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Cary Daniel | CEO & Co-founder | NEXTAFF

NEXTAFF: Bringing the Right Talent to Your Company

Ideally, all employers would like their businesses to run seamlessly without significant issues.  However, at some or another all businesses face tough and diverse matters, including that of staffing.
As the job market fluctuates between too few candidates and an overwhelming number of candidates, companies must be able to adjust their approach to finding quality job applicants.  With this ever-changing landscape, HR professionals must be able to pivot from attracting enough quality talent to being able to evaluate and screen too many applicants.
If a company is unable or unwilling to adjust as the market does, the performance of both the company and employees can suffer greatly.  The most common results are low performance and high attrition. Hence, to avoid such situations, firms must be constantly evaluating the staffing environment and adjust accordingly.
A common approach many businesses choose is to outsource the staffing process to a staffing agency such as NEXTAFF. NEXTAFF helps companies to identify, evaluate and acquire quality talent using a proprietary recruiting method called X-FACTOR.  Their X-FACTOR is designed to outperform a typical staffing model by up to 100%.
An Erudite Leader
A dynamic personality, Cary Daniel, is one of the men behind NEXTAFF’s success. As the CEO and Co-founder, he brings in over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur. Leveraging such a vast and erudite background, he takes part in every aspect of the organization.
Having taken a start-up company to over $100,000,000 in revenue in under 10 years and having led two separate companies to the Inc. 500 list, puts Mr. Daniel in an elite category of entrepreneurs.
The Proprietary X-FACTOR
NEXTAFF allows employers to remain flexible by adjusting to each client’s immediate staffing needs. It helps businesses to enhance strategy, quality, efficiency, and cost control across the workforce. With NEXTAFF, companies can focus on core competencies while adapting to changing workforce requirements. Let’s see how the firm does that.

  • Identifying Talent: Locating the right candidates
  • Evaluate Talent: Screening candidates to locate the hidden gems
  • Acquire Talent: Understanding the most efficient way to hire and retain them

The Differentiating Factor
The quality that sets NEXTAFF apart from others is its unyielding grit. The firm has handled every major hurdle at its feet. Whether it was Y2K, 9/11, The Great Recession, or even the current Great Shutdown, the company has persevered through tough times and always come out stronger on the other side.
With such a strong hold, the firm has made a unique identity in the industry. It has been identified as:

  • Franchise Business Review – Top 50 in Franchisee Satisfaction (2018, 2019)
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Regional Finalist
  • Fastest Growing Human Resources Company in America, Inc. Magazine (2011)
  • Inc 500, Inc. Magazine – (2002, 2007, 2011, 2012)
  • Fastest Growing Companies, Ingram’s Magazine (2002, 2003, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
  • Forty Under 40, Class of 2008, Ingram’s Magazine
  • Inc 100, #6, Inc. Magazine (2002)

Word of Mouth
Sharing the underpinned thought behind the formation of franchisees, Mr. Daniel says, “When we search for franchisees, we look for a special combination of sales drive, grit and culture. When we find that unique combination of traits – the result is a well-run, efficient office that has a fun and competitive atmosphere.”
With that, let’s see how Franchisees complement those words.
“NEXTAFF, as a franchisor, provides excellent back office support for franchisees like me eliminating the need for us to be an expert in areas that do not add to our bottom line. I can sincerely say that I am thrilled with my business, which is ideal for those of us who are tired of working for someone else, this business model really allows you to take control of your future.”
– John Snellings, Phoenix Franchisee
“NEXTAFF is a step above the rest. You can tell from the men that founded it, to the processes in place to get started. The marketing they have is second to none down to the smaller things like the very professional stationary, etc. You can just tell Nextaff is the best and ahead of all the others.”
– Tom Moreland, Des Moines
“We are grateful to have found NEXTAFF! The process of purchasing and opening our Franchise has been such a wonderful experience. The founders of Nextaff have been by our side every step of the way. James and Cary have thought through every aspect of this business. Their marketing strategies have proven to be successful, and their knowledge of this industry is apparent! If you are looking to be a part of an amazing Employment Franchise, this is the company to choose. Thank you, James and Cary!”
– Daphne & Nick, Topeka
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Quote for Design Purpose:We enable clients to concentrate on their core business activities while we help increase productivity through improved efficiency, quality, and cost control across your total workforce.”