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NeoCortec: Connecting World with Leading-edge Networking Technology

The global IoT market is expected to grow with a CAGR of nearly 27 percent from 2018 to 2024 and will become a $6.5 trillion industry by 2024. From just a buzzword, IoT will soon become everyday commodity touching the lives of almost everyone in this planet, directly or indirectly. However, the current technologies have some shortcomings that can hinder this optimistic projection. New age networking solutions need to be more agile, scalable, robust, secure and dynamic.
Copenhagen-based NeoCortec is a promising network technology company that delivers cutting-edge wireless networking solutions to the industry. Within a decade since its inception in 2008, the company has shown phenomenal growth and has expanded its business footprint in more than 25 countries serving over 200 prominent clients. The company has impressed many in the industry with its proficiency in building the most versatile wireless network for connecting things.
Engineering Path-breaking Solutions Keeping ‘Future’ in Mind
Robust, secure and dynamic wireless sensor networks are crucial for the uninterrupted growth of IoT based applications. However, the current technologies have some shortcomings. To remedy that, NeoCortec realized early on, that MESH was the road to take. Therefore they engineered NeoMESH, a new generation of mesh network that brings the well-known and well-proven MESH concept further by finding entirely new ways to address power consumption, scalability and security – while adding simplicity. “Everybody in the IoT workspace is talking about massive radio networks – we help build them,” asserts the management.
NeoMesh is a unique and new wireless mesh network for IoT applications. With NeoMESH the company has discovered innovative ways to overcome some of the common limitations of wireless mesh networks, making it easier than ever to create a complete, autonomous, and self-containing wireless mesh network targeting low power sensor type applications.
NeoMesh is their flagship and patented product which is based on wireless networking mesh protocol. NeoMesh has engineered on a ground-breaking new concept, replacing the central Network Manager with autonomous intelligent nodes capable of linking to each other in one single network that simply works, no matter how big it gets. So, thus provides enormous scalability to expand any network.
Company’s patented routing mechanism routes data seamlessly through the network and eliminates any concern in performance created by obstacles in the RF path, nodes being blocked or simply moving around within the network. “Weak spots in a real-life network can easily be fixed by just adding another node. Given it has the right network ID, it automatically becomes a part of the network,” states the company.
Acclamation by Clients
The company has won applause from many clients across the world due to its highly effective and popular networking services. Recently, German electronics manufacturer Schildknecht admired the services of NeoCortec in kind words. Schildknecht stated, “The NeoMesh technology is useful for us, because it has very small radio chips and they are available in different frequencies. Also, we are especially targeting sensor type applications, so it makes good sense to integrate NeoMesh into our gateway.”
The Uniqueness of its Product
The NeoMesh self-governing nodes form networks autonomously, allowing for extreme scalability, node mobility and long-lasting, hassle-free operations.
Out of the box ready nodes: A new node can connect to an existing network immediately and automatically through a secure match-making procedure.
Build it as you go: NeoMESH is a self-forming mesh network where nodes can be added over time: All nodes are autonomous units, fully capable of acting as a source, router, and destination for data. No nodes hierarchy or network infrastructure is required.
Virtually limitless scalability: An almost unlimited number of nodes can be added to an existing network, making the NeoMESH network particularly suitable for monitoring large areas.
Adaptable architecture: Nodes can be repositioned when and where is needed: no need to predefine the topology of the network.
Real-time dynamic routing: The NeoMESH routing optimization process is constantly updated in the background. Each node continuously calculates the best available next hop in real-time, while the payload data is moving through the network. Moving nodes and occurring obstacles are not affecting the real-time optimal path creation.
Fully battery powered network: All nodes are equally power efficient: the network is able to function optimally and independently from external power sources for years.
Cable like reliability: The exchange of data between generating node and receiving node is governed by an end-to-end challenge/response mechanism to ensure the correct delivery of every packet data.
On top of the local acknowledgment the network also has a 32 bits end to end acknowledgment.
Module Size: NeoMesh offers some of the world’s smallest modules for wireless ad-hoc mesh networking (11 x 18 x 2.5 mm). They come pre-certified to meet CE and FCC requirements and are easy to integrate into the final application. Just add a sensor and an antenna, and you are ready to go. The modules are available in four frequency bands: 433 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz, and 2.4 GHz.
The Pioneer behind NeoCortec
Steen Halkier, CEO, NeoCortec is the driving force behind the stupendous success of this esteemed organization. He is a technology geek who is very passionate about programming, soldering, hacking and gaming since his teenage years. He is a kind of person who always believes in leading by setting an example. Steen thinks innovation can bring surprising results and thus he always encourages creativity in his team. He has prior worked with- global semiconductor leader Broadcom, high tech hearing aid manufacturer GN ReSound and mobile phone engineering at Nokia.
On giving details about NeoCortec’s future goals, the CEO added, “Establishing a stronghold in the US that matches the interest we experience from companies and developers in Europe is our next target.”
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