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Nehal Mehta, President and Co-Founder, Rainbow Secure

Nehal Mehta: Securing Digital World in an Unconventional Way

Innovation is not an option anymore; it has become a necessity. Today, every complex problem needs a novel approach. Nehal Mehta has exemplified this notion through her venture Rainbow Secure. She has addressed the growing concern of cybercrime in an unconventional way. She is removing the security stress of users and making the human factor, a power factor.
Nehal is a mathematician, a statistician, an astute software engineer, and now an accomplished entrepreneur. She was a victim of cybercrime and was struggling to manage many online accounts and passwords.
One day her son was doodling his name in different colors and that gave her an idea, what if her passwords were like the doodles; a creative word that can be used every day and is easy to handle.
About Her Innovation
Rainbow Secure is a future-ready suite of solutions aimed at reducing cyber-attacks, cyber frauds, data breaches, business risks, and technology liabilities of a business and keeping business. It is adding millions of colors and 100+ styles, so that password, Zero-trust Login, Multi-factor, Single Sign On, Identity Security can become powerful and eradicate the current challenges of cyber-crimes. This idea was the foundation of Rainbow Secure.
What started as a research entity that focused on innovation for a secure digital world, has grown into a potent force for smart and secure digital solutions for individuals, businesses, and big enterprises.
Today, Nehal and her company are serving enterprise customers, a certified Microsoft ISV partner, listed on Azure App Gallery and Microsoft Marketplace, on a way to secure federal and defense solutions, services, and data with important certifications to handle their sensitive data.
How Exactly It Secures Enterprises?

  • Rainbow secure stops cyber-attack pain problems like:
  • Brute Force – By giving 36 quadrillion options for making just one character of the password
  • Password Reuse – No problem as the password has color, style, and position factor
  • Keylogger, Malware – No problem as the password has formatting options that are not captured in the keylogger.
  • Credential Stuffing – Interactive Human-friendly password entry process, slows down and defeats it
  • Automated Attacks, DDOS – Bots trying to DDOS the service are defeated by smart methods and environment insights
  • Device Cloning – No impact on rainbow secure powered logins
  • Phishing – No links to click in rainbow secure login process + business can opt for the anti-phishing module for a higher level of phishing protection
  • Unlocked Device Problem – Users walk away from unlocked devices but save passwords in the browser or password manager, now not hurting the security of the system as the user still has formatting knowledge with him.

Solving User Pain

  • Users no more have to create long complex passwords.
  • Multi-layer Security means no more frequent password changes.
  • Flexible Balanced Security model that adjusts security friction based on use case.

Delivering Next-Generation Multi-layer Multi-factor Login Security
Rainbow Secure solutions provide next-generation multilayer multi factor login security with graphical elements. It’s the only solution that provides improvised password as a first factor that gives enterprises game-changing security, scalable for masses, reduces your business risk, improves business continuity, productivity, wins customer trust, and lowers support costs.
You can secure old and new apps, on any platform.
Besides, Rainbow Secure also provides secure office solutions like Single Sign On, Workforce and Customer Identity, Access Control Gateway, Password & Data Vault, and a highly potent Encryption tool.
Solutions are protected by AI monitoring, Risk analytics and threat alerting.
A Source of Business Growth
Nehal’s success in enabling security for individuals and companies in their digital transformation journey has a driving force; Women in Cloud Microsoft Cloud Accelerator. After graduating from Women in Cloud Accelerator, Rainbow Secure won pilot with healthcare startup, customers reaching 11K+ end users with 500% market growth, got nominated for Cyber Security Women Ally of the year, runners up for Founders Live and invited for talks on Women’s International Day, WIPP, won coveted co-sell ready ISV Partner status, and have integrated with Office 365, Sharepoint, MS Dynamics, Google Workspace, IBM Cloud, Salesforce, Slack, Freshdesk, Oracle Cloud, Netsuite and many other Enterprise Apps and Cloud Services, enabling secure single sign on cloud and on premises.
Women in Cloud community gave her the opportunity to finetune and clarify her business offerings, talk, brainstorm with business advisors and get their feedback on her technology solutions, get guidance that she was missing, and meet enterprise executives and learn first-hand their expectations, environment, and needs for cybersecurity.
Providing Essential Resources to Women Entrepreneurs
According to Nehal, in the next 5 years, Fortune 1000 companies will begin to incorporate unique solutions largely offered by startups that can help them, promote innovation and allow women-led startups to pilot with their technology.
Reflecting on her own journey, Nehal has one piece of advice for emerging entrepreneurs; believe in your idea and validate it. In the long run, Nehal wants to be a part of the FinTech world. With her robust platform and cutting-edge solutions, she wants to help FinTech solution providers, government institutions, and Fortune 500 companies win the race against cyber-attacks. In a nutshell, she aspires to be a cybersecurity leader in future applications security.