Neurored: Disruptive Supply Chain Management Solutions on the Salesforce platform

In an interview with Insights Success, the Managing Director of Neurored in US, CA, UK, Joseph R Hudicka, shares his key insights on Transportation & Supply Chain Management solutions, and most importantly, leadership.
Below are highlights from the interview conducted between Joseph and Insights Success:
How do you diversify Logistic Tech Solutions so that it will benefit your customers? 
Neurored’s unique foundation is built upon an international standard architecture of objects and business process that cover all vital activities for shippers, wholesale traders, and freight forwarders. This ensures that we can service all modes of transportation, across all borders, worldwide, so our customers have the confidence that their future growth is already well supported within our solution.
One of Neurored’s core strategies has been to establish a dedicated team of global transportation and logistics research professionals, who are constantly on the lookout for strategic technology and information partners. Shippers, Carriers, Freight Forwarders, even Wholesale Traders can have real time access to transportation rating engines like Project-44 for truck and rail transportation, INTRA and Ocean Insights for Ocean Transportation, seamlessly integrated into Neurored. Users can quickly handle digitized quoting, booking, shipping, track and trace, all within a single hosted software solution. It even generates all of the business documents required, from quotes, to orders, to invoices, to shipping instructions, bills of lading and more.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons that have shaped the journey of Neurored. 
Business processes can look quite different from company to company, even within a common niche such as shippers, or traders, or freight forwarders. But at their core, most of the functionality each needs is exactly the same. The true differences lie within the internal and external communications each company chooses to operate between them, their customers and their suppliers/partners. At Neurored, we learned to focus on delivering a solid foundation, to customize the digital communications, and to constantly investigate emerging Logistics Technologies that can provide tremendous value to our customers and their ecosystems.
How does Neurored contribute towards making the Logistics industry better? 
Neurored believes that the future of Global Trade & Logistics is rooted in secure digital communities, where customers, suppliers and carriers engage from quote through delivery, with automated transparency, trust, efficiency and speed. Hence, we deliver a community focused solution which offers the best of today’s logistics technologies, while shining a bright light on the next areas for industry wide improvement, in turn helping the entire Logistics industry maintain its focus on constantly getting better.
Where does Neurored see itself in the long run and/or what are its future goals? 
Neurored will continue to strengthen its core Supply Chain and Transportation Management capabilities, while expanding its support of other corporate functions, through product releases such as Blockchain 4 Files (B4F), a true game changer in the space of document management which leverages Blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity and accessibility of documents while simultaneously expediting core business activities such as trigger financial activities like payments, and preserving financial and warranty ledgers that ward off fraud proactively.
Considering the rising number of Logistic Tech Solutions providers, how does Neurored stand out from its competitors? 
Neurored is uniquely positioned in the Logistics Tech space because we are built 100% native within the platform by Therefore Neurored customers in the Logistics Tech Solutions space gain the added advantages of the platform, which delivers new innovative functionality all the time, as well as the many other partners within the ecosystem, who deliver specialized apps that easily interconnect with Neurored to added complementary features with ease.
Give us a few testimonials of your clients that accurately highlight Neurored’s position in the market.
“Together with Neurored we developed the Freight Management System and we are still working on its constant updates. I would say that Neurored is the best team to have by your side when you want to move to modern era Their knowledge of Salesforce platform is very deep and their approach towards customer, concentration on tasks is at the highest level. You always feel that the Neurored team is nearby; ready to help when you need it. So I would say Salesforce + Neurored = the APP of your dream” Tadas Abramavicius
“The power of the “Neurored” Application has helped us achieve the integration and automation of our Processes from Prospecting, Sales, Operations and Administration, all in one tool. This helps our internal processes to be easier to carry out while having transparent visibility of the Operation in its totality (Boarding Tracking) in real time. Our Clients have seen a Competitive Advantage (Communities) based on Salesforce Technology + Neurored + Pak2Go.” Jaime Hinojosa
About the Leader 
Joseph R Hudicka is The Managing Director of Neurored, the leading Global Trade & Logistics Solution in the Appexchange. Hudicka is a 25 year veteran of the Supply Chain Industry, and is internationally recognized as both a published author and speaker on business process reengineering, business intelligence and technological innovation.
About the Company 
Neurored delivers innovative Global Transportation & Supply Chain Management solutions that are completely cloud based, Omni-channel, inter-modal and blockchain activated. Its Saas solutions combined with the system integrator staff and partners within the ecosystem by enable its customers to completely digitize their businesses, from supplier and customer management, through quoting, ordering, track and trace, and digitized document management and collaboration. Neurored provides a 360 degree, digital view of your customers, suppliers and carriers, so everyone’s in the loop, always.
Source: The 10 Most Recommended Logistic Tech Solution Providers, 2018