You are currently viewing New Website Launched by UK Shipping Concierge to Promote the Maritime Economy

New Website Launched by UK Shipping Concierge to Promote the Maritime Economy

A website has been developed by the UK Shipping Concierge to assist and promote maritime firms wishing to collaborate with or in the UK.

The new UK Shipping Concierge website, which officially launched today (19 June), will serve as an information hub for maritime enterprises, ship owners, and operators, ensuring they receive the right assistance at the right time to benefit both them and the larger UK economy.

The UK Shipping Concierge, a division of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, works to increase business interest in working with and relocating to the UK by leveraging the agency’s maritime experience and position within the larger government.

The website supports the marine offer by fostering communication between the maritime industry and the government and by offering guidance and information on topics pertaining to the industry, such as Tonnage Tax and Freeports.

The UK has a lot to offer the maritime industry with its world-class services, rich maritime history, and first-rate infrastructure, according to Virginia McVea, chief executive of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. With our unwavering dedication to upholding marine safety standards for both people and the vehicles they travel in, the marine and Coastguard Agency proudly contributes to that.

“As part of that, we wanted to launch a new website for the UK Shipping Concierge which provides a one-stop-shop showcasing what the UK has to offer and where, saving businesses time and money. We’ve built what we see will become a trusted source for maritime industry and a key route for maritime businesses looking to connect with the UK,”she concluded.