built a team of ambitious technologists, designers, developers, data scientists, and strategists who align with NextShift’s culture and mission.
With close to 30 employees globally, the organization’s continued growth has been driven primarily by close relationships with its clients to become their go-to partner for technical solutions and services.
By securing Fortune 500 clients early in their journey, they have grown steadily while continuing to provide exceptional quality and service.
As a highly innovative company, NextShift plans to propel its CareWare™ pipeline of products as “software as a service” solutions and continue to expand its services in DevOps and Cloud Automation.
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