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Nese Gunney

Neşe GÜNEY: Reshaping the Future of Strategic Leadership and Innovation

Visionary Leadership in the Technological Era!

Amidst the dynamic landscape of strategic leadership and innovation, a particular industry stands at the forefront of driving transformative change. Control systems, characterized by dynamic shifts and a commitment to excellence, are a hub of groundbreaking developments and forward-thinking approaches. It navigates the challenges of a fast-paced, global business environment, continually seeking novel solutions and raising the standards of performance.

As Chief Human Resources Officer, Neşe GÜNEY exemplifies agile leadership and collaborative success. Her commitment to aligning HR strategy with overall business objectives underscores a determination to contribute significantly to the company’s revenue. With a fast-paced, action-oriented approach, she navigates the challenges of the contemporary business landscape, making quick and informed decisions that propel both her team and the organization to success.

Within this industry, companies like ABT, through their commitment to values and innovative practices, play a pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of strategic leadership and innovation. Neşe stands as a testament to the collaborative and agile leadership style that defines success in this dynamic sector.

Constantly evolving through research and communication, Neşe remains open to innovations and cultivates a culture of learning within her team. Her commitment to professional excellence is mirrored in the values of reliability, justice, creativity, team spirit, and professionalism instilled in the organizational culture she shapes. As a technological era leader, she envisions herself as a solution partner, gathering innovative potentials and establishing trust-based relationships, thereby paving the way for success in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Let’s delve deeper to learn more:

Driving Transformation

Neşe GÜNEY is a business-oriented people manager with a passion for leading and coaching her team to reach their full potential. Her work style is goal- and result-oriented. As a true strategic advisor, she leads from the front, contributing to the company with her commercial profile, transformational management style, curiosity, and initiative-taking personality.

She has experience operating in a continuously changing, fast-paced international business environment, with a strong business and performance focus. She is always seeking to find better ways of doing things and to raise the bar. Her contributions have been instrumental in the growth and success of ABT.

Agile Leadership for Collaborative Success

Neşe possesses a collaborative attitude that drives great results, with a strong ambition to contribute to the company’s revenue by aligning the HR strategy with the overall business strategy. She works with a determined and action-oriented approach, constantly making quick, agile, and solid business decisions, which she follows with a fast execution method.

She is always enthusiastic about a challenge and has the ability to quickly establish credibility and respect with her team and her surroundings. She has the ability to influence at all levels in the organization and is adept at building strong business relationships in a fast-paced, intellectually challenging environment. Her work style is fast, precise, and business-oriented, with a passion for leading and driving her team to success.

Sustainable Growth & Satisfaction

Neşe approaches her employees with a proactive and sustainable method, and as a result of these methods, she increases the annual turnover and boosts employee satisfaction.

Emphasizing Communication for Emotional Balance

She believes that communication is very important. Neşe monitors her mood and work motivation once a week and develops studies on emotional and physical changes.

Rewarding Guidance for Employee Excitement and Commitment

Neşe proceeds with gradual rewards to encourage her employees. She has experienced the incredibly cost-saving results of providing accurate information and guidance to employees from the moment they first start working. She believes the orientation period is the most important period. It continues the way you start. A good orientation increases the excitement and commitment of employees.

Efficient Communication for Problem Solving and Task Management

Indeed, Neşe does not find unnecessary meetings appropriate. She achieves good efficiency with programs that enable rapid communication at a busy pace. Because her colleagues know how to easily manage their jobs with pleasure during a challenging task, when there is a problem, sometimes the problem can be solved without reaching her. Generally, unresolved problems are related to events that occur outside of her colleagues’ control.

Global Experience Fuelling Passionate Leadership

Neşe has a good command of her profession and is constantly improving herself with her past experiences. She is open to all innovations and has insight into the world through her self-awareness and personal views. She has worked in many countries and met many cultures. Her success as a leader is attributed to her passionate business development approach.

Innovation and Learning through Research and Communication

Neşe is constantly researching and progressing with their R&D team. There are various international social media groups where she can easily follow the innovations. Applications provide the easiest development, but in this sense, she believes that really good communication and learning are required.

Effective Solutions Through Balanced Approach

With the belief that she would be able to solve most of the issues, she approached with a detailed approach without getting caught up in the details, which allowed her to find solutions that could not be seen or found. She approaches work and person-focused because only work-focused work reduces motivation. She needs to be sensitive and fast but also hard and slow. She thinks communication is very effective in keeping these two in balance.

Technological Era Leadership

She aims to be a solution partner that gathers innovative pioneering potentials in her field under her guidance, establishes trust-based relationships, and accompanies them on the path to success. She takes into account the needs of companies with a constantly developing and technology-leading perspective.

Upholding Values for Professional Excellence

Moral Values: These are socially and universally accepted to be as true as the others, and they embrace and care about them individually and institutionally.

Reliability: They act on the basis of mutual trust and based on trust instead of sharing based on interest. Programs and expansion are part of their company culture.

Justice: They are fair to their customers and employees, respecting their rights and against injustice. This is one of the basic and consistent principles of their company.

Creativity: They are reliable as a solution partner and are always able to develop different solutions and ideas. Being open-minded or not is among the values they adopt, from which new connections are made.

Team Spirit: In order to carry out their projects together in their company where they have a common mission, it is important for them to work together with respect and to have team spirit.

Professionalism: The decisions of all of them to be the best at what they do, to convey their requests on time and completely, and to lead the company in a better way show their understanding of professionalism.